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Water polo experts playing fantasy

Water polo fantasy

The European Championship is coming and also with it, the water polo fantasy tournament for a second time for experts which is organized on Nine of our experts, mostly coaches, will participate and try to win with their virtual teams.

Fantasy is a type of game where participants assemble virtual teams of real players. These teams compete based on the statistical performance of those players in actual games on European Championship. All players have their positions, goalkeepers, centre backs, centre forwards, left side and right side players. Every fantasy competitor picks a team with seven players plus three subs. Points are collected for player performance based on goals, assists, blocks, steals etc, all statistical data that LEN offers in this game.

These are the last year’s World Championship overall points per player (players whose teams (CRO, HUN, SRB, MNE) won preliminary group had one game less):

 Player                             Pos    Team     Points
1 Ioannis Fountoulis       LS     GRE       35,17
2 Sandro Sukno               LS     CRO       30,17
3 Andrija Prlainović       LS      SRB       28,26
4 Victor Nagy                  GK      HUN     28,04
5 Francesco di Fulvio     LS     ITA         27,62
6 Denes Varga                 LS     HUN       25,68
7 Marton Vamos             RS     HUN       24,42
8 Maro Joković               RS     CRO         24,21
9 Daniil Merkulov          CB     RUS         23,57
10 Vincenzo Renzuto     LS      ITA          23,46

This is the second edition of water polo expert fantasy. Last year’s winner Dragan Jovanovic will have tough competition in coaches from Croatia, Serbia, Greece, Australia, Romania, and other water polo workers from Hungary.

The main goal of a fantasy league is the sport’s promotion, more competition and its players. Because only one player can be drafted in a single team, each of the contestants must also choose some lesser known or popular players, to track their performance which otherwise wouldn’t be so captivating during the real tournament.

Drafting is the beginning of every fantasy league. Each team will have ten players and must be constructed in this manner: Goalkeeper, Center Forvard, Center Back, and two outer left & right. The remaining three players will be reservees. The first seven drafted must be accounted for, that means, every position must be filled, and in the last three rounds you can draft reserve players and there’s no position limit.

The drafting process has ten rounds, and in the first, third, fifth and ninth round the players are chosen by their respective pick order, from the first team to the last.
In the second, fourth, sixth, eighth and tenth you pick in a reverse order, so the last team will pick first and the first team on the list will pick last.

These are the rules for point distribution for players in the Fantasy league:

Goal scored = 1.00
Assist = 0.60
Captured Ball = 0.33
Block = 0.25
Ball captured at the start of a quarter = 0.10
Ball lost = -0.10
Points for playing: number of minutes / 32 (rounded up), so every 32nd minute scores a point.

For Goalkeepers:

Goal received = -0.45
Defense = 0.55
Penalty shot defense = 0.45 + Defense

The players who are in the Center Forvard position will not score negative points for lost balls. That way, we will try to compensate for the statistical loss, because in match statistics there’s data missing on player removals due to penalties, which would give a more precise reading of a Sidrun’s effectiveness.

Players can be subbed in for each match either from the bench or the pool of undrafted players. When drafting, you should consider that not all teams will play an equal amount of matches. The tournament will be played in seven rounds:

1. round = 1. round per groups – everyone plays
2. round = 2. round per groups – everyone plays
3. round = 3. round per groups – everyone plays
4. round = eighth finals and playoffs from the 13nth and 16nth place – group victors do not play these
5. round = quarter finals and playoffs from the 9nth to the 16th place – everyone plays
6. round = semi finals and playoffs from the 5th and 12th place – Group fourth placed do not play
7. round = finals and the first 8 placement – the rest doesn’t play

We will update our statistics from the official site and this is all the relevant info for the Fantasy tournament!

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