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USA Woman’s Team wins Water Polo World Leauge finals in Shanghai

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Final: USA 13 Spain 9

Final: USA 13 Spain 9
Quarters: 3-2, 4-2, 3-3, 3-2

USA Roster: Samanth Hill, Madeline Musselman, Melissa Seidemann , Rachel Fattal , Caroline Clark , Margaret Steffens (Captain), Courtney Mathewson , Kiley Neushul , Aria Fischer, Kaleigh Gilchrist, Makenzie Fisher, Kameryn Craig, Ashleigh Johnson. Alys Williams
Coach: Adam Krikorian

Spain Roster: Ester Ramos Laura, Marta Bach, Anna Espar, Beatriz Ortiz, Matilde Ortiz, Paula Leiton, Clara Espar, Pilar Pena (Captain), Judith Forca, Roser Tarrago, Maica Garcia, Maica Garcia, Laura Lopez, Fernandez Patricia
Coach: Miguel Oca


Spain, trailing from the first quarter, showed passion to catch up to USA during the whole game, not looking scared or nervous to shoot the ball. But, the USA ultimately looked more dominant throughout the whole game, deserving to get the win in the end. USA’s Courtney Matthewson was named Most Valuable Player of the Leauge.


Adam Krikorian-USA: “We were happy that we played a consistent final today. We were very efficient offensively. Our offense were acute but we still could be better on defense. We were happy with the victory.”

Miguel Oca-ESP: We played a closes game but we fell down in the last period. Sometimes players made different mistakes. So we have to work harder in the last quarter and to keep faith of the game

Bronze game : China 3 Australia 10

Quarters: 2-3, 1-5, 0-1, 0-1

China Roster: Yang Jun, Ma Huanhuan, Mei Xiaohan, Xiong Dunhan, Niu Guannan, Sun Yating (Captain), Song Donglun, Zhang Cong , Zhao Zihan , Zhang Weiwei, Wang Xinyan, Zhang Jing, Peng Lin.
Coach: Ricardo Azevedo

Australia Roster: Lea Yanitsas, Gemma Beadsworth, Hannah Buckling , Bronte Halligan, Keesja Gofers , Bronwen Knox (Captain), Rowie Webster , Glencora Mcghie , Zoe Arancini, Ashleigh Southern, Isobel Bishop, Nicola Zagame, Kelsey Wakefield.
Coach: Greg McFadden

China could simply not defend against Australia’s powerful offense, letting 10 goals in while only putting away 3. China seemed out of shape, not making a single goal in the second half, and messing up a lot of passes during the game.


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