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Stand up for the champions! It’s Szolnoki once again

Szolnoki water polo club vs Eger, May 2017
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Szolnoki water polo club is once again, for the third time in a row and ninth time in history, crowned as Hungarian champion. Tonight Szolnoki won in Eger convincingly – 8:3 and won the final series 3:0.

Since the beginning of the game, things have gone from bad to worse for Eger, a team who had the home pool advantage in this final series because of the first place won in the regular season.

But, nothing of mentioned didn’t bother Szolnoki who showed a true heart of the champion when it was most important and Andrija Prlainovic once more demonstrated why he is considered a most valuable player in every team he plays.

Obviously, it was the visiting team who scored the first goal of the game, and the scorer was Denes Varga. Two minutes later Szolnoki was already two up in the first quarter as Prlainovic opened his scoring sheet.

Barnabas Biros managed somehow to pull one back for Eger, but Prlainovic quickly answered before the end of the first period to give Szolnoki a 3:1 lead.

At the start of the second period Balaz Hirai found the net for the home team, but then dynamic Serbian duo Aleksic-Prlainovic scored two consecutive goals. Szolnoki took a 5-2 lead and already at that point paved the way to victory.

When Zivko Gocic scored another for visitors before the half time whistle, everything was so clear.


In the second half, Szolnoki’s main focus was on the defense and they showed how good they can be also in this element of the water polo game. Eger could score a single goal in the third and fourth quarter!

On the other side of the pool, Prlainovic scored one in the third and Marton Vamos gave another in the las quarter for Szolnoki and celebration of the title could begin for the visitors.

This is not the end of the season for Eger and Szolnoki because both of them are going to participate in Final six tournament of LEN Champions League later this month in Budapest.

Eger is going to play against Brescia in the quarterfinals and the winner is going to face Szolnoki in the semifinal.

Miskolci water polo club won a spot in the Eurocup next season after beating visiting BVSC – 11:6. It was a second win for Miskolci in this series for the fifth place.

Alex Boven was simply brilliant with four goals for the home team. On the other side, Matyas Pasztor and Krisztian Lemay scored two goals apiece for BVSC.

Wednesday, May 10

Eger – Szolnoki 3:8 (1-3, 2-3, 0-1, 0-1)

Eger: Decker, Harai, Biros
Szolnoki: Prlainovic 4, Vamos, Varga, Gocic, Aleksic

5th place
Miskolci – BVSC 11:6 (4-3, 1-0, 2-2, 4-1)

Miskolci: Boven 4, Miklos 2, Milicic 2, Misic 2, Vadovics
BVSC: Pasztor 2, Letay 2, Kovacs, Csapo

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