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Savona, Trieste, Posillipo, Roma Vis Nova advance in Italian cup

Like in Hungary the domestic water polo season in Italy also got underway this weekend with the opening round of the national cup tournament. Here an ever busier group stage was played in Savona and the national training centre pool in Ostia. Savona, Trieste, Posillipo and Roma Vis Nova came out as winners advancing to the second round where the favourites, such as Pro Recco, Brescia, Sport Managment and CC Napoli will join them. Trieste’s advancement only came after having the best goal-scoring difference as now less than three sides finished the weekend with 6 points in group A. Bogliasco and newcomer SC Quinto were eliminated by the closest margin. For Bogliasco it was a bitter elimination after falling short to group winners Savona 11-10 in the weekend’s final match.

Coppa Italia (Italian cup) 2016-2017
Round 1

Group A final standings:

1. RN Savona – 12 points
2. Pallanuoto Trieste – 6
3. RN Bogliasco – 6
4. SC Quinto – 6
5. Torino ’81 – 0

Group B final standings:

1. CN Posillipo – 10 points
2. Roma Vis Nova – 8
3. Lazio Nuoto – 5
4. CC Ortigia  – 4
5. Acquachiara Ati 2000 – 0

Teams of RN Savona, Pallanuoto Trieste, CN Posillipo and Roma Vis Nova qualified for tournament 2nd phase, where Pro Recco, CC Napoli, AN Brescia and BPM Sport Management join them. Round 2 scheduled for October 7 and 8.

Round 2 group composition.
Group C: CN Posillipo, Pallanuoto Trieste, Pro Recco, CC Napoli.
Group D: RN Savona, Roma Vis Nova, AN Brescia, BPM SPort Management.

Final Four: March 10-11, 2017.

Results round 1

Group A (played in Savona)

September 23:

Bogliasco Bene-PN Trieste 4-7
SC Quinto-Carisa Savona 4-12

September 24:

PN Trieste-SC Quinto 6-7
RN Savona-Torino 81 11-10

SC Quinto-RN Bogliasco 7-10
Torino 81-PN Trieste 6-13

September 25:

RN Bogliasco-Torino 81 14-11
PN Trieste-RN Savona 6-7

Torino ’81-SC Quinto 8-9
RN Savona-RN Bogliasco 11-10

Group B (played in Ostia)

September 23:

Carpisa Yamamay Acquachiara-Lazio Nuoto 10-14
CC Ortigia-Roma Vis Nova 9-11

September 24:

CN Posillipo-CC Ortigia 9-8
Roma Vis Nova-Acquachiara 15-10

Lazio Nuoto-CN Posillipo 5-10
CC Ortigia-Acquachiara 13-12

September 25:

CN Posillipo-Roma Vis Nova 8-8
Lazio – CC Ortigia 12-12

Acquachiara-Posillipo 10-16
Roma Vis Nova-Lazio Nuoto 7-7

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