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Water Polo Coaches Organizations Announce Worldwide Partnership

Water Polo Coaches Organizations – World Water Polo Coaches Association (WWPCA), Water Polo Coaches Association (WPCA), and the American College Coaches Association (ACWPC) are excited to announce a partnership to share resources for the continued development of the sport of Water Polo. All three organizations have common missions of growing and professionalizing the sport of water polo and coaching, and will utilize this partnership to further the development of coaches education and certification.

“This is an exciting opportunity, with the rapid growth of water polo globally this partnership allows us to collaborate and leverage each of our organizations toward a common goal; professional certification for all water polo coaches.” – Bradley Schumacher – Director WPCA.

“ This is an exciting opportunity for WWPCA to continue reaching our goals of connecting with all water polo coaches and national coaching associations around the globe and provide the knowledge and experience in educational manner while offering expertise. Elevating coaching, as a profession to a higher level and developing new areas around the world are our main focus. This partnership will only make all of us stronger and we will be able to provide even more and better services to our colleagues, coaches” – Dragan Jovanovic – Executive Director WWPCA

The kick off to this partnership will take place at the 7th Annual Water Polo Coach Association Conference, which is held each year at the Men’s NCAA Division I Water Polo Championship. If you are attending the conference, use this opportunity to become WWPCA member for a year at discounted price here.

The host for the 2016 Championship is University of California Berkeley and the top leaders in the sport will be present.

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If you would like more information about this topic, please contact John Abdou, Executive Director or email at [email protected] or Dragan Jovanovic, Executive Director of WWPCA at [email protected]

Source: WWPCA

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