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Thrilling finishes in Hungary

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The playing schedule of the Champions league is like a mirror, so the 5th and 6th round saw the same teams meeting in a crucial phase of competitions.

In almost all games of Day 6, the winners were same, as ten days ago. Eger is the only team who took revenge for their defeat in the previous round.

Six matches of 6th round were played in three countries: Hungary, Italy and Germany. The games in Hungary were the highlights of Day 6, both matches offered thrilling finishes. Eger beat Barceloneta 10-9 and Olympiacos defeated OSC in Budapest (8-7). Both Italian clubs, Brescia and Pro Recco won in their home pools. In the matches played in Germany, the guests were better. Szolnok defeated Spandau and Jug collected three points in Hannover.

Olympiacos (GRE) took a flying start against OSC in Budapest. They led 5-1 and 6-2 during the second quarter.It seemed that they would have an easier job than in Athens in the previous round when they won 7-4. But, OSC started climbing back. With a 4-0 rush, they leveled the score (6-6), six minutes and 21 seconds before the end. Konstantinos Genidounias netted two straight goals and moved Olympiacos to 8-6. In a thrilling finish, Gergo Zalnaki scored for 7-8 and 49 seconds were still remaining. Both teams had their chances, after Zalnaki’s goal, but the score wasn’t changed.

Szolnok needed a lot of time to break Spandau in Berlin. The rivals were equal, by the end of the third period (7-7). Then Szolnok connected four goals and secured the victory. At the end the score was 12-8 for the Hungarians, almost the same as in the game of these rivals in Budapest, ten days ago (12-7).

Brescia (Italy) did a clean job at home, against Nice (France). The Italians were 4-1 up in the fifth minute of the game. The guests came close at the start of the second quarter (4-3). But the players of Brescia tightened their defence. They let only a single goal in the remaining 22 minutes. On the other side of the pool, they netted nine goals for the final score 13-4.

Olympiacos and Szolnok are on the top of the table of Group A. They won 16 points each. Szolnok is the technical host of Final Six, so they are automatically qualified for the F6 which will be held in Budapest. Olympiacos, runner-up last season, is on the right way to reach the Final Six . Brescia and OSC continue the chase for the 3rd place. The Italians have three points advantage ahead OSC. In the next round Brescia will host OSC and after that game, everything would be clearer.

The players of Eger came out as victors in a big battle with Barceloneta. The Hungarians took revenge for their 10-6 defeat in Barcelona and stayed in the race for a place at Final Six. Eger led 10-7 and had a great chance to secure a victory two minutes to go. But, they missed a penalty and gave chance to Barceloneta. The Spaniards scored twice in 32 seconds for 10-9 and had 13 seconds for the last attack, but Eger saved all three points.

Eger holds the third place now and has a point more than Barceloneta.

Pro Recco extended its winning streak to six this season, they beat Partizan and they are seven points ahead Jug, the second-placed team of Group B. Pro Recco led throughout the match against the young side of Partizan, but the difference wasn’t larger than two goals till the 29th minute. The guests offered a strong resistance and the favourites secured the win in the last quarter. The final score 12-7 is the progress for the players of Partizan, because Recco achieved a 17-5 won in Belgrade.

Title-holder Jug came to Germany after “crazy” game against Hannover in Dubrovnik. Ten days ago, Hannover led 10-6 by the end of the third quarter, but Jug came back in the last period to save the match to a draw (15-15). Today the Croats played more seriously.  The rivals were close till the middle of the second period.  Jug led 6-5 in 11th minute. In the finish of the first half the guests made a series 4-0, , in a span of 2:06 minutes. They jumped to a 10-5 lead. Hannover couldn’t come back after that, and Jug achieved a 17-10 victory.

Champions league, Day 6

Group A

OSC Budapest (Hungary) – Olympiacos (Greece) 7-8 (1-4, 2-2, 2-0, 2-2)
OSC: Zalnaki 3, Dr. Brguljan , Batori , Seman Gor-Nagy.
Olympiacos: Fountoulis 2, Genidounias 2, Mylonakis, Buslje, Ntoskas, Mourikis.

Brescia (Italy) – Olymic Nice (France) 13-4 (4-2, 4-1, 1-1, 3-0)
Brescia: N. Presciutti 3, Napolitano 3, Paskovic 3, Manzi, Ubovic, C. Presciuti, Bertoli.
Nice: Rocchietta 2, Izdinsky, Monneret.

Spandau 04 (Germany) – Szonlok (Hungary) 8-12 (4-4, 1-3, 2-0, 1-5)
Spandau 04: Gielen 2, Dedovic 2, Marzouki 2, Stamm, Cuk.
Szolnok: De. Varga 3, Younger 2, Vamos 2, Gocic, Prlainovic, Crousillat, Kis.

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Group B

Pro Recco (Italy) – Partizan (Serbia) 12-7 (3-1, 4-4, 1-1, 4-1)
Pro Recco:Mandic 2, Figlioli 2, Pijetlovic 2, Figari 2, Filipovic 2, Echenique, Molina.
Partizan: Lukic, Repanovic, Manojlovic, Jaksic, Radojevic, Stojanovic, M. Jankovic.

Eger (Hungary) – Barceloneta (Spain) 10-9 (4-2, 2-2, 3-2, 1-3)
Eger: Decker 2, Hosnansky 2, Erdely 2, Harai 2, Lorincz, Kovacs.
Barceloneta: Munnariz 4, Mallarach 2, Famera, V. Rasovic, Roca

Waspo Hannover (Germany) – Jug (Croatia) 10 – 17 (3-4, 3-6, 1-3, 3-4)

Waspo Hannover: Dr. Brguljan 4, Radovic 4, Ban, Bukowski.
Jug: Fatovic 4, Loncar 3, Jokovic 2, Garcia Gadea 2, Ivankovic 2, Obradovic 2, Perrone Rocha, Vrlic.

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The next round will be played on March 1.

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