It’s time for Belgrade and Women Youth World Championship!

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Serbian capital Belgrade will host the fourth FINA Women Youth water polo World championship. The best 16 teams on the planet will begin the quest for glory at the tournament in which Russia is going to defend the world title.

Teams are divided into four groups and all winners will directly qualify for the quarterfinals. A second and third-placed team from each group will first go to the eight finals.

This seven-day event will take place at the famous “Milan Gale Muskatirovic” swimming pool which saw some top quality water polo games in the past years and decades.

The main candidates for the medals, besides Russia, will be Spain, Italy, and Hungary. Also, there are Greece, the USA, and Canada which also have the quality to achieve a good result.

Also, it is important to know that a set of amended rules proposed by the FINA Technical Water Polo Committee (TWPC) be tested at this event.

The organizers hope this tournament will bring crowds to Gale Muskatirovic swimming pool and also that it can help in recruiting girls to start to train water polo.
“This is a huge sports event and the crowd will be able to see the top female water polo players in junior category in the world. We really believe that after this competition, women water polo game will get a lot of new admirers”, said Dragana Ivkovic, Serbia national team coach.

As usual, the Hungarian national water polo team is one of the favorites for success and they came to Belgrade in a good atmosphere after victories during the warm-up for the World Championships
“All the wins and especially the whole experience of success during the previous period is important for these girls and it can help them to build self-confidence and belief in this team”, said Tamas Farago.

So, buckle up your seat-belt, because it’s going to be an action-packed week in Belgrade!


A Group: Spain, Serbia, Canada, Italy
B Group: Uzbekistan, Greece, Australia, Brazil
C Group: Kazakhstan, Hungary, USA, Argentina
D Group: New Zealand, Netherlands, Russia, South Africa

Schedule – group phase

Monday, August 27

Canada – Italy
Uzbekistan – Australia
Greece – Brazil
Kazakhstan – USA
Hungary – Argentina
Spain – Serbia
New Zealand – Russia
Netherlands – South Africa

Tuesday, August 28

Brazil – Australia
Uzbekistan – Greece
Argentina – USA
Kazakhstan – Hungary
Russia – South Africa
New Zealand – Netherlands
Italy – Serbia
Spain – Canada

Wednesday, August 29

Kazakhstan – Argentina
Hungary – USA
New Zealand – South Africa
Netherlands – Russia
Spain – Italy
Canada – Serbia
Uzbekistan – Brazil

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