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Top trio wins with ease in France

Igor Kovacevic (Marseille)

There were no surprises last weekend in the French national championship. Top teams continue to lead the race and they didn’t make mistakes in the 8th round.

Strasbourg is still unbeaten and holds the first place. The leader achieved the 7th victory, convincingly beating Set (16:8).

Pays d’Aix recorded the biggest win in this round. It defeated Douai – 17:6. Ugo Crousillat was unstoppable, he netted 6 goals and came back to the first place on the top scorers’ list.
Douai finished at the sixth place last season, but it still has no points in the 2017/18 championship. It seems that the new national assistant coach, Yann Clay, Douai coach, has some issues this season.

Marseille started very bad against Tourcoing, which led 4:2 after the first period. But finally, Marseille won easily (14:7) with a very good Kovacevic and Vukicevic (4 and 3 goals).

Nice was close to becoming the first victim of the progress of Noisy in the last few rounds. After the third quarter, the score was 4:4. In the last period, Nice scored three unanswered goals for a 7:4 win and continued its road among top 4 clubs.

Next round, the last in the first half of the championship, will see top clashes. Marseille will face Nice, while Pays d’Aix will host leader Strasbourg.

French championship, 8th round

Strasbourg-Sete  16:8
Douai-Pays d’Aix  6:17 (0;4, 4:3, 1:5, 1:5)
Tourcoing-Marseille  7:14 (4:2, 0:5, 2:4, 1:3)
Nice-Noisy  7:4 (2:1, 1:1, 1:2, 3:0)

1.Team Strasbourg SNS-ASPTT-PCS 7 – 21
2.Pays d’Aix Natation 7 -18
3.CN Marseille 7 -16
4.Olympic Nice Natation 7 -15
5.Montpellier Water-polo 7-10
6.EN Tourcoing Lille Metropole 7- 6
7.CN Noisy-le-Sec 7 – 4
8.Sete Natation E.D.D 8 – 4
9.FNC Douai 7 – 0

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