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Szolnok will play in the big final!


Szolnok water polo club will have a chance to defend a title in the Hungarian championship after a win at home against Eger (9:4) in the decisive game of the semifinal series. Szolnok’s opponent in the fight for the title will be Ferencvaros.

As it was expected, Szolnok used the fact that it played in front of its own fans. Gergo Zalanki opened the scoring sheet after a minute and a half of play. The home team showed some tough defense and Eger players could not find a way to the net.

On the other side of the swimming pool, Szolnok used the extra man situation to gain a 2:0 lead after a goal from David Jansik. Finally, thanks to Vlachopouilos the visiting team managed to score.

Milan Aleksic scored the third for Szolnok, while Norbert Hosnyánszky found a way for a quick answer. However, four seconds before the end of the first half, Andrija Prlainovic showed no mercy and Szolnok took a 4:2 lead.

When Gabor Kiss scored at the start of the third quarter it started to be clear in which direction this match is going to go. By the half of this period, Milos Cuk also scored and it was 6:2 for the home team and the defending champion.

The last trace of hope for Eger was Marko Avramovic’s goal that cut the visitors deficit to 6:3. But, Szolnok answered very quickly and with power. First Tamas Mezei found the net and then Prlainovic scored his second to lift the home team to a gigantic 8:3 advantage.

At the start of the last quarter Gabor Kis also sent the ball into the net for Szolnok, Strahinja Rasovic scored for Eger to set up a final score.

The final series of the Hungarian championship between Ferencvaros and Szolnok will start next Sunday, while Eger and OSC will fight for the bronze and a place in the LEN Champions League next season.


Szolnok 9:4 Eger
(1:0, 3:2, 4:1, 1:1)

Szolnok: Prlainovic 2, Kis 2, Jansik, Zalánki, Mezei, Alekszic, Milos Cuk,
Eger: Hosnyánszky, Avramovic, Vlachopoulos, S. Rasovic

9-12th places

Kaposvari Vasas

Kaposvari: Dobos 3, Giga 3, Sántavy, Tóth, Lukács, Pataki, Palotás,
Szentes: Marnitz 2, Simon, Fazekas

PVSK 7:5 Szentes

PVSK: Csacsovszky 2, Csaba 2, Csacsovszky, Chilkó, Szatmári
Szentes: Nagy 3, Somogyi, Vörös.

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