Szolnoki wins the fifth trophy in 2017!


Szolnoki water polo club is the real King of the rings. Szandor Czechs team won Hungarian Supercup with a win against Eger – 7:4. It was Szolnoki’s fifth trophy this year which is absolutely the best in club history. Before this trophy, Szolnoki won Champions League, Hungarian championship and cup and also European Supercup.

It was probably the best Christmas present for Szolnoki fans and their team once more showed that at this moment they really don’t have a real rival in Hungary.

In the first quarter Jansik, Younger and Zalanki scored for Szolnoki, while on the other side, Angelos Vlachopoulos found the net for Eger. Fans in the stands did not see any goals in the second quarter and both teams made a lot of mistakes.

But the third period was totally different.

Szolnoki won this period and things were pretty much clear when Andrija Prlainovic gave the European champion a 4:1 lead. Strahinja Rasovic quickly answered, but then Prlainovic and Zalanki gave Szolnoki a four goals lead.

If there was any hope for Eger after this period it vanished. In the last quarter, it was obvious that both teams had a problem with the fatigue. Gabor Kis scored a rather interesting goal, while Uros Cuckovic found the net for the final result – 7:4.


Sandor Cseh, head coach of Szolnoki was not completely satisfied despite winning the trophy.
“We could have locked the game earlier, but we did not do it. But there was one very positive thing – we had a big desire to win. In defense, we have done everything we have agreed, which is why we have been able to win. Also, my players were tired, but they went into the water to win“, said Cseh.

Norbert Dabrowski head coach of Eger said that this game was similar
to previous games with Szolnoki.
“It was very difficult to attack them. In the long run, I do not mind having this match, it shows us what we need to do to reach Szolnok in February when we turn to the BL Group.”

Szolnoki 7:4 Eger
(3-1, 0-0, 3-2, 1-1)

SZOLNOKI: Zalánki 2, Prlainovic 2, Jansik, Younger, Kiss
EGER: S. Rasovic 2, Vlachopoulos, Cuckovic

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