Serbia wins the big derby

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Serbian national water polo team has fulfilled one more goal in the way to defending the title in FINA World League. Dejan Savic’s team beat rejuvenated Montenegro 7:4 in Nis and mad another important step towards a place at the Superfinal tournament. This triumph could have also been bigger, but it was enough for packed stands in Nis.

Until the first goal of Filip Filipovic, both teams missed the situations with an extra player more. Filipovic scored three and a half minutes before the end of the period. And this quarter finished with Serbia leading 2:0 after a goal from Stefan Mitrovic.

By the middle of the second quarter, the Montenegrins were hardly able to create some problems for goalkeeper Branislav Mitrovic. On the other end of the swimming pool, Cuk scored for 3:0 after Serbia once more found itself in a situation with an extra player.

Montenegro managed to score its first goal of the game only after 14 minutes and it was Ivovic who finally found the net of the defending champion. Just before the end of the first half, Dragan Draskovic reduced Montenegro deficit to just one goal.

But this was not the last thing fans could see in the first half of this game as Aleksic gave Serbia back a two-goal advantage.

In the second half, Mitrovic was replaced by Pijetlovic. Aleksic first scored the goal for 5:2. After a long time, Marko Petkovic scored for Montenegro to give the visiting team a glimmer of hope.
The Serbs quickly answered and Cuk once more put the home team in comfortable position.

Last quarter started with goals for both teams from Aleksic and Brguljan. There were no goals until the end of the game no matter how hard Serbia and Montenegro went to get them.
“It was the kind of game we expected. Montenegro was brave, but I am happy that we managed to win despite the fact that our offensive display was below standard level. It was enough for us in this competition this season, it is time for young guns to step in our place in the World League. Off course, if they need us, we will be there to help”, said captain Filip Filipovic after the game.

In the match of Group B Russian water polo team secured a first win in the competition – 12:11, but only after the penalty shoot-out against Germany.

Hungarian national team had some problems, but eventually won away against the Netherlands – 13:6. The home team played some tough water polo in the first half, but then Hungary stepped up and removed any kind of dilema by winning the third quarter 5:1. Vamos and Erdelyi both scoret three goals.

FINA World League

Round 2

Tuesday, December 12

Group A

Serbia 7:4 Montenegro
(2:0, 2:2, 2:1, 1:1)

Serbia: Aleksic 3, Cuk 2, S. Mitrovic, Filipovic,
Montenegro: Brguljan, Petkovic, Draskovic, Ivovic

Group B

Germany 11:12 Russia
(1:3, 2:2, 3:2, 2:1, 3:4) pso

Germany: Strelezkij 2, Stamm 2, Reibel, Jungling, Eidner, Real,
Russia: Merkulov 4, Nagaev, Bychkov, Odintsov, Shepelev

Group C

Netherlands 6:13 Hungary
(2:2, 2:3, 1:5, 1:3)

Netherlands: Gottemaker 2, Koopman 2, Lucas, Van den Burg
Hungary: Vamos 3, Erdelyi 3, Mezei, Manhercz, Bedo, Angyal, D. Jansik, Zalanki, Kovacs.


Group A

1. Serbia 2games – 6pts
2. Montenegro 1 – 0
3. Romania 1 -0

Group B

1. Croatia 1 – 3
2. Russia 2 – 3
3. Germany 1 – 0

Group C

1. Hungary 1 – 3
2. Spain 1 – 3
3. Netherlands 2 – 0

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