USA, Greece, Spain, and the Netherlands are in the quarters!

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Junior national women water polo teams of Spain, Greece, USA and the Netherlands have all directly qualified for the quarterfinals of the FINA World Championship in Belgrade! Those four teams have really dominated through group phase held a the Milan Gale Muskatirovic in the capital of Serbia. It also means that they will have an extra day off while waiting for their next opponents.

Group A
Spain opened the competition with a big win against host nation Serbia – 26:4 and never letting the opponent to hope for something else. Ruth Arino and Alejandra Aznar both scored five goals each in this game. In the second round Furia Roja also had an easy job against Canada, this time it was just 10 goals difference – 16:6. And once again Aznar dominated with five goals.

A slightly tougher challenge for Spain was against Italy, but already at the halftime, they had six goals advantage. And they have kept it until the end – 13:6. As far as Italy is concerned, they won two more or less tough games against Canada and Italy in the opening rounds. Against the Canadians, they got the crucial lead at the beginning of the last quarter and eventually got to a 15:13 victory. In the match against Serbia, the host nation resisted in the first half, but in the second Lucrezia Cergol lead her team to the victory with four goals.

Group B
The biggest fight for the first place in the standings was in this group between Greece and Australia. And after a 9:9 draw in the last round, it was the Greek team who eventually went to straight to the quarterfinals thanks to a better goal difference. And it was just by one goal (23-22). Greece was impressive against Brazil (18:6) and Uzbekistan (21:10). Maria Myriokefalitaki was in the really great mood in the group phase of the tournament, especially against Uzbekistan when she scored nine goals.

Group C
It was USA national team who demonstrated some perfect attacking water polo in this group and the fans could really enjoy themselves. In the first two games, they scored 51 goals! It was 26:2 against Kazakhstan with Bayley Webber and Jewel Roemer both scoring five goals. The Americans then won 25:2 against Argentina and this time Webber scored seven times.

In the first place derby, the Americans won a dramatic match thanks to Valeria Ayala’s goal four minutes before the end. Hungary national team didn’t have any trouble against Argentina (20:5) and Kazakhstan (18:3). And Kazakhstan national team won against Argentina 11:8 to qualify for the eight finals.

Group D

The Dutch girls prevailed in this group in which they had to beat the defending world champions Russia. And they did it – 15:13 with Lieke Rogge netting five goals, while Simone van der Kraats scored four times. This was, more or less, a match in which the Dutch had the control from the beginning, but only in the last quarter they finally broke the Russians resistance. Before that Oranje recorded two easy victories against South Africa (18:3) and New Zealand (16:9). Russians also beat those two opponents to clinch the second place in the standings, while New Zealand won against South Africa to secure the eight finals.

The eight finals matches will be played on Thursday.



Group A
Canada – Italy 13:15
Spain – Serbia 26:4

Group B
Uzbekistan – Australia 5:18
Greece – Brazil 18:6

Group C
Kazakhstan – USA 2:26
Hungary – Argentina 20:5

Group D
New Zealand – Russia 11:15
Netherlands – South Africa 18:3

Day 2

Group A
Italy – Serbia 12:8
Spain – Canada 16:6

Group B
Brazil – Australia 6:15
Uzbekistan – Greece 10:21

Group C
Argentina – USA 2:25
Kazakhstan – Hungary 3:18

Group D
Russia – South Africa 23:1
New Zealand – Netherlands 9:16

Day 3

Group A
Spain – Italy 13:6
Canada – Serbia 10:8

Group B
Uzbekistan – Brazil 9:9
Greece – Australia 9:9

Group C
Kazakhstan – Argentina 11:8
Hungary – USA 7:8

Group D
New Zealand – South Africa 11:5
Netherlands – Russia 15:13


Group A

1. Spain 9 pts
2. Italy 6
3. Canada 3
4. Serbi 0

Group B

1. Greece 7
2. Australia 7
3. Brazil 1
4. Uzbekistan 1

Group C

1. USA 9
2. Hungary 6
3. Kazakhstan 3
4. Argentina 0

Group D

1. Netherlands 9
2. Russia 6
3. New Zealand 3
4. South Africa

Quarter finals

Spain – Hungary/New Zealand
Greece – Kazakhstan/Russia
USA – Italy/Brazil
Netherlands – Canada/Australia

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