Water Polo Mobile Application for IPhone and Android Phone and Tablets

water polo mobile app iphone itunes android application is proud to announce the first and the only water polo mobile application for Android phones and tablets and for iPhone and iPad.

Put the best water polo players into your pocket
with Waterpology mobile application


WaterPology mobile application is the ultimate resource for water polo coaches, players, and fans. From a wide range of daily news to special player interviews, columns and articles, everything you want to know is here. With authors from all around the world, we provide you with all on top water polo from Europe, to the USA, Australia, and back. Stay on the top of the latest news and updates in the water polo world and enjoy our in-app exclusive features:

Main Features
• Get notified when a new article is published, and tailor alerts to topics of interest
• Save articles to read later on any of your devices
• Read articles while offline
• Search article of your interest
• Quickly navigate through posts and categories
• Browse through thousands of water polo clubs and teams worldwide from our Club Directory
• Share your opinion and discuss it with people that have the same interests


Choose what type of notifications
you want to receive

Menu >> Settings >> Notification Settings


Make a list of your favorite articles
to read them later


Swipe Left/Right to navigate
the Next/Previous article


Easily find the club in your neighborhood

Menu >> Club Directory


Stay Updated during special events

During big events, like Olympic games, Champions League …

we will be adding special menu and push notifications option for people who wants to be on the top of that event


Download the mobile app
for your platform



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