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Steaua convincingly defeats Oradea in final of Cup of Romania

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Steaua managed to defend a trophy in the Cup of Romania. The Bucharest-based team convincingly beat CSM Oradea in the final match – 7:1 and won its 10th winning trophy in the national Cup in the history of the club.
The FInal Eight tournament was played in the Sports Complex Ghenchea in Bucharest. Both finalists didn’t have any problems in the quarterfinals. Steaua demolished Crisul (27:1), while CSM Oradea beat Poli from Cluj-Napoca (19:4)

Semifinals were more interesting. CSM Oradea faced Dinamo Bucharest, which led 2:0 after the first quarter. By halftime, Oradea levelled the score (3:3) and dominated in the second half of the match (6:3). Steaua controlled the semifinal against Corona from the first minute. The hosts led 7:4 before the final period and won 7:5.

Before the final game, most of the fans, players and coaches expected a thrilling encounter. But, Steaua water polo players blew away its arch-rival. They took a flying start, earned a 3:0 lead in the first eight minutes. Steaua was 4:1 up at halftime. In the third period, the players of Steaua added three goals for the final score (7:1), because both teams were scoreless in the fourth quarter. One of the heroes was Steaua goalkeeper Michael Dragusin. With a series of saves, he damaged a self-confidence in the team Oradea, which was the runner-up in the 2017 Euro Cup and dominated in Romanian water polo from 2007 to 2016. In that period, Oradea won 9 titles in the national championship in a row and three Cups of Romania (2012, 2013, 2016). Steaua has taken winning trophies in all three domestic competitions since the last season (2 Cups and 1 Championship).




Corona Sportul Studentesc – Amefa Arad 23:3 (5:1, 4:0, 6:1, 8:1)
CSM Digi Oradea -Poli Cluj-Napoca 19:4 (6:0 4:0, 4:0, 5:4)
CSA Steaua Bucharest – Crisul Oradea 27:1 (5:1, 5:0, 7:0,10:0)
Dinamo Bucharest 9:5 Rapid Bucharest (3:3, 2:0, 2:1, 2:1)


Steaua  7:5 Corona
(2:0, 2:2, 3:2, 0:1)

CSA Steaua: Chovieanu 2, Gheorghe 2, Delgado, Dj. Filipovic, Delgado, Murisic.
Corona Sportul Studentesc: B. Ivovic 2, Lutescu, Albu, V. Georgescu, Jerkovic.

Oradea 6:3 Dinamo
(0:2, 3:1, 2:0, 1:0)

CSM Digi Oradea: R. Georgescu 2, Koopman 2, R. Szabo, Remes.
Dinamo Bucharest: Buica, Dragomirescu, Demeter.

For 3rd place

Corona  10:7 Dinamo
(3:0, 4:4, 1:3, 2:0)

Corona Sportul Studentesc: V. Georgescu 3, Jerkovic 2, A. Cretu 2, Dragichi, B. Ivovic, Oanta.
Dinamo Bucharest: A. Georgescu 4, Buica, Demeter, Vranceanu.


Steaua 7:1 Oradea
(3:0, 1:1, 3:0, 0:0)

CSA Steaua: Dj. Filipovic 2, Murisic 2, Ghiban, Goanta, Delgado.
CSM Digi Oradea: R. Szabo.

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