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How do you say invincible in Italian? That’s easy, Pro Recco!

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Pro Recco is really invincible this season! The Ligurian giant continued to terrorize the opponents and this time it was Roma who felt the rage of Vladimir Vujasinovic’s boys.It was a 23rd consecutive victory for Pro Recco and the last time they lost was June 4 at last season Final Six in Budapest. They kept a five point advantage over second placed Brescia.

Roma, of course, never had any chance in this game and the only question was – how many goals are the guest going to concede? Pro Recco returned to Giuva Baldini pool after two months, but that didn’t change their winning habits at all. This was also a duel between former teammates, and now rival coaches, Vujasinovic against Calcaterra. For this game, Vujasinovic decided to rest the team’s best scorer Dusan Mandic.

Biancocelesti were good at exploiting the first three extra-man situations and also materializing several “deadly” counterattacks. Also, Vujasinovic can be very satisfied with the way young guns played against Roma – especially Di Soma, Bruni, and Alesiani. In the end, 10 players scored for the home team in this match. For Pro Recco, there is no time to rest, because on Wednesday they are playing against Barceloneta in the Champions League and for Vujasinovic’s team it will be the third game in 10 days.

Brescia continued to chase leader Pro Recco, and the team from Lombardia won easily at Trieste 11-2. It was the eighth consecutive win for Brescia in all competitions, and fourth straight in the away pools. Without head coach Sandro Bovo on the bench (he has a two-match ban) and Christian Presciutti in the water (one-match ban), Brescia pulled off a stunning performance in Trieste. Because of Presciutti absence, Alessandro Nora was the captain of Brescia squad.

Already at the half-time, the guests were leading 5-0, and if Brescia offense was great than their defense was nothing less but fantastic. The guests conceded the first goal late in the third quarter when they were outnumbered in the pool. This win was a good confidence boost up for the game they are playing Wednesday against OSC Budapest and which can crucial for Brescia’s Champions league hopes.

Third-placed BPM Sports Management had an easy task – they won in Busto Arsizio against last placed Quinto 18-8. They now have three points less than Brescia. It was a seventh consecutive victory in A1 for Sports Management. Antonio Petkovic once more showed why he is the best scorer in the league. Against Quinto, he found the net four times, and his team was leading 11-4 a the halftime. Only in the fourth quarter, Quinto made some kind of resistance, but they could not escape a big defeat, sixth in the last seven A1 games.

In one more Napoli city derby, Canottieri won against Acquachiara 11-5 and remained in position number four. Canottieri played much, much better with an extra man, they scored in six out of 10 situations, while Acquachiara managed to find the net just once from eight chances.

The home time took the lead at the start of the game with Del Basso scoring first of his three goals. But after that visiting team took the control of the game, and was two goals up (4-2) very quickly. Giorgetti was the best scorer of Canottieri with three goals.
“We came back from the incredible defeat against Posillipo in the previous round. The boys had the desire to react straight away, and they did it in a great style. We won some early advantage and we have strengthened the lead gradually”, said Paolo Zizza, Canottieri head coach after the match.

Posillipo stayed on a course for a Final Six place with a home 10-9 victory over Ortigia. It was a close game, but in the end, it was also a deserved victory for the home team. This was the second consecutive hard-fought victory for Posillipo who previously also won in Napoli city derby against Canottieri. This time Vlachopolous was the match winner for Posillipo after scoring the winning goal from a penalty after Klikovac was sunk in the area. Greek player scored three goals in this game, just like Gavril Subotic. This victory allows the Rossoverdi to consolidate at the fifth position on the table with five points more than Savona, their next opponent in A1.

After beating Ortigia a week before, courageous Lazio got a huge home win against Savona 9-8. This victory came after an incredible comeback. At the start of the game, Lazio was unable to contain the force of Sadovyy. The Savona center scored two goals with which Savona seemed to be on an easy way to win three points. In these moments the visitors were leading 5-1, but from that point, Lazio woke up.

Maddaluno started to hit the net, he single-handedly brought Lazio back into the life. Sadovyy tried to keep the visitors ahead. And he did manage to do it, but not through the whole game. Savona had a 7-6 lead, but in the last quarter, Lazio got a young superhero and his name was Giacomo Cannella whose hat trick opened the door for a big and an important win. This was the second consecutive win for Lazio within 72 hours and they are now four points clear of Quinto who is at the bottom of the table.

Lazio now also has a chance to catch Torino in the 12th place, because the Piedmont side managed only to get a 7-7 draw against Bogliasco Bene. Truth said Torino was much closer to winning the game because when Vuksanovic gave the home team a 7-5 lead, it seemed that the rest is going to be a matter of the routine. But in the last minutes of the game, Gandini and Gambacorta scored for Bogliasco Bene and, in a way, stole a victory from Torino’s hands.

So it was not a surprise when after the game, head coach of Torino Simone Aversa said he was disappointed with this result.
“In the last quarter, we had at least three simple situations that we could not materialize. Later we paid a great cost for these errors. I am sorry because today we could have won and instead we got only one point. Now the most important thing for us is to continue to work hard and think about the next challenges. It is certain that in the next two home games (Roma and Lazio) we will definitely try to win”, he said.

Italy – A1
Round 17
Lazio – Savona 9-8 (0-2, 1-2, 3-1, 5-3)

Lazio:Maddaluno 3, Cannella 3, Tulli, Vitale, D. Giorgi,
Savona: Sadovy 5, Damonte, G. Bianco, L. Bianco

Posillipo – Ortigia 10-9 (3-3, 1-1, 4-3, 2-2)
Posillipo: Vlachopoulos 3, Subotic 3, Mattiello 2, Klikovac, Cuccovillo
Ortigia: Danilovic 2, Di Luciano 2, B. Ivovic 2, Casasola 2, Giacoppo

Pro Recco – Roma 19-6 (5-1, 4-2, 6-0, 4-3)
Pro Recco: Di Fulvio 3, Di Somma 3, Figari 2, Sukno 2, Alesiani 2, Echenique 2, Bruni 2, Aicardi, A. Ivovic, Fondelli
Roma: Inoccenzi, Sofia, Gianni, Jerkovic, Pappacena,

Sport Management – SC Quinto 18-8 (6-2, 5-2, 3-0, 4-4)
Sport Management : Petkovic 4, Luongo 3, Deserti 3, Razzi 2, Mirarchi 2, Gallo, Valentino, Gitto, Blary
SC Quinto: Palmieri 2, A. Brambilla 2, Aksentijevic 2, F. Brambilla, Amelio,

Torino 81 – Bogliasco 7-7 (2-2, 3-1, 1-2, 1-2)
Torino 81: Filipovic 2, Presciutti 2, Seinera, Bezic, Vuksanovic
Bogliasco: Divkovic 2, Vavic 2, Gambacorta, Guidi, Gandini

Trieste – Brescia 2-11 (0-3, 0-2, 1-4, 1-2)
Trieste: Obradovic, Elez
Brescia: Guerrato 3, Randjelovic 2, Rizzo 2, Bertoli, Presciutti, Nora, Paskovic

Acquachiara – Napoli 5-11 (2-4, 1-1, 2-3, 0-3)
Acquachiara: Del Basso 3, Lapenna, Lanzoni
Napoli: Giorgetti 3, Dolce 2, Maccioni, Velotto, Baraldi, Gitto, Borrelli, Baviera

Current standings
1. Pro Recco 17 – 51 pts
2. Brescia 17 – 46
3. BPM Sports Management 17 – 43
4. Canottieri 17 – 35
5. Posillipo 16 – 31
6. Savona 17 – 26
7. Trieste 17 – 20
8. Roma 17 – 17
9. Acquachiara 16 – 15
10. Bogliasco Bene 16 – 13
11. Ortigia 17 – 13
12. Torino 17 – 12
13. Lazio 17 – 10
14. Quinto 16 – 6

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