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Szolnok is alive and kicking!


Szolnok water polo club is alive! The defending champion won away against Ferencvarost 14:6 and now it trails 2-1 in the final series of the Hungarian championship. Although Ferencvaros had a very vocal support from the stands and, in theory, everything was supposed to be on their side.

But a theory is one thing and reality something completely different. And Szolnok demonstrated at the Komjadi swimming pool that it has a big heart of a champion and a „refuse to die“ attitude. Also, maybe it was that kind of premature celebrating atmosphere that got to Ferencaros in the end. They have waited for the title 18 years, so at least they can wait a couple of more days.

The fourth game of the final series will be played on Wednesday in Szolnok. And if Szandor Ceh’s team repeats this kind of game like tonight, it very possible that we will have this series decided in the fifth match.

Tonight, Szolnok opened the game in furious style. After a minute and a half, Gergo Zalanki found the net and Andrija Prlainovic made it 2:0 by the halfway through this quarter. Quickly after that Aron Younger scored the third goal for Szolnok, then Marton Vamos did it for Fradi and Zalanki once more netted to make it a big 4:1 advantage.

It was obvious that Fradi could not cope with Szolnok’s defense tonight. Younger scored two more in the second quarter and the visiting team opened the door to a victory with a 6:1 lead.

By the halfway through the third period of the game, thanks to Vamos and Slobodan Nikic, Ferencvaros cut Szolnok’s lead to 8:4. But, the defending champion never lost control of this game. Younger and Prlainovic were obviously very motivated to prove that Szolnok’s time has not passed.

In the last quarter, it was almost an exhibition game at the Komjadi swimming pool as Szolnok easily scored – Aleksic, Prlainovic, Kis, David Jansik – they all found the net to deliver a serious blow to Ferencvaros’s expectations. Also, this was the first defeat for Fradi after 25 wins in all competitions. And that defeat came also at the hands of Szolnok on 18th of November 2017.

And in the other game of the day, BVSC won at home against Miskolc 14:13 after penalties to secure a fifth place which guarantees a spot in the LEN Euro Cup next season.


Ferencvaros 6:14 Szolnok
(1:4, 2:3, 2:3, 1:4)

Ferencvaros: Vamos 3, Varga Denes, S. Mitrovic, Nikic
Szolnok: Zalanki 4, Younger 4, Prlainovic 3, D. Jansik, Kis, Aleksic

5ht place

BVSC 14:13 Miskolc
(1:1, 1:2, 3:3, 3:2 – 6:5)

BVSC: Czigány 4, Mészáros 2, Szabó Bence 2, Pásztor 2, Létay 2, Csapó, Török
Miskolc: Halek, Nagy Á., Berta, Vadovics, Lukács, Milicic, Bowen

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