Water Polo by the Sea spectacle in Portofino

WPBTS Portofino

Dazzling town Portofino in Liguria Italy hosted Water Polo by the Sea event on September 23. The face-off between Italian men’s water polo team and the World All Stars ended in a draw, while Italian women’s team emerged as the winner of the exhibition match against the French squad.

The founder of WPBTS is Thomas Whalan, four-time Aussie Water Polo Olympian, whose priority is to promote water polo. For the first time in seven years, the event extended internationally. With the support of Pro Recco, the Presenting Partner, WPBTS once again proved to be an exceptional event.

In the first of two games, Italian women’s squad triumphed (10:2) over the French team, which was left scoreless in the first and the final period. The game’s top scorers were Millo and Galardi who each netted a pair.

Then the spectators had a unique opportunity to watch a clash between the Italian men’s water polo team led by Sandro Campagna, and Vladimir Vujasinovic’s All Stars Team. Molina was the top scorer with three goals, while the most interesting moment was Aleksandar Sapic’s successful penalty shot against two Italian goalkeepers.

Apart from the exciting manifestation, the spectators also enjoyed the stunning landscape in Portofino. General Manager of Pro Recco, Maurizio Felugo stated: “We have given a fantastic image of our sport, with extraordinary players in one of the most beautiful places in the world,” and added that Pro Recco was working hard on promoting water polo and that’s why WPBTS was brought to Europe for the first time.

(3:0, 2:1, 3:1, 2:0)

Italy: Gorlero, Tabani 1, Garibotti 1, Queirolo 1, Radicchi, Aiello 1, Millo 2, Bianconi, Galardi 2, Gragnolati, Cotti 1, Dario, Lavi, Viacava 1, Banchelli.
France: Chabrier, Derenty 1, Bachelier, Barbieux, Battu, Sacre, Sacre, Daule, Valverde, Millot, Baquet, Deschampt 1, Paillat, Guillet

(2:2, 3:4, 6:4, 2:3)

Italy: Del Lungo, Di Fulvio (2), N. Presciutti (1), Figlioli, Fondelli (2), Velotto (2), Dolce (1), Gallo, Renzuto Iodice (2), Bodegas (1), Aicardi, Bertoli (1), Bruni (1), Nicosia
All Star: Tempesti, Perez, C. Presciutti, Mandic 1, Filipovic, Sapic (1), Molina (3), Espanol (2), Sukno (1), Echenique (1), Muslim (1), Ivovic (1), Janovic, Kasas (1), Crousillat (1)

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