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Technical problems delay (or cancel?) encounter between Pro Recco and Posillipo

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Six games of the Italian Championship 2nd round were played this weekend, but in the focus of the Italian media was the game which hasn’t been played.

An encounter between two former European champions Pro Recco and Posillippo was delayed due to technical problems in the pool in Sori, where Pro Recco plays its games as a host. The malfunction of the platform that decreases the depth of the pool to allow the lessons of aqua gym and swimming was the reason for delaying the match. The diving platform, located under one of the two doors was blocked and the water polo field wasn’t available for the game.

Pro Recco announced that the club had been able to move the match to another pool. They had prepared the pool in Camogli, which is 7 kilometers far from Sori.

“Pro Recco, which had 90 minutes from the start of the game to set up the reserve pool, made available the center in Camogli promptly informing referees and guest team. The referees, however, whistled the end although the malfunction was then however repaired. The club prepared a complain notice”, Recco announced.

On the other side, Posillippo accused Pro Recco of failing to properly organize the game. Posillipo announced that the pool hadn’t been prepared on time and that there had been no time to start the game in another pool.

The sports judge has to decide whether the decision by the referees has been too hasty or whether Pro Recco has not adequately informed the referees about the willingness to move the match to another sports center.

Brescia convincingly beat Florentia water polo players in Florence. The home team keeps up with Brescia for three periods. Florentia trailed 4: 6 before the 4th period. Brescia did a damage in the last eight minutes. The visitors produced a 6:0 rush for a 12:4 win.

Sport Management, which beat European champion Olympiacos in the Champions League last Wednesday, continued its winning streak. Sport Management water polo players have achieved 16 wins in as many games in all competition since the start of the season (Champions League, Italian Championship, Italian Cup). In the 2nd round of the national championships Sport Management demolished Savona 16:6.

Lazio defeated Quinto by a goal (11:10), despite it had a 10:5 advantage after the 3rd period. Quinto reduced its deficit step-by-step. The visitors scored their 10th goal 30 seconds before the end, but they weren’t able to secure at least a point.

Roma Nuoto recorded its first win in the Serie A. The club, which was founded 2008, this season made a debut in the Italian Championships a week ago with a 5:15 loss to Sport Management. This weekend, Roma traveled to Sicily where they face Catania. Roma’s 4:0 rush in the second and the third period decided the outcome. The score was 2:2 early in the 2nd period. Roma scored four goals in a row. The visitors earned a 6:2 lead in the last second of the 3rd period. The last quarter saw just one goal. Roma collected historic points with a 6:3 victory.

Trieste hosted Bogliasco. The home side led 9:6 before the fourth period. In the last quarter, they doubled the advantage – 15:9.

100th Italian Championship, 2nd round

Florentia 4:12 Brescia
(2:2, 1:2, 1:2, 0:6)

Florentia: Astiarta 2, Eskert, A. Di Fulvio.
Brescia:Rizzo 3, Nora 2, N. Presciutti 2, C. Presciutti, Figlioli, Gallo, Janovic, Vukcevic.

Sport Management 16:6 Savona
(4:1, 4:0, 3:1, 5:4)

Sport Management: C. Mirarchi 3, S. Luongo 3, Damonte 2, Casasola 2, Alesiani 2, Drasovic, Bruni, Dolce.
Savona: Corio 2, L. Bianco, K. Milakovic, G. Novara, Colombo.

Lazio 11:10 Iren Quinto
(2:2, 4:1, 2:4, 1:5)

Lazio: Antonucci 4, Maddaluano 3, Leporale 2, Ferrante, Vitale.
Quinto: Paunovic 3, Lundhout 2, M. Gitto 2, N. Vavic, Mugnaini, F. Brambilla

Catania 3:6 Roma Nuoto
(1:2, 1:2, 0:2, 1:0)

Catania: Kacar 2, Privitavera.
Roma: Ciotti, Fraglia, Gilberti, Spione, M. Lapenna, De Robertis, Innocenczi.

Canottieri Naples 10:5 Ortigia (3:3, 3:0, 2:2, 2:0)

Canottieri: Campopiano 5, Tanaskovic 2, M. Vukicevic, Confuorto, Esposito.
Ortigia: Giacoppo 3, Susak, Napolitano.

Trieste 15:9 Bogliasco (2:1, 4:2, 3:3, 6:3)

Trieste: Panerai 4, Petronio 2, A. Giorgi 2, Rocchi 2, Ferreccio, Gogov, Vico, Turkovic, Mezzarobba.
Bogliasco: Fracas 2, Lanzoni 2, M. Guidi 2, Sadovyy 2, Ravina.

1. Brescia 2 – 6
2. Sport Management 2 – 6
3. Pro Recco 1 – 3
4. Trieste 2 – 3
5. Posillipo 1 – 3
6. Ortigia 2 – 3
7. Quinto 2 – 3
8. Lazio 2 – 3
9. Roma 2 – 3
10. Canottieri 2 – 3
11. Savona 2 – 3
12. Catania 2 – 0
13. Florentia 12 – 0
14. Bogliasco 12 – 0

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