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Szolnok gunned down Eger to take the first place

szolnoki water polo player andrija prlainovic holding the water polo ball

We have a new leader of Hungarian water polo championship. Szolnoki scored a huge win against visiting Eger 11-7 in Round 4 and took the first place from the hands of tonight’s big rival. This was the first defeat of the season for Eger and now Szolnoki definitely has a psychological advantage in the finish of the championship.

Denes Varga was a hero of the night in the game which Szolniki started furiously. The hosts took a 4-0 lead after the first quarter and goals from Mezei, Varga, Vamos and Crousillat. Vamos nad Varga continued to torcher Eger’s defense in the second period and at the halftime, when Szolnoki had a 7-3 lead, it seemed this match was already over.

But then, in the third period, Eger played some great water polo and showed why it was a leader in the league for such a long period of the season. Two minutes before the end of this period, Hosnyánszky brought Eger back into the game, with visiting team having just one goal deficit (7-6).

But then, like so many times in his career, Andrija Prlainović stepped in when things got heated up. Serbian ace gave Szolnoki a two-goal lead at the start of the last period, Milos Cuk quickly answered for Eger, but then it was Varga all over the place again. He scored three goals in a row for hosts, securing a win and a first place in the standings for Szolnoki.

What a thrilling water polo game was seen in Budapest derby. It was a match between Ferencvaros and OSC, and the visitors managed to win 9-8 and they made a giant step towards securing a place number three in the standings. And they did it against the main rival in that battle. OSC are now seven points clear of Ferencvaros. Interesting, this was a third consecutive win for OSC at Fradi’s pool.

Tonight, Gergo Zalanki was OSC best scorer with three goals, while Zoltan Pohl found the net twice for Ferencvaros. The home team started this game very well, took a 2:0 lead after goals from Jansik and Puhl. But then OSC woke up and by the end of the first half visitors were leading 6-4 thanks to Zalanki, Juhasz, and Nikic.

OSC controlled the game in the second half also. They were very solid in defense and concentrated in the attack. Nevertheless, Ferencvarosi made a comeback in the finish of the third and at the start of the fourth quarter. Again, thanks to Jansik and Stefan Mitrovic. But then, after Jansik scored the eighth goal for Fradi, it was all defense. OSC was leading 9-8, we saw real battle in every attack, but nobody managed to hit the net. So, in the end, a good defensive play was the key for OSC win.

In the relegation competition, there was a derby match for first place and visiting Honved won against PVSK in Pecs 12-10. It was a relatively close game, but Honved showed that their place should be in the upper part of the table. Unfortunately for the fans of Budapest water polo heavy-weight, this season they have to fight on the other side. Marton Szivos was once more the best scorer for Honved with three goals, while Gergely Kiss netted twice. This battle was close until the start of the last quarter when Kiss, then Roland Szimon were scored and gave Honved a convincing 12-9 lead.

Miskolci water polo club won an important match for spot number five against visiting Szeged, 17-10. Sasa Misic was absolutely brilliant with five goals for the home team. On the other side, Krisztian Manhercz also scored five times for Szeged, but he was lonesome tonight. Miskolci had a 7-3 lead at the half-time, and after a couple of minutes in the third period, it was all over, because the hosts scored another four goals, allowing none.

Debreceni earned a point at home against Kaposvari, this game ended 14-14, with visitors staying safe at fourth place of the relegation part. Szabolcs Szoke gave the home team a point with equalizing goal 14 seconds before the final whistle. UVSE beat visiting Szentesi 11-9 in a game which saw David Zoltan Peter scoring four goals. Tatabanya had absolutely no problem away against the worst team in the league, KSI. They won 12-8 with Daniel Francsics claiming the hero of the day title with scoring five goals.

This round saw another Budapest derby in which BVSC won at home against Vasas 14-8. Thans to quick four goals in the first period, BVSC took a 4-1 lead and made a huge step towards only a second win in last five matches. There was definitely no dillemma about the outcome when Karoly Czigany gave the home team a 11-5 lead at the start of the fourth quarter.

Round 4

Wednesday, March 8

Ferencvaros – OSC 8-9 (2-1, 2-5, 3-2, 1-1)
Ferencvaros: Pohl 3, Mitrovic 2, Jansik 2, Sziranyi
OSC: Zalanki 3, Kovacs 2, Juhasz, Salamon, Nikic, Bundschuh

Szolnoki – Eger 11- 7 (4-0, 3-3, 0-3, 4-1)
Szolnoki: Varga 5, Vamos 3, Prlainovic, Crousillat, Mezei
Eger: Erdelyi 2, Harai 2, Vapenski, Hosnyánszky, Cuk

Miskolci – Szeged 17-10 (5-2, 2-1, 5-4, 5-3)
Miskolci: Misic 5, Boven 3, Jakab 2, Milicic 2, Halek, Hornyak, Vadovics, Benedek, Dorian
Szeged: K. Manhercz 5, A. Manhercz 2, Kiss, Santa, Basara

BVSC – Vasas 14-8 (4-2, 1-2, 4-1, 5-3)
BVSC: Pasztor 3, Letay 3, Kovacs, Nagy, Szabo Bence, Szabo Bendeguz, Csapo, Varnai, Czigany, Sugar
Vasas: Meszaros, Bencz, Bobis, Burian, Steinmetz, Koopman, Lindhout


1. Szolnoki 18 – 51 pts
2. Eger 18 – 49
3. OSC 18 – 44
4. Ferencvarosi 18 – 37
5. Miskolci 18 – 33
6. Szeged 18 – 27
7. BVSC 18 – 26
8. Vasas 18 – 22


Wednesday, March 8

PVSK – Honved 10 – 12 (2-2, 2-3, 5-5, 1-2)
PVSK: Koloszi 3, E. Csacsovszky 2, Gogov 2, A. Csacsovszky, Macsi, Lajko
Honved: Szivos 2, Kiss 2, Simon 2, Yusuke 2, Simon, Gyarfas, Irmes

Debreceni – Kaposvari 14-14 (6-5, 2-2, 2-4, 4-3)
Debreceni: Kuncz 3, Szoke 2, Suveges 2, Toth 2, Kallay 2, Busilacchi 2, Durik
Kaposvari: Vindisch 4, Berta 4, Santavy, Juhasz-Szelei, Hegedus, Toth, Polovic

UVSE – Szentesi 11-9 (2-1, 3-4, 3-1, 3-3)
UVSE: David 4, Selley 3, Dala 2, Toth, Kereszturi
Szentesi: Kiss 2, Somogy 2, Van Mil 2, Werner, Reuten, Vishnyakov

KSI – Tatabanya 8-12 (1-4, 4-3, 1-5, 2-0)
KSI: Toth, Berki, Kosa, Kardosz, Teleki, Hevesi, Bobis, Schmolcz
Tatabanya: Francsiscs 5, Szabo 2, Martin 2, Regos, Mathe, Salamon.


1. Honved 18 – 32 pts
2. PVSK 18 – 26
3. Kaposvari 18 – 19
4. Debreceni 18 – 17
5. Tatabanya 18 – 14
6. UVSE 18 – 13
7. Szentesi 18 – 7
8. KSI 18 – 0

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