Waterpology Team

Dusan Mihajlovic, responsible for the web development and strategy of the WaterPology.com. Dusan played water polo in VK Partizan and VK Beograd from 1984-1992. During that time won several national and international titles in younger categories. Also played 2 years in Yugoslavian National League with VK Beograd. Dusan has international coaching experience worked as a coach with U12/U14 boys in Serbia and USA. His primary job is Software Engineer/Web developer and as a former water polo player, abilities to plan, organize, and problem solve are emphasized and overlaps in his both occupations as the software developer and water polo coach.

Tim is the Associate Editor who assists the managing, editing and story selection of WaterPology.com. Tim has been following international water polo for over a decade and previously worked as the editor-in-chief of Waterpoloworld since 2010 covering all top water polo news worldwide. When he’s not writing articles about water polo he enjoys his family (married, 2 sons: Luka, Matija), playing Water Polo, or following other sports such as NBA basketball and footbal/soccer.

In charge of the technical workings of the site. Very passionate about water polo, which he played competitively when he was younger. Wrote for the official website of Red Star since 2013 to 2015, and does maintenance and writes for the website Vaterpolo vesti since 2014. Also writes for Filip Filipovic’s official website, starting from 2015.

Started working as sports journalist 10 years ago at the small radio station in USA. Passionate fan of water polo, but also other sports, like football and basketball. Covered some of the biggest water polo events like European championships, FINA World League and Universiade.

Sports journalist, who has been writing about water polo for almost ten years. Worked for the newspaper "Sportski zurnal" untill 2016. He covered many major sporting events in Serbia and Europe: several LEN Champions league Final four tournaments, competitions for national teams... Now works as a freelance journalist. Writes for the offical website of Water polo club Partizan.

Journalism student. Passionate fan of water polo.

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