U19 European Junior Championships underway

Photo: Kees-Jan van Overbeeke

This weekend in two different cities in the Netherlands the men’s and women’s European Junior Championships, age group 19 & under, got underway. Each of the opening days was marked by clear results in favour of the favourite sides. However on Sunday in Alphen aan den Rijn the Greece men’s team held off Montenegro in a top match-up, 12-10. Actually, in the first five matches of the day the spectators witnessed blowout scores with victories for Serbia, Hungary, Italy, Spain and Russia, respectively. Host nation the Netherlands kicked things off by beating Slovakia 9-5 for a nice start of their tournament.

The women started already on Saturday, in The Hague where home side the Netherlands rolled past Romania 34-2 while fellow favourites Hungary and Spain also recorded victories. On Sunday, Croatia bounced back with a 10-6 win over France and Russia got their mark proved too strong for Hungary, who had started victorious on day 1, now having to settle for the 16-9 loss in round two.

2016 European Junior Championships U19
The Netherlands

Women (The Hague)

Day 1 results

Saturday, September 10:

France vs. Ukraine 14-9
Hungary vs. Croatia 22-3
Netherlands vs. Romania 34-2
Spain vs. Serbia 16-6

Day 2 results

Sunday, September 11:

Greece vs. Israel 19-4
Germany vs. Turkey 15-7
Croatia vs. France 10-6
Russia vs. Hungary 16-9
Italy vs. Great Britain 14-5
Slovakia vs. Bulgaria 24-10

Day 3

Monday, September 12:

Ukraine vs. Croatia
France vs. Russia
Bulgaria vs. Great Britain
Italy vs. Slovakia
Romania vs. Serbia
Spain vs. Netherlands


Men (Alphen aan den Rijn)

Day 1 results

Sunday, September 11:

Serbia vs. Germany 15-3
Hungary vs. Malta 22-5
Italy vs. Turkey 20-5
Spain vs. Romania 20-4
Russia vs. Azerbaijan 31-2
Greece vs. Montenegro 12-10
Netherlands vs. Slovakia 9-5
Croatia vs. Georgia 13-6

Day 2

Monday, September 12:

Malta vs. Montenegro
Turkey vs. Germany
Slovakia vs. Romania
Croatia vs. Russia
Azerbaijan vs. Georgia
Greece vs. Hungary
Serbia vs. Italy
Spain vs. Netherlands

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