Spain and Netherlands win top spots for the quarterfinal!


Netherlands women national water polo team won the first place in A group at the European championship in Barcelona after a win against Greece – 8:7 in the match of Round 5. This means the Oranje will play against Germany in the quarterfinal on Monday.

Greeks and the Dutch played very exciting water polo match in which both teams had their ups and downs. After the first half of solid defensive play on both sides, the result was 2:2.

Halfway through the third quarter, the Dutch had a 4:3 lead thanks to a goal from Vivian Sevenich. But Greece managed to overturn that by the end of the period after Tsoukala and Avramidou found the net (5:4).

But, at the beginning of the last quarter Dutch players displayed some top class water polo. They scored three goals in a row and conceded just one to take a 7:6 lead. And the decisive moment was when Sevenich scored one more to give them an 8:6 lead a minute and a half before the end of the game.

In the derby game of B group, Spain beat Russia 12:11 in a real water polo drama. The game was decided two and a half minutes before the end when Maica Garcia found the net. After that Spanish team was very lucky because Alena Serzhantova hit the post in the attempt to earn a draw for Russia.

Hungarian national water polo team defeated Germany – 26:1 in one more perfect display at the tournament. It was like a training for the
Hungarians who tried to fix some things that did not work in the previous matches in Barcelona.

Or you could call that a kind of fine-tuning. The German players scored the only goal of the game in the last minute of the second quarter. Hungary had a huge 15:1 lead at the half-time.

Gurisatti was the best scorer of the game with five goals, while Csabai found the net four times. The real battle for Hungary starts next week in the quarterfinal.

Serbia water polo players scored a victory against Turkey – 9:6. This was Serbia’s first win and the team has won the fifth place in the group. Only Turkey is behind Serbia with all five defeats.

In the first quarter, Serbian players controlled the game and took a 3:0 lead. The advantage was increased to 4:0 in the second quarter, but the Turkish team managed to record a partial win and cut the lead to 6:3. But, with two quick goals from Luka and Jakovljevic at the start of the third quarter, Serbia once again regained a huge advantage (8:3) and secured a win.

The national team of Serbia will be able to play for the ninth place in the championship.

Croatia drew 7:7 with Israel in the final round of the group phase at the championship. This means that Croats will face Turkey on Monday in the battle for the 11th place.

In a balanced match, the result was pretty much fair at the end of the game. Petra Bukić was the best Croatian player with three goals.
Croatia had some problems in the last quarter because Israelis had a two goals advantage couple of times. It was 7:5 two and a half minutes before the end of the game. But, Croatia woke up, Tereza Balic and Emmi Miljkovic scored to earn a draw.

Italians finished this group stage with a comfortable win against France – 11:3. The French players did not have enough quality to create problems for Italians who took a 5:1 lead in the second quarter.

The Setterosa didn’t use the extra men situations in the first part of the game, but in the final quarter, things started to get much better. Garibotti ended the game as the best scorer with four goals, while Queirolo and Emmolo scored two goals each.

Day 5

Serbia 9:6 Turkey
(3:0, 1:0, 2:3, 3:3)

Serbia: Pantovic 2, Luka 2, Jakovljevic 2, Josifovic, Vukovic, Mandic
Turkey: Kus 3, Elma, Ozgumus, Kose

Hungary 26:1 Germany
(8:0, 7:1, 4:0, 7:0)

Hungary: Gurisatti 5, Csabai 4, Horvath 3, Szucs 3, Illes 2, Leimeter 2, Keszthelyi 2, Gyongyossy
Germany: G. Deike

Israel 7:7 Croatia
(1:0, 0:1, 2:2, 4:4)

Israel: Noy 3, Bogachenko 2, Ben David, Futorian,
Croatia: Miljkovic 3, P. Bukic 3, Balic

France 3:11 Italy
(1:3, 1:2, 0:2, 1:4)

France: Daule, Mahieu, Millot
Italy: Garibotti 4, Queirolo 2, Emmolo 2, Avegno, Bianconi, Tabani

Greece 7:8 Netherlands
(1:1, 1:1, 3:2, 2:4)

Greece: Avramidou 2, Tsoukala 2, Plevritou, Asimaki, Chydirioti
Netherlands: Koolhaas 3, Sevenich 2, Genee 2, Megens

Spain 12:11Russia
(2:2, 4:3, 2:3, 4:3)

Spain: M. Garcia 3, B. Munoz 3, Lloret 2, Espar 2, M. Ortiz, Pena
Russia: Gorbunova 3, Serzhantova 3, Ryzhkova 2, Simanovich, Ivanova


Group A

1. Netherlands 13 pts
2. Greece 12
3. Italy 10
4. France 6
5. Israel 1
6. Croatia 1

Group B

1. Spain 15 pts
2. Hungary 12
3. Russia 9
4. Germany 6
5. Serbia 3
6. Turkey 0

Quarterfinal, July 23

Netherlands – Germany
Italy – Hungary
Greece – Russia
France – Spain

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