Super Cup: Szolnok takes it all!

Photo: HUNWPFED/David Madar

The European champions Szolnok (men) and Kinef Kirishi (women) clinched the LEN Super Cup trophies. Both finals were held in Budapest. Szolnok beat Ferencvaros in a hard-fought battle, that ended after a penalty shootout (10:8), while Kinef defeated UVSE (10:6).

Szolnok became the only club in Europe that won the trophies in all competition in which it appeared in the 2016/17 season – Hungarian championships, Hungarian cup, the Champions League and the Super Cup. Kinef wasn’t so successful because it didn’t win the national title in Russia.

Szolnok – Ferencvaros 10:8

After thrilling 32 minutes of the match Szonlok – Ferencvaros, the score was 6:6. Szolnok players were more concentrated in the series of penalty shots. Nobody of them missed. Milan Aleksic, Andrija Prlainovic, Aaron Younger and Gergo Zalnaki were successful and all scored for the European champion. On the other side, Denes Varga, missed in the first series, while Szolnok goalkeeper Viktor Nagy, one of the heroes of the match, saved Norbert Madaras’s shot in the 4th series for a 10:8 win.

Szolnok started very well in men’s final. The European champion led 2:0 in the 3rd minute, and was 3:1 up after the 1st quarter. But, Ferencvaros started climbing back. Denes Varga levelled the score (4:4) 2:31 before the halftime. Szolnok took the lead again after Aaron Younger’s goal from a counter attack (5:4) in the 15th minute.

The first half with nine goals was followed by a scoreless third period. Both goalkeepers Viktor Nagy (Szolnok) and Simon Vogel (Ferencvaros) played brilliantly, they showed one save after the other. Denes Varga finally ended a long scoreless period, that lasted 12:58 minute. He netted a penalty in the middle of the fourth for 5:5. Andrija Prlainovic, MVP of the 2017 Final Six, responded with a nice goal for 6:5. Stefan Mitrovic, Prlainovic’s teammate from the national team of Serbia, netted to equalise once more (6:6) two and a half minutes before the last buzzer.  Both sides had nice chances in the remaining 150 seconds, but Nagy and Vogel were excellent and the big clash ended in a 6:6 draw. So, a penalty shootout determined a winner.

Szolnok 10:8 Ferencvaros
(3:1, 2:3, 0:0, 1:2, 4:2)

Szolnok (Hungary): Nagy, Gocic, Batori 1, Zalnaki 2 (1 in penalty shootout), Jansik, Mezei 1, Aleksic 1 (1), Younger 3 (1), Prlainovic 2 (1), Cuk, Kis, Hangay, Jardos.
Ferencvaros (Hungary): Gardonyi, Sedlmayer, Madaras, Nemet, Vamos 1, Sziranyi, Nikic, Jaksic, Da. Varga, De. Varga 3, Jansik 1 (1), Mitrovic 3 (1), Vogel.

Kinef – UVSE 10:6

Kinef water polo

Kinef Kirishi Photo: HUNWPFED/David Madar (click to enlarge)

Kinef led throughout the women’s final. The Russians, boosted by Anastasia Simanovich (4 goals this evening), earned a 3-goal lead early in the 2nd quarter (6:3). UVSE tried to come back.

The girls from Budapest reduced a gap to one in in the 2nd quarter (5:6) and five minutes and 50 seconds before the last break (6:7). After that, the Russians dominate. They were excellent in a defence. In the remaining 13.50 minutes, UVSE had six attacks with an extra player (Kinef had two), but the Hungarians didn’t manage to convert at least one of chances. Anastasia Simanovich scored for an 8:6 in the 24th minute. Kinef captain Evgenia Soboleva hit the target twice for a convincing 10:6 win.

Kinef Kirishi 10:6 UVSE Budapest
(5:3, 2:2, 1:1, 2:0)

Kinef (Russia): Karnaukh, Zubkova, Prokofyeva 2, Simanovich 4, Lapina, Krimer, Khamzaeva 2, Kirilcheva , Iakusheva, Soboleva 2, Ryzhkova, Lukina.
UVSE (Hungary): Gangl, Czigany 2, Pap, Parkes, Szucs, Keszthelyi 1, Gyafras, Sevenich, Csabai 2, Kiss , Mucsy, Maczko



1976 Mladost (Yugoslavia)
1977 CSKA Moscow (USSR)
1978 Ferencvaros (Hungary)
1979 Orvosegyetem (Hungary)
1980 Ferencvaros (Hungary)
1981 CSKA Moscow (USSR)
1982 Barcelona (Spain)
1983 CSKA Moscow (USSR)
1984 POSK (Yugoslavia)
1985 Vasas (Hungary)
1986 Spandau 04 (West Germany)
1987 Spandau 04 (West Germany)
1988 Pescara (Italy)
1989 Not held
1990 Mladost (Yugoslavia)
1991 Partizan (Yugoslavia)
1992 Catalunya (Spain)
1993 Pescara (Italy)
1994 Ujpest (Hungary)
1995 Catalunya (Spain)
1996 Mladost (Croatia)
1997-2001 Not held
2002 Olympiacos (Greece)
2003 Pro Recco (Italy)
2004 Honved (Hungary)
2005 Posillipo (Italy)
2006 Jug (Croatia)
2007 Pro Recco (Italy)
2008 Pro Recco (Italy)
2009 Primorac Kotor (Montenegro)
2010 Pro Recco (Italy)
2011 Partizan (Serbia)
2012 Pro Recco (Italy)
2013 Crvena zvezda (Serbia)
2014 Barceloneta (Spain)
2015 Italy Pro Recco
2016 Jug (Croatia)
2017 Szolnok (Hungary)
From 1976 to 2002, the LEN Super Cup was an encounter between the winners of the Champions Cup /Champions League and a winner of the Cup Winners’ Cup. Since the discontinuation of the Cup Winners’ Cup, a European Champion and a winner of the Euro Cup (earlier the LEN Trophy) have been playing in the Super Cup.


2006 Honved (Hungary)
2007 Fiorentina (Italy)
2008 Orizzonte Catania (Italy)
2009 Vouliagmeni (Greece)
2010 Vouliagmeni (Greece)
2011 Pro Recco (Italy)
2012 Imperia (Italy)
2013 Sabadell (Spain)
2014 Sabadell (Spain)
2015 Olympiacos (Greece)
2016 Sabadell (Spain)
2017 Kinef (Russia)

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