World U18 Championships: Serbia, Greece, Hungary and Spain are still in race


Serbia, Hungary, Greece and Spain will play in the semifinals of the 4th FINA World Men’s Youth  Championships in Szombathely. The second semifinal will see an encounter between the only two teams which haven’t been defeated so far – Serbia and Greece. Hungary and Spain will meet in the 1st semifinal clash.

The quarterfinals were played today. Serbia eliminated Italy, Greece was better than Australia, while Hungary and Spain reached the semifinals by beating group-winners Montenegro and Croatia

One of the favorites Hungary didn’t play as it was expected in the group stage. The hosts posted just two wins and conceded 36 goals. In the eight-finals, they beat the USA in a big thriller which was ended after the penalty-shootout (10;9). They finally delighted their fans in the quarterfinals. They demonstrated mighty defense and convincingly defeated Montenegro. Hungary had a 4:0 lead two and a half minutes into the 2nd period and cruised to an 8:3 win.

Serbia rushed took a flying start in the match against Italy. The “Dolphins” were 5:0 up in the 13th minute. A minute later Italy ended its long scoreless period and it trailed 2:6 at halftime. The Serbs slowed down in the second half of the match, Italy reduced the gap at two early in the last quarter (5:7), but Serbia controlled everything in the pool and secured the semifinals with a 9:6 victory.

Other two quarterfinals brought more excitements. Greece faced Australia and led for most of the time. The “Aussie Sharks” were right behind, but they weren’t able to go ahead. Early in the fourth, Christian Kyriakou, an Australian with Greek origins, netted for 8:9. However, Greece didn’t let Australia go further. The Greeks scored two goals by the end and entered the semifinals (11:8).

Spain defeated Croatia 10:8. The Spaniards built a 3-goal advantage in the 2nd quarter (6:3). But, the Croats came back and they trailed by a goal in the third period (5:6 and 6:7). After that, Spain netted three goals in a row to go 10:6 up (5:30 before the end). There was no way back for the Croats. They missed a lot of chance. Two goals in the last two and a half minutes changed nothing, Spain won 10:8.

Results and Schedule



Croatia 8:10 Spain
(3:4, 1:2, 2:3,2:1)

Croatia: Radulovic 2, Markic 2, Brubnjik, Herceg, Bajic, Penava.
Spain: Sanahuja 3, Prieto 2, Bertan 2, Alegre 2, Asensio.

Serbia 9:6 Italy
(3:0, 3:2, 1:2, 2:2)

Serbia: Sulc 3, Brankovic 2, Radovic 2, Mitrovic, Maric.
Italy: De Robertis Iodice, Mezzaroba, Narciso.

Greece 11:8 Australia
(3:3, 4:3, 1:1, 3:1)

Greece: Dimou 3, Chalyvopoulos 2, Pateros 2, Papanikolau 2, Kalogeropoluos, Grammatikos.
Australia: Kyriakou 3, Collins, Dyson, Gillfeathet, Tayloe, Townsend.

Montenegro 3:8 Hungary
(0:3, 1:2, 1:2, 1:1)

Montenegro: Draskovic, Vucurovic, Mitrovic.
Hungary: Dala 3, Schmolcz 2, Baksa 2, Fekete.

Semifinals 9 – 12 places

Colombia – USA 10:16
Brazil – Russia 6:9

Semifinals for 13 – 16 places

South Africa – New Zealand 4:8
Egypt – Argentina 22:6

Semifinals 17 – 20 places

Canada – China 10:9
Saudi Arabia – Uzbekistan 10:20



Hungary – USA 10:9 (pso)
Russia – Italy 9:10
Brazil – Spain 7:14
Australia – Colombia 16:5

Rankings 13 – 20

China – New Zealand 0:11
South Africa – Canada 11:10
Argentina – Uzbekistan 15:10
Egypt – Saudi Arabia 36:1.

Saturday, August 17


18:30 Spain  – Hungary
20:00 Serbia – Greece

For places 5-8th

15:30 Croatia – Montenegro
17:00 Italy – Australia

Ranking matches

Indoor pool

09:30 For places 19-20th: Uzbekistan – China
12:00 For places 17-18th: Saudi Arabia – Canada

Outdoor pool

09:30 For places 15-16th: Argentina – South Africa
11:00 For places 13-14th: Egypt – New Zealand
12:30 For places 11-12th: Colombia – Brazil
14:00 For places 9-10th: USA – Russia

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