Terrassa and Sabadell continue a fight for the second place

January 2018
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Barceloneta water polo club continued to dominate the Premaat league and in the round 14, the defending champion of Spain won away against Mediterrani – 12:1, while Terrasa kept the second place with a victory at Barcelona 6:3. Also, the favorites like Sabadell and Quadis Mataro recorded wins in this round of the competition.

In a game against Mediterrani, Barceloneta didn’t have any problems and it was just the question how big the goal difference will be. Visitors had a comfortable five-goal lead (6:1) already at the halftime and in the second part of the game they didn’t even concede a goal. Roger Tahull found the net three times for Barceloneta.

Second-placed Terrassa won in Barcelona in a match where the defenses on both sides were the main qualities. However, Terrassa is a better team and proved it in the swimming pool. Toni Esteller’s team started the game with a 2-0 lead, but than Didac Cobacho boys scored three consecutive goals to take a lead.

Barcelona managed to equalize at the start of the third quarter, but once again Terrassa water polo players netted three times in a row to secure a what turned out to be a comfortable victory.

Sabadell is still fighting for the second place in the standings and in this round won big against visiting Canarias Echeyde – 19:5. Until the break the Canaries put up some kind of resistance and trailed by just three goals (7-4), but after that Sabadell turned up a gear and scored 12 times. Gonzalo Lopez Escribano was the man of the match with five goals.

Quadis Mataro won at home against Catalunya 9:7. The victory came after a good display in the first half and Lluc Bertran scored a hattrick for Mataro. Ivan Idarraga led Catalunya with four goals.
Real Canoe water polo club had a great performance in Madrid against Navarra and won 19:6. Victor Gutierrez was, without a shadow of a doubt, the best player in the swimming pool as he finished the game with six goals.

In the last game of this round, Sant Andreu won away at Molins de Rei – 14:12. The home team had a 4:3 lead after the first quarter, but by the end of the first half, Sant Andreu managed to overturn the result. It was clear who will win when the visitors gained a four goals advantage in the second half (12:8). Matthieu Peisson scored six goals 6 goals for the winning team, while Alberto Barroso found the net four times.

Round 14

Saturday, January 27

Mediterrani 1:12 Barceloneta

Mediterrani: Bofill
Barceloneta: Tahull 3, Perrone 2, Famera, Granados, Munarriz, Vrlic, Larumbe, Garcia, Fernandez, Bustos

Quadis 9:7 Catalunya
(2:1, 2:1, 2:2, 3:3)

Quadis: Berstran 3, Corbalan 2, Puig, Codina, Barbena, Yanez
Catalunya: Idarraga 4, Zurita, Alfonso, Al Dughther

Barcelona 3:6 Terrassa
(2:0, 0:3, 1:2, 0:1)

Barcelona: Calatrava, Goma, Marsal
Terrassa: Sanahuja 2, Mora, Sanchez, Rodriguez, Pericas

Real 19:6 Canoe Navarra
(4:1, 5:3, 3:1, 7:1)

Real Canoe: Gutierrez 6, Fernandez 2, Camarena 2, Alcon 2, De Grado 2, De la Puente, Lorrio, Platero, Garcia, Lopez
Navarra: Arriazu 3, Esteban, Artola, Carnohan

Sabadell 19:5 Canarias
(2:1, 5:3, 6:0, 6:1)

Sabadell: Lopez Escribano 5, S. Cabanas 3, Matoso 3, Bustos 2, Muller 2, Carrillo, Fenoy, Carrasco, V. Cabanas
Canarias: Caldas 2, Gomez, Silva, Abad

Molins de Rei 12:14 Sant Andreu

Molins de Rei: Bertran 2, Alcaide 2, Prat 2, Echevarria 2, Domingo 2, Andrade, Abela
Sant Andreu: Peisson 6, Barroso 4, Saboya 3, Gracia


1. Barceloneta 14 games – 42pts
2. Terrasa 14 – 37
3. Sabadell 14 – 36
4. Quadis Mataro 14 – 26
5. Mediterrani 14 – 23
6. Sant Andreu 14 – 22
7. Barcelona 14 – 19
8. Real Canoe 14 – 16
9. Navarra 14 – 10
10. Catalunya 14 – 9
11. Canarias 14 – 5
12. Molins de Rei 14 – 1

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