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Start of Women’s Super Final in Shanghai

world league super final
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FINA Women’s World League Super Final started on June 6 in Shanghai, China. Eight national teams divided into two groups are competing in this event, the first big one after the Olympics that will serve as grounds for the FINA World Championship.

Day One saw teams USA, Canada, China and Russia record their first victories.


Team USA was a favorite in this match due to the fact that they won the previous three Super Finals. They proved too strong in the first quarter when they netted three goals leaving their rival scoreless. Netherlands woke up in the second quarter and scored two goals in a row bringing down the deficit to one. Maggie Steffens stroke back and made it +2 for her team before the break (4:2). The USA water polo players managed to keep this advantage until the end (6:4). The third period was completely balanced and ended in a tie, while the last quarter saw no goals at all.

The USA ladies will tomorrow face Japan, whereas Netherlands will meet with Russia.


The first match was an exciting clash which went on to penalties determining the winner. Although Canada scored an opener, Hungary equalized and took over the lead. Canada then scored two consecutive goals and brought back the +1, but Hungary tied the result by the end of the first quarter (3:3). During the rest of the game, the teams exchanged in scoring. Whenever Canada achieved an advantage, Hungary would equalize. In the final period, Hungary managed to get into the lead for the second time after Dora Csabai netted one, with around 2 and a half minutes left on the clock (9:8). Canada water polo players did not surrender and reached another tie thanks to Kyra Christmas (9:9). Neither of the teams excelled in the penalty shootout. Hungary scored only one goal, while Canada netted two and celebrated at the end. The top scorer was Hungarian Dorottya Szilagyi.

Canada’s next rival is Australia, while Hungary will play against China


China women’s water polo squad overpowered Australia (10:14). Aussie Stingers Elle Armit and Rowie Webster dominated with four goals each. The match started with two ties announcing a harsh battle. However, ladies from China finished the first quarter with a significant one-goal advantage. This motivated Chinese team to step up their game and increase the lead to three at halftime (4:7). The Stingers were better in the second half preventing their opponent to increase the lead. However, they were not capable of reducing the difference. In the final period, China netted one goal more than Australia to definitely seal the victory.

Brilliant Anastasia Simanovich scored five times on Day One when Russia triumphed scoring twice as many goals as its rival. Japan water polo players were completely helpless against Russian squad which netted ten goals in the first half (10:3). After a tied third quarter, Russian ladies had their foot back on the gas. They again netted five goals and recorded the most convincing win on Day One (18:9).

After Day One, the USA and Russia in Group A both have 3 points, while Netherlands and Japan have zero. China is the only one with 3 points in Group B, while Canada has 2, Hungary 1, and Australia none.

2017 FINA Women’s World League Super Final
Day One Results (June 6)

Hungary vs. Canada 10:11 (3:3, 1:2, 3:2, 2:2 – 1:2)
Hungary scorers: Dora Antal (1), Dorottya Szilagyi (4), Orsolya Takacs (1), Rita Keszthelyi (2), Dora Csabai (2)
Canada scorers: Axelle Crevier (1), Emma Wright (3), Monika Eggens (2), Kyra Christmas (3), Joelle Bekhazi (2)

Australia vs. China 10:14 (3:4, 1:3, 3:3, 3:4)
Australia scorers: Elle Armit (4), Bronte Halligan (1), Rowie Webster (4), Chloe Barr (1)
China scorers: XiaoHan Mei (1), DunHan Xiong (1), GuanNan Niu (3), Ning Guo (1), Cong Zhang (2), ZiHan Zhao (4), Jing Zhang (2)

Russia vs. Japan 18:9 (5:1, 5:2, 3:3, 5:3)
Russia scorers: Daria Gerzanich (1), Ekaterina Prokofyeva (3), Elvina Karimova (4), Alena Serzhantova (1), Anastasia Simanovich (5), Anna Timofeeva (1), Tatiana Tolkunova (1), Daria Ryzhkova (2)
Japan scorers: Yumi Arima (1), Minori Yamamoto (1), Akari Inaba (3), Yuki Niizawa (1), Misaki Noro (1), Marina Tokumoto (2)

USA vs. Netherlands 6:4 (3:0, 1:2, 2:2, 0:0)
USA scorers: Maggie Steffens (2), Kiley Neushul (3), Aria Fischer (1)
Netherlands scorers: Genee Dagmar (2), Catharina van der Sloot (1), Laura van der Graaf (1)

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