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USA women’s water polo team claims 4th consecutive Super Final title

USA women World League gold

FINA Women’s World League Super Final reigning champion managed to defend the title against Canada. Russia defeated Hungary and won the bronze medal. The host China lost to Netherlands and finished 6th, while Australia triumphed in the 7th spot match.

USA’s Makenzie Fischer was proclaimed the MVP, Canada’s Jessica Gaudreault was named the best goalkeeper, and Catharine van der Sloot from Netherlands was the highest goalscorer with 15 goals netted in total at the competition.


The reigning champion took an early 2:0 lead at the beginning of the final match. Canada brought down the deficit to one before the second quarter, but the Adam Krikorian’s team regained the two-goal advantage by halftime (4:6). Canada put up an excellent fight but just was not capable of endangering its opponent’s throne. Eight minutes before the end, Canada was behind by three (6:9). The USA women’s water polo team controlled the game from the very beginning and kept the advantage at 3 or higher. They confirmed their supremacy in the impeccable final period leaving Canada scoreless and increased their lead to six (6:12) for a well-deserved gold medal. This is the USA’s fourth World League Super Final title in a row. Winning silver medal is a great achievement for Canada water polo players who finished 7th last year.


Russia defeated Hungary in an exciting bronze medal game thanks to its defense being on point. Barbara Bujka was the game’s top scorer with four goals. Even though Bujka netted an opener for Hungary, Russia scored three consecutive goals to end the first period with a two-goal lead (3:1). Hungary stroke back in the second quarter which it won and reduced the difference to one before the break (4:3). The next period was won by Russia after Maria Borisova and Elvina Karimova netted a goal each for their team’s three-goal advantage before the last quarter (6:3). Russia then increased the lead to four which was impossible for Hungary to overcome, it only brought down the deficit to two (9:7). This is an excellent result for Russian squad which ended as 6th last year. Hungary should also be satisfied with the placing having in mind that last year it did not manage to qualify for the Super Final.


China water polo players were truly inspired to excel in front of their home crowd. However, Netherlands proved too strong in the game which determined positions 5-6. It dominated from the start winning the first quarter with 4:0 and managed to keep a nice advantage which was gradually increased during the match. China won the second quarter reducing the deficit to three and entered the second half still motivated to win. Netherlands water polo team repeated the first quarter result in the third and went into the last period with a seven-goal advantage (3:10). They only sealed the victory in that final quarter (4:14). Netherlands also failed to qualify for the last year’s Super Final and this is a significant triumph for them. China, on the other hand, finished 4th last year and might be truly disappointed with 6th spot.

The 2016 bronze medal winner was a totally different team in Shanghai. Led by Rowie Webster who scored five goals, Aussie Stingers took position 7 after defeating Japan. Their powerful play in the first quarter earned them a three-goal advantage (2:5). Japan woke up in the second quarter and was falling behind by two at halftime (5:7) and by one before the final period (7:8). However, the Stingers stepped up their game and scored two goals for a three-goal lead insurmountable for Japan which only netted one more goal by the end of the game. Australia recorded its first win (8:10) in the Super Final and avoided the last place.

Final placings:
1. USA
2. Canada
3. Russia
4. Hungary
5. Netherlands
6. China
7. Australia
8. Japan

2017 FINA Women’s World League Super Final
Day 6 Results

Canada vs. USA 6:12 (1:2, 3:4, 2:3, 0:3)
Canada scorers: Emma Wright (2), Monika Eggens (1), Hayley McKelvey (2), Shae Fournier (1)
USA scorers: Maddie Musselman (2), Melissa Seidemann (1), Maggie Steffens (1), Jordan Raney (2), Kiley Neushul (2), Jamie Neushul (2), Makenzie Fischer (2)

Russia vs. Hungary 9:7 (3:1, 1:2, 2:0, 3:4)
Russia scorers: Ekaterina Prokofyeva (1), Elvina Karimova (3), Maria Borisova (2), Anastasia Simanovich (1), Daria Ryzhkova (2)
Hungary scorers: Dora Antal (1), Anna Illes (1), Barbara Bujka (4), Dora Csabai (1)

China vs. Netherlands 4:14 (0:4, 3:2, 0:4, 1:4)
China scorers: XiaoHan Mei (2), ZiHan Zhao (2)
Netherlands scorers: Miloushka (Yasmin) Smit (3), Dagmar Genee (1), Catharina van der Sloot (2), Amarens Genee (2), Brigit Mulder (2), Maud Megens (3), Laura van der Graaf (1), Lieke Klaassen (1)

Japan vs. Australia 8:10 (2:5, 3:2, 2:1, 1:2)
Japan scorers: Yumi Arima (2), Minori Yamamoto (1), Akari Inaba (4), Kotori Suzuki (1)
Australia scorers: Amy Ridge (1), Elle Armit (1), Bronte Halligan (2), Rowie Webster (5), Madeleine Steere (1)

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