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Shock in Berlin: Spandau beat Szolnok!

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The Day 3 of the 2017/18 Champions League saw the biggest surprise in this season. Spandau 04 beat title-holder Szolnok in a thrilling match in Berlin! There were a lot of excitements in Brescia too, where Olympiacos earned all three points.

B group

Szolnok started the match against Spandau as everybody expected. The Hungarians led 3:1 after three minutes, but Spandau soon, in a span of two minutes, managed to turn around the deficit to a 4:3 lead. The hosts led 6:4 (9th minute), but Szolnok scored three goals in a row till the half-time and went in front once more (7:6). Spandau played better in a hard-fought battle in the second half. At the start of the fourth period they jumped to a 9:8 lead. Szolnok leveled the score 45 seconds before the end (Zalnaki 9:9). But, in the next attack Mateo Cuk scored his third goal this evening for a sensational victory – 10:9. Szolnok suffered the first loss in the Champions League after it remained unbeaten in 15 consecutive matches.

After 3rd round, Pro Recco remains the only team that has collected all nine points. The team from Genoa hosted Steaua Bucharest. As expected, the Italians, led by Montenegrin Aleksandar Ivovic (4 goals) blew away the guests. Recco rushed to a 6:0 lead. In the finish of the first half Steaua  came close (7:4). But they weren’t able to go any further and Recco achieved a 15:6 victory.

Only eight goals were seen in an encounter between Jadran and Eger in Herceg Novi. Eger had minimal advantage after the 2nd period (2:1). In the middle of the third , Hosnyanszki scored from a penalty and Eger went on 3:1. The Montenegrins came back and with three consecutive goals they took a 4:3 lead.In the 28th minute Hosnyanszky hit the back of the net for the second time in this match and for the final score – 4:4.

Two newcomers Sabadell and AZC Alphen  faced in Sabadell’s pool. The hosts won 12:10 and gained its frst points in the CHL.

A group

Olympiacos defeated Brescia as a guest and jumped to the first place of the A group standings. The match brought a thriller ending. After just three and a half minutes Olympiacos led 2:0. But, Brescia controlled the game from the second period and had a minimal advantage before the final quarter (5:4). The Italians entered in the last three minutes with a 6:5 lead. One of the Olympiacos key player Paolo Obradovic leveled the score ( 6:6 with 2:32 remaining on the clock). The Croat added his third goal this evening three seconds before the last buzzer and Olympiacos took home all three points – 7:6.

Barceloneta demolished OSC . The Spaniards ruled the pool for the first three quarters. They were 10:2 up in the first minute of the last quarter. In the remaining period they run out of a gas, but they managed to keep a big advantage (12:6). Alberto Munnariz was the top scorer, with 4 goals.

Gavril Subotic Dynamo

Gavril Subotic (Dynamo)

Dynamo Moscow beat Partizan in Belgrade, but the young side from Belgrade proved its big talent, it didn’t let the Russians collect points with ease. Dynamo, that has three former Partizan players in the team: Pijetlovic, Radjen and Subotic, led for most of the time. The hosts equalized twice (2:2 and 6:6), and trailed 9:10 before the last period. Dynamo netted three unanswered goals for a 13:9 lead (2:22 before the end) and secured a victory. Partizan narrowed the gap once more (10:13). Gavril Subotic, who was the best scorer of Partizan before two years, hit the target in the last attack and Dynamo won 14:10.

Hannover, that beat Brescia in the first round and almost defeat OSC in the second, wasn’t able for a new surprise. German club, which will be a technical host of the 2019 Final eight, hosted Jug. The Croats had a 8:5 lead after the third period. They added three goals in a row in the fourth for a 11:5 lead and never looked back (13:6 at the end)

2017/18Champions League, day 3

A group

Waspo Hannover 6:13 Jug
(3:4, 1:4, 1:0, 1:5)

Hannover: A. Radovic 3, Da. Brguljan 2, Corusic.

Jug: Jokovic 3, Garcia 2, Fatovic 2, Renzuto Iodice 2, Macan, V. Rasovic.

Brescia 6:7 Olympiacos
(0:2, 3:1, 2:1, 1:3)

Brescia: Rizzo 2, Paskovic, Nora, N. Presciutti, Janovic.

Olympiacos: Obradovic 3, Fountoulis 2, Genidounias, Mourikis.

Barceloneta 12:6 OSC Budapest
(2:1, 4:1, 3:0, 3:4)

Barceloneta: Munnarriz Egana 4, Perrone 2, Mallarach 2, BustosGrandos, Larumbe, Fernandez Miranda.

OSC: Dr. Brguljan, Salamon, Seman, Erdely, M. Toth, Juhasz.

Partizan 10:14 Dynamo
(2:2, 3:4, 4:4, 1:4)

Partizan: F. Jankovic 2, Vucinic, Lazic, Lukic, M. Jankovic, Andrejevic, Manojlovic, Radonjic, Aksentijevic.

Dynamo Moscow: Cholod 3, Lazarev 2, Subotic 2, Bychkov 2, Nagaev 2, Latypov, Pijetlovic, Lisunov.

1.Olympiacos (Greece) 3 – 7
2.Dynamo Moscow (Russia) 3 – 6
3.Jug Dubrovnik (Croatia) 3 – 6
4.OSC Budapest (Hungary) 3 – 6
5.Barceloneta (Spain) 3 – 4
6.Hannover (Germany) 3 – 3
7.Brescia (Italy) 3 – 3
8.Partizan (Serbia) 3 – 0


B group

Spandau 10:9 Szolnok
(5:4, 1:3, 2:1, 2:1)

Spandau 04: Ma. Cuk 3, Negrean 2, Dedovic 2, Stamm, Reibel, Restovic.

Szolnok: Zalnaki 3, Batori, Prlainovic, Aleksic, Younger, Mi. Cuk, G. Kis.

Jadran 4:4 Eger
(1:0, 0:2, 2:1, 1:1)

Jadran Carine Herceg Novi: Ukropina, Merkulov, Dj. Radovic, Spaic.

Eger: Hosnyanszky 2, S. Rasovic, Vlachopoulos 1.

Pro Recco 15:6 Steaua
(5:0, 3:4, 5:1, 2:1)

Pro Recco: Ivovic 4, Molina 3, F. Filipovic 2, Bodegas 2, Mandic, Di Fulvio, Echenique, Alesiani.

Steaua: Dj. Filipovic, Chioveanu, Radoi, Buljubasic, Delgado, Murisic.


Sabadell 12:10 AZC Alphen
(1:1, 4:4, 3:2, 4:3)

Sabadell: S. Cabanas Pegado 4, Fenoy 3, Lopez Escribano 2, Matoso, Carrasco, V. Cabanas Pegado.

Alphen: Miralis 5, Coric, De Mey, Van Gulik, Van Mil, Indjic.


1.Pro Recco (Italy) 3 – 9
2.Jadran HN (Montenegro) 3 – 7
3.Spandau 04 (Germany) 3 – 6
4.Szolnok VSK (Hungary) 3 – 6
5.Eger (Hungary) 3 – 4
6.Sabadell (Spain) 3 – 3
7.Steaua (Romania) 3 – 0
8.AZC Alphen (The Netherlands) 3 – 0


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