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Sukno ends season and faces uncertain future in water polo

Sandro Sukno

The 10th round of the national championship was played in Italy today. A great derby highlighted the round.  But, this weekend, the most important news about Italian water polo,  unfortunately, has come from a hospital.

Sandro Sukno, one of the main players of Pro Recco, mustn’t play water polo at least till the end of this season.

A few months ago Pro Recco announced that Sukno would miss the first part of the season due to heart problems.
After new medical analysis of Sukno’s health, Recco in a new press release published that he would miss the whole season:

„This is a very painful absence from the human point of view and inconvenient on the sporting level – underlines the president Maurizio Felugo – but the protection of the health of athletes has always been and remains an absolute priority for our club, even in this case, it prevails over all other areas. In this regard, Pro Recco would like to sincerely thank Professor Paolo Zeppilli, Head of the Operative Unit of Sports Medicine and Functional Rehabilitation of the Gemelli General Hospital in Rome, who followed Sandro, demonstrating impeccable professionalism and great humanity. Sports Medicine in Italy has confirmed that it is at the forefront in the quality of controls and attention to the health of athletes.

The absence of one of the best players in the world is a huge burden for the rest of the sporting season of our society both in Italy and in Europe. But, as has always happened in the past, Pro Recco, with the quality and spirit of its players, its technical staff and its managers, will do utmost to maintain the level of play and results that made the club a legend in the world of water polo “.

Sukno, whose contract with Recco expires next summer, will miss the rest of the season, but his future career in water polo is in danger too. In an interview for Croatian website “”, Sukno said that despite he had been prepared for everything, information like the one he had heard after the doctors’ analysis was always shocking.

 I ended my season in Italy, I’ll make new analysis to see what will be with my career. It is not pleasant – said Sukno, the leader of the national team of Croatia who was voted the world best player in 2017 by coaches and journalists a week ago.

Only seven goals in big derby

Let’s find out what has happened in the pool today.

The match of the day was played in Verona, where Sport Management hosted Brescia. The home team defeated its big rival and replaced Brescia in the second place of the table.

It was a battle of strong defences. Sport Management had built a three-goal advantage before Brescia scored its first goal (Cristian Presciutti for 3:1 two minutes and a half before halftime). In the last attack in the second period, Valentino found the back of the net for a solid 4:1 lead. The first half determined the outcome. Only two goals were seen in the second half, both were scored by Montenegrin Mladjan Janovic (Brescia), the first in the third period and another one 48 seconds before the last buzzer. Brescia wasn’t able to reach at least a draw, Sport Management won 4:3 and earned golden points.

After the match in Verona, Pro Recco remains the only unbeaten team in Italy this season. The title-holder beat Posillipo in Genoa, but not so convincingly as it was expected. Pro Recco its first goal scored in the 6th minute when Bodegas levelled the score 1:1. But, the hosts secured a win by the halftime. Recco, led by Francesco di Fulvio (3 goals) jumped to a 7:2 lead till the end of the second quarter. In the third and the fourth, they played well enough to keep the advantage and all three points (9:5).

Savona kept the 4th place. It defeated Bogliasco with ease and thanks to a good defence – 8:3.

Florentia and Catania shared the points in a thrilling encounter in Firenze. Florentia managed to take a two-goal lead early in the fourth period (8:6), but Danilovic netted two consecutive goals to equalise – 8:8. Florentia went ahead once more (Astiarta 9:8), but Torrisi secured a draw just two seconds before the final buzzer.
An interesting match was played in Rome too. Lazio hosted Canottieri. The Rome-based team was 2:5 down before the third period. But, the hosts caught Canottieri early in the fourth quarter ( Vitalae for 10:10). The side from Naples took a lead once more. Lapenna scored for 10:11 in the 27th minute. In the remaining time, Lazio rushed to a victory with three unanswered goals (13:11).

Visiting teams collected points in two games. Ortigia demolished Acquachiara in Naples (17:3), while Trieste beat Torino 81 (10:7).

Next round, that will be played on 6th January, will see another big derby, Brescia -Pro Recco.

Italian championship, 10th round

Sport Management 4:3 Brescia
(1:0, 3:1, 0:1, 0:1)

Sport Management: Di Somma, A. Petkovic, Drasovic, Valentino.
Brescia: Janovic 2, C. Presciutti.

Pro Recco 9:5 Posillipo
(3:1, 4:1, 1:1, 1:2)

Pro Recco: F. Di Fulvio 3, Aicardi 2, Bodegas, Echenique, E. Caliogna, Gitto.
Posillipo:Cuccovillo, G. Mattiello, Rossi, Marziali, Saccoia.

Torino 81 7:10 Trieste
(0:1, 0:2, 5:3, 2:4)

Torino 81: I. Vuksanovic 2, Gandini, Azzi, D’Souza, G.Novara, Oggero.
Trieste: Vico 4, A. Giorgi 3, Gogov 2, Petronio.

Acquachiara 3:17 Ortigia
(0:5, 1:3, 0:5, 2:4)

Acquachiara: Spoonet, M. Lanfranco, Tozzi.
Ortigia: Lindhout 6, Di Luciano 5, Vapenski 2, Casasola, Giacoppo, Rotondo, Napolitano.

Florentia 9:9 Catania
(2:2, 2:2, 3:2, 2:3)

Florentia: Astiarta 4, Eskert, F. Turchini, Dani, Benvenuti, A. Di Fulvio.
Catania: Danilovic 3, La Rosa 2, G. Torissi, Kacar, Z. Kovacic.

Lazio 13:11 Canottieri Naples
(4:4, 2:5, 3:1, 4:1)

Lazio: Canella 3, Vitale 3, Laporale 2, D. Giorgi 2, Tulli, Gianni, Di Rocco.
Canottieri: Giorgetii 3, Dolce 2, F. Lapenna 2, Velotto 2, Confuorto, Campopiano.

Savona 8:3 Bogliasco
(3:0, 3:2, 2:1, 0:0)

Savona: K. Milakovic 2, G. Bianco 2, Damonte, Steardo, Guimaress, Ravina.
Bogliasco: A. Di Somma 2, Cimarsoti.

1. Pro Recco 10 – 30
2. Sport Management 10 – 27
3. Brescia 10 – 27
4. Savona 10 – 19
5. Ortigia 10 – 17
6. Canottieri Naples 10 – 16
7. Lazio 10 – 15
8. Florentia 10 – 14
9. Catania 10 – 11
10. Posillipo 10 – 8
11. Trieste 10 – 8
12. Bogliasco 10 – 7
13. Torino 81 10 – 4
14. Acquachiara 10 – 0

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