Serbia and Spain reign the Mediterranean

Serbia, Mediterranean Champion (Photo: Olympic Committee of Serbia)

The male team of Serbia and Spain’s women national team clinched gold medals at the water polo tournament of the 17th Mediterranean Games, which were ended in Tarragona (Spain) today.

The Serbs retook the gold medal won in Pescara in 2009, while Spain won the historic title because women’s water polo was the first time ever in the schedule of the Mediterranean Games.


The final match of the men’s tournament was a big battle between two mighty teams, Olympic champion Serbia and Greece. The team of Greece, led by several Olympiacos’ players, who won the Champions League a month ago (Fountoulis, Argyropoulos, Nikolaidis, Mourikis, Dervisis, Genoduounias and coach Vlachos) dominated the first two quarters. The Greeks played excellent in defense, The Serbs, which came to Tarragona without injured Andrija Prlainovic, missed all their six man-ups in the first half. Greece led 3:1 at halftime.

Serbia came back after a 5-minute break and leveled the score (4:4), but the Serbs weren’t able to go in front. Before the final period, Greece was 6:5 up. The hard battle was continued in the last eight minutes, Greece didn’t manage to keep an advantage. The match ended in an 8:8 draw and penalties decided a winner. Four Serbian players Filipovic, Aleksic, Mandic and S. Mitrovic found the net in a penalty-shootout, while only two of the Greeks were successful (Fountoulis, Argyropoulos) hit the target. The Olympic Champion defeated the big rival 12:10.

Montenegro beat Spain in the game for the bronze medal (6:4).

Matches for the final ranking


Serbia 12:10 Greece
(1:1, 0:2, 4:3, 3:2, pso 4:2)

Serbia: G. Pijetlovic, Mandic 2, V. Rasovic, Ranjelovic, Cuk 2, D. Pijetlovic 1, Ubovic, Aleksic 1, Jaksic 1, Filipovic 3, S. Rasovic, S. Mitrovic 2, B. Mitrovic. Coach: Savic.

Greece: Flegkas, Genidounias, Skoumpakis, Nikolaidis, Fountoulis 3, Kapotsis Dervisis 1, Argyropoulos 1, Mourikis 2, Kolomvos, Gounas 1, Vlachopoulos 2, Zerdevas. Coach: Vlachos.

For bronze medal

Montenegro – Spain 6:4
(2:2, 3:1, 0:0, 1:1)

Montenegro: Kandic, Brguljan 1, Saric, Petkovic 1, Dj. Radovic 1, A. Radovic 2, Draskovic, Djurdjic, Popadic, Klikovac, Cuckovic, Murisic 1, Scepanovic. Coach: Gojkovic

Spain: Lopez-Pinedo, Munarriz 1, Granados 1, De Toro, Barroso, Larumbe, Fernandez, Espanol 1, Tahull 1, Perrone, Mallarach, Bustos, Lorrio. Coach: Marti


For places 5 – 6

Italy – France 15:2
(4:1, 3:0, 5:0, 3:1)

Italy: Del Lungo, F. Di Fulvio 2, Molina, Figlioli 1, Fondelli 3, Velotto 1, Renzuto 2, Gallo 3, N. Presciutti, Bodegas 1, Echenique 1, Bertoli 1, Nicosia. Coach; Campagna

France: Garsau, Saudadier, Canoone, Piot 1, Khasz, T. Vernoux, Crousillat, Izdinsky, Mustur, Dino, Vanpeperstraete 1, Lepoint, Fontani. Coach: Kovacevic

For places 7 – 8

Portugal – Turkey 6:4


Spain Photo: (click to enlarge)

Spain faced Italy in the final game of the women’s tournament. The encounter offered a lot of thrills, as well as the men’s gold medal match. Spain led for most of the time. The hosts built a three-goal lead by the last break (8:5). In the fourth period, Italy was climbing back, step-by-step, but the Spaniards kept the lead and celebrated a 9:8 win.

The bronze medal was won by Greece.


Matches for the final ranking


Spain 9:8 Italy
(2:2, 2:0, 4:3, 1:3)

Spain: Ester, Bach 1, A. Espar 2, B. Ortiz 1, M. Ortiz 1, Lloret, C. Espar, Pena, Forca 1, Gual, García 1, Leiton 2 Sanchez.

Italy: Gorlero, Tabani 1, Garibotti 2, Avegno 1, Queirolo, Aiello, Picozzi, Bianconi 1, Emmolo 2, Palmieri, Cotti, Dario, Lav.

For bronze medal

Greece – France 15:5

For places 5 – 6

Portugal – Turkey 16:8



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