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USA ladies to defend World Water Polo Championship title against Spain

Spain - women, Budapest 2017
Photo: rfen.es

Day Six of the Women’s Water Polo Tournament at the 17th FINA World Championships in Budapest saw the USA ladies advance to the gold medal match where Spanish team will try to take them off the throne. In addition, the teams which will play for the 5th spot were determined, and we have the disclosure regarding places 9-12.

Russia unable to shock the USA, Spain prevents Canada from making history

In spite of their great motivation to triumph over the reigning champion, Russian water polo players failed to do it. They opened the match with two goals, and after the USA ladies equalized, made a two-goal advantage again. However, the Olympic gold medalists stroke back netting three goals in a row and took over the lead after the first quarter (4:5). After the USA increased their advantage to two in the second period, it was still struggling a bit as Russia brought back the difference to one. Then the champions stepped up their game and put in five goals for a powerful ending of the first half (5:11). Russia was even falling behind by seven at the beginning of the third quarter which ended in a draw (7:13). Russia won the final period by one after Borisova and Prokofyeva scored. Williams scored the last one for the USA team which advanced to the final match (9:14), led by excellent Musselman who netted five and Fattal with four.

Spain will play for their 2nd gold at World Championships. Canada last won silver in the 2009 World Championship. Its ladies had their hopes high re winning their first gold ever at the Worlds, but the 2013 gold winner ruined their dreams. Spain was the runner-up in group B where the USA took the top spot. They lost to the USA on Day 2 of the Tournament (12:8), so now the gold-medal match will on July 29 offer a chance for a revenge.

Italy and Hungary to play for 5th spot

Italy water polo players will continue to battle for 5th place after an amazing performance against Australia. They started strong, scoring five goals in the first quarter in which they had a four-goal lead at one point. Aussie Stingers brought down the deficit to two before the second period in which they netted one more than their opponent. The match was getting more and more interesting as Italy had an only one-goal advantage at halftime (7:6). Rio silver medalist lost the lead in the third quarter (8:9) but equalized twice after the Stingers went up by one. Garibotti netted her second for the joy of her teammates, but they failed to preserve the advantage until the end. Halligan’s equalizer with four seconds left on the clock meant only one thing. The winner could not be decided after four quarters, so the teams went into a penalty shootout. Together with being a hero because of that last goal, Halligan was also the one whose penalty was not successful. Italian ladies won this thriller and will compete with Hungary for the 5th place.

The hosting team came away with a narrow win against Greece (10:9). Hungarian water polo players were trailing during the first half which ended with a three-goal advantage for Greece (3:6) but woke up in the third period. They left their rival scoreless filling its net with five goals. This magnificent performance brought them the victory and the pleasure among the home crowd. Greece came closer but was not able to tie the result, so it will face Australia in the 7th place game.

Places 9-12

Netherlands easily rolled past China (14:7) and won the 9th position at the World Championship. China was only resisting the Dutch in the first period but was overpowered in the following quarters.

The third quarter was also crucial for the French ladies who finished 11th after beating New Zealand. Even though it was falling behind by one after the first half, France proved too strong netting five goals before the last eight minutes and secured the victory. The Kiwis were incapable of making a comeback and ended the Championship at position number 12 after a narrow loss to France (7:9).

17t1h FINA World Championships – Women’s Water Polo Tournament
Day 6 Results (July 26)


Russia 9:14 USA
(4:5, 1:6, 2:2, 2:1)

Russia: Prokofyeva (3), Borisova (2), Simanovich (2), Ivanova (1), Ryzhkova (1)
USA: Musselman (5), Fattal (4), Steffens (3), K.Neushul (1), J.Neushul (1), Williams (1)

Canada 10:12 Spain
(2:4, 2:3, 2:2, 4:3)

Places 5-8

Italy 18:17 Australia
(5:3, 2:3, 1:3, 3:2, 7:6)

Italy: Garibotti (2+2), Queirolo (+1), Radicchi (2), Aiello (2), Picozzi (+1), Bianconi (5+2), Emmolo (+1)
Australia: Buckling (2), Halligan (1+1), Bishop (2+2), Webster (4+1), Arancini (1+2), Baxter (1)s

Hungary 10:9 Greece
(2:4, 1:2, 5:0, 2:3)

Hungary: Gurisatti (1), Szucs (1), Takacs (1), Keszthelyi (3), Bujka (2), Szilagyi (2)
Greece: Tsoukala (3), Avramidou (2), Asimaki (1), Plevritou (1), Xenaki (2)

9th/10th place

Netherlands 14:7 China
(2:2, 5:2, 2:1, 5:2)

Netherlands: Stomphorst (3), Nijhuis (4), Sevenich (1), Megens (3), Klaassen (2), Joustra (1)
China: Bi (1), Niu (2), C.Zhang (2), Zhao (2)

11th/12th place

New Zealand 7:9. France
(1:0, 2:2, 1:5, 3:2)

New Zealand: Mason (2), Houghton (1), Lopes Da Silva (2), Hudson (1), Pye (1)
France: Millot (1), Bachelier (1), Sacre (1), Guillet (2), Valverde (2), MDaule (2)

Final Ranking

9th – Netherlands
10th – China
11th – France
12th – New Zealand
13th – Japan
14th – Brazil
15th – Kazakhstan
16th – South Africa


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