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Title-holder falls again, Olympiacos and Recco on the right track (VIDEO)

Strahinja Rasovic scored three goals for Eger Photo:

Visitors were more successful in the 7th round of 2017/18 Champions League. Seven matches were played yesterday and today (Barceloneta will host Hannover tomorrow). Visiting teams achieved five wins.

Olympiacos recorded its sixth win, this time in a big derby in Group A. The Greeks can make plans for their trip to Genoa, where Final Eight will be held. After the 7th round, and a win in a “hot pool” in Berlin, Pro Recco, a technical host of F8, is atop of Group B. Title-holder Szolnok disappointed their fans, with a new defeat, this time in all-Hungarian battle.

Group A

The match of the day in Group A was a “replay” of 2016 Champions League final and 2017 CHL quarterfinal, in which Olympiacos took a revenge against Jug for defeats at two Final Six tournaments. The Greeks rushed to a 4:0 lead (10th minute). Their flying start decided an outcome. 2017 champion Jug managed to come back after the shocking start. The Croats reduced the gap to one, three times (4:3, 5:4, 7:6), but the hosts didn’t let them level the score. Paulo Obradovic, who moved from Jug to Olympiacos six months ago, netted two minutes by the end to set the final score – 8:6.

Olympiacos maintained a 5-points advantage ahead of closest rival Dynamo, that was outstanding this evening. Dynamo visited Budapest, where it beat OSC, that is now another step farther from the Final Eight. Dynamo, that won Russian cup a few days ago, played one of its best games this season. The Moscow-based team earned a 6-goals lead already in the 19th minute (7:1) and there was no way back for OSC. Dynamo won 10:5.

As expected, Brescia beat Partizan. The Italians staged a 7:0 rolling in the first quarter, they were 9:1 up in the second. Despite a terrible opening of the game, the young side of Partizan didn’t give up. The visitors proved their talent. They tightened their defense. After balanced second quarter (2:2), they played better than Brescia in the second half and avoided a debacle (the home team won 13:9)

Last game of the round was played on Thursday when Barceloneta hosted Hannover. The match brought a big battle and a last-minute drama. Both teams had their ups and downs. In the second half of the encounter, Barceloneta was in front for most of the time, but a gap was never larger than 2. goals Three and a half minutes Barceloneta went 12:10 up. But, it the next action Darko Brguljan netted his 6th goal in the match (the first from a penalty shot) for 12:11. Estrany leveled the score at 12:12 (0:49 on the clock). Twenty seconds before the end, Barceloneta earned an extra-man attack 20 seconds. Josip Vrlic decided everything, hitting the target just five seconds before the final buzzer. The Spaniards won 13:12 and they climbed into the 4th place of the table, they continued to go toward the Final Eight, while Hannover has slim chances after the loss in Barcelona.

LEN CHL D7 – CNA Barceloneta – WASPO Hannover

HIGHLIGHTS CHL D7 – Club Natació Atlètic-Barceloneta – WASPO 98 Hannover 13-12 #LENChampionsLeague #WATERPOLO

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Group B

All-Hungarian battle offered a thrilling finish and a new defeat of the title-holder (after the unsuccessful visit to Berlin). Еger, as a visitor, beat Szolnok water polo players. It was a hard and a nervous battle, with a lot of twists and turns. In the 10th minute, Eger earned its first lead (4:3), but with three unanswered goals, Szolnok went 6:4 up. The hosts entered the final quarter with a minimal lead (8:7). Early in the fourth period, Serb Strahinja Rasovic netted twice and Eger went in front again (8:9), with 5:17 remaining on the clock.

The water in the pool in Szolnok was boiling. Younger leveled the score – 9:9, Angyal scored for 9:10 (3:57 by the end), but 15 seconds later Zalnaki returned to equal terms once more (10:10). Fourteen seconds before the final whistle, Angyal hit the back of the net for the third time this evening and Eger collected all three points (11:10). Szolnok lost the first game in the Champions League at home in club’s history. It debuted in Preliminary Stage in 2014. After 16 wins and one draw, the moment for the first defeat came.

Angyal Dani-gól

Angyal Dani győzelmet érő gólja 14 másodperccel a Szolnok-Eger BL-meccs vége előtt.A mérkőzés összes gólja a Sport TV jóvoltából tudósításunkban:

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Spandau wasn’t able to make another big surprise, like beating Szolnok two months ago. The Germans were defeated in their pool, by mighty Pro Recco. The Italians controlled the game, played in Berlin, from the beginning. They were 8:4 up early in the third period. The visiting team had a 10:6 lead three and a half minutes before the end, but then Spandau “woke up”. The hosts scored three goals in a row in a span of fewer than three minutes. They came very close to Recco (9:10). The Germans had the last attack in the match, they even gained a man-up situation in the final 12 seconds, but Recco managed to save a victory.

LEN CHL D7 – Spandau 04 – Pro Recco

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Jadran achieved a new win as a guest. The champion of Montenegro defeated Sabadell (10:8). Jadran led 6:3 at halftime, but the hosts managed to equalize early in the fourth period (8:8). They didn’t go further. Jadran water polo players added two goals till the end for important three points to keep their Final Eight hopes alive.

In an encounter between teams that have no chances to reach the final tournament, Steaua demolished AZC. The Romanians led 13:0 at the beginning of the fourth period, at the end they won 15:4.


Champions League, Day 7

Group A

Olympiacos 8:6 Jug
(3:0, 1:2, 2:2, 2:2)

Olympiacos Piraeus: Genidounias 2, Obradovic 2, Fountoulis 2, Moruikis, Gounis.
Jug Dubrovnik: Renzuto Iodice 3, Macan. Fatovic, Jokovic.

OSC 5:10 Dynamo
(1:3, 0:3, 1:2, 3:2)

OSC Budapest: Seman 2, Salamon, Erdely,Kovacs.
Dynamo Moscow: Subotic 2, Pijetlovic 2, Nagaev 2, Bychkov 2, Kholod, Lisunov

Brescia 13:9 Partizan
(7:0, 2:2, 2:3, 2:4)

AN Brescia: Paskovic 2, Rizzo 2, Muslim 2, N. Presciutti 2, Vukcevic 2, Guidi, Nora, Janovic.
Partizan Belgrade: M. Jankovic 3, Lazic, Tomic, Manojlovic, Radanovic, Radonjic, Aksentijevic.

Barceloneta 13:12 Hannover
(2:2, 4:4, 3:2, 4:4)

CNABarceloneta: Vrlic 3, Munarriz 3, Mallarach 3, Fernandez 2, Famera, Tahull.
Waspo Hannover 98: Da. Brguljan 6, Real 3, Corusic, Preuss, Estrany.
(played on January 25)


1. Olympiacos (GRE) 7 – 19
2. Dynamo (RUS) 7 – 14
3. Brescia (ITA) 7 – 13
4. Barceloneta (ESP) 7 – 12
5. Jug (CRO) 7 – 10
6. OSC Budapest (HUN) 7 – 7

Group B

Szolnok 10:11 Eger
(3:3, 4:3, 1:1, 2:4)

Szolnoki VSK: Zalnaki 3, Younger 3, Batori 2, Prlainovic, Mi. Cuk.
Eger: S. Rasovic 3, Angyal 3, Hosnyanszky 2, Lorincz, Cuckovic, Harai.

Spandau 04 9:10 Pro Recco
(1:3, 3:4, 2:3, 3:0)

Spandau 04: Dedovic 2, Gielen 2, Negrean 2, Stamm 2, Ma. Cuk.
Pro Recco: Di Fulvio 2, Mandic 2, Molina 2, Alesiani 2, Echenique, Figari.


AZC Aplhen 4:15 Steaua
(0:4, 0:3, 0:5, 4:3)

Alphen: Van Mil, Mandolini, Indjic M. Filipovic
Steaua: Dj. Filipovic 3, Chovieanu 3, Murisic 3, Gheorghe 2, Buljubasic 2, Delgado, Teohari.

Sabadell 8:10 Jadran HN
(1:3, 2:3, 3:2, 2:2)

Astrapool Sabadell: Muller 3, V. Cabanas , Bustos, G. Lopez Escribano, S. Cabanas, Carillo.
Jadran Carine Herceg Novi: Draskovic 3, Spaic 2, Ukropina 2, Dj. Radovic, Merkulov, M. Petkovic.
(played on January 23)

1. Pro Recco (ITA) 7 – 18
2. Szolnok (HUN) 7 – 15
3. Spandau 04 (GER) 7 – 15
4. Eger (HUN) 7 – 13
5. Jadran (MNE) 7 – 13
6. Steaua (ROM) 7 – 6
7. Sabadell (ESP) 7 – 3
8. AZC Alphen (NED) 7 – 0


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