Szolnok opens the league with a big win

Round 1
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A new season of Hungarian water polo game of thrones began and defending champion Szolnok recorded the biggest win in the first round. Szolnoki won at Szombathely against Domino Avus – 23:3 and showed again that it is the main candidate for the title once again.

Domino Avus is a newcomer in the Hungarian water polo elite league, but Szolnok shows no mercy or compassion. Already in the first quarter European champion opened the door of a big win. They scored six goals in the first period and didn’t concede a single one.

It was just the matter of how big this win is going to be, and Milan Aleksic and Bence Fulop played an almost perfect game. Aleksic scored six goals, while Fulop found the net five times.

In the same Group A of Hungarian championship, BVSC Zuglo also won away against Debrecen – 12:8. It was only in the first quarter that Debrecen water polo players managed to put up some resistance.

Then, just before the final whistle in the first half Bela Torok gave a one-goal advantage to the visiting team. It was just the beginning of a furious couple of minutes of BVSC in the third period. Kristof Varnai scored twice and Peter Kovacs once to give a Budapest team three-goal lead.

By the midway of the last quarter, BVSC was already cruising towards win especially when Krisztian Letay scored for an 11:6 advantage.

There was also one draw in this group and it was in the match between two clubs from Budapest, UVSE, and Vasas, which finished 10:10.There was also one draw in this group and it was in the match between two clubs from Budapest, UVSE, and Vasas, which finished 10:10.

Group B saw a big Budapest derby, a game in which host Honved convincingly outplayed and defeated OSC – 12:6. Honved gained the lead from the start of the game and never looked back.

Sandor Iles was especially in the good mood as he scored twice in the first half to give Honved a big three-goal difference – 5:2. The home team dominated defensively and especially offensively.

OSC was already four goals down in the third quarter (7:3 and 8:4) while Marton Szivos and Adam Manherz masterminded the game which Honved played. In the final minutes of the game, it seemed like OSC already put up the white flag and surrendered.

Three times Hungarian champion Eger had to fight hard to win a game at Metalcom Szentes swimming pool. But, eventually, they did prevail – 6:4.

Eger played some good water polo in the first three quarters, especially in the defense. In the offensive part of the game, it was all about Krisztian Bedo who scored a hattrick.

The visitors entered the last quarter leading 6:1 and such a big leag obviously relaxed them a little bit, so Metalcom water polo players used it to get an honorable defeat.

Round 1

Group A

Domino Avus 3:23 Szolnoki (0:6, 2:7, 0:5, 1:5)

Domino Avus: Takacs, Garancsy, Ekler
Szolnoki: Aleksic 6, Fulop 5, Batori 2, Mezei 2, Gocic 2, Szeghalmi 2, Jansik, Zalanki, Cuk, Prlainovic

Debreceni 8:12 BVSC Zuglo (3:3, 1:2, 1:3, 3:4)

Debreceni: Szoke 2, Macsi, Boros, Suveges, Kallay, Obradovic, Vidovic
BVSC: Letay 4, Torok 3, Varnai 2, Kovacs, Csapo, Sugar

UVSE 10:10 Vasas (3:2, 1:0, 3:4, 3:4)

UVSE: Toth 2, Major 2, Korenyi 2, Baksa 2, Szentesi, Knezy
Vasas: Bobis 2, Burian 2, Steinmetz 2, Simon 2, Marnitz, Hona

December 15:
Kaposvari – Ferencvaros

Group B

Tatabanya 9:6 Szeged (2:3, 2:3, 3:0, 2:0)

Tatabanya: Kistamas 2, Katonas 2 , Markus, Mathe, Szabo, Szentesi, Francsics
Szeged: B. Szilvasan, Berki, Farkas, P. Szilvasan, Barothy

PVSC 8:9 Miskolci (1:0, 1:4, 3:3, 3:2)

PVSC: Lajko 3, E. Csacsovszky 2, A. Csacsovszky, Szatmari, Zerinvary
Miskolci: Jakab 2, Vadovics 2, Halek, Berta, Milicic, Bowen, Kuzmenko

Szentesi 4:6 Eger (1:2, 0:3, 0:1, 3:0)

Szentesi: Nagy 2, Werner, Somogyi
Eger: Bedo 3, Lorincz, Angyal, Hosnyanski

Honved 12:6 OSC (2:1, 3:2, 5:3, 2:0)

Honved: Szivos 3, Manhercz 3, Illes 2, B. Kiss, G. Kiss, Simon, Gyarfas
OSC: Erdelyi 3, Bundschuh, Seman, Brguljan


Group A

1. Szolnoki 1 – 3pts
2. BVSC 1- 3
3. Vasas 1 – 1
4. UVSE 1 – 1
5. Debreceni 1 – 0
6. Domino Avus 1 – 0
7. Ferencvarosi 0 – 0
8. Kaposvari 0 – 0

Group B

1. Honved 1 – 3pts
2. Tatabanya 1 – 3
3. Miskolci 1 – 3
4. Eger 1 – 3
5. PVSC 1 – 0
6. Szeged 1 – 0
7. OSC 1 – 0
8. Szentesi 1 – 0

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