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Savona earns golden points, Pro Recco and Sport Management win on Sicily

Slobodan Soro (Savona) Photo: Vladimir Markovic

Most of the matches of the 7th round in the Italian Championship saw expected outcomes and a lot of goals. But, there were only eight goals and a lot of fire in Naples, where Savona won golden three points in a battle for the Final Six. Florentia also achieved a very important win in Trieste. Top three teams Pro Recco, Sport Management and Brescia made no mistake.

The most thrilling encounter of the round was seen in Naples, where Posillipo hosted Savona. The home team led 1:0 and 2:1. In the middle of the second quarter, Savona went in front for the first time (Brazilian Guimares scored for 2:3). But, 31 seconds before the halftime, Mattiello levelled the score, so the rivals entered the second half from the same starting point (3:3). Savona held Posillipo scoreless for the whole second half. Slobodan Soro, the goalkeeper of the visiting team, was excellent. The guests netted two goals in the second half for a 5:3 victory. With these three points, Savona climbed to the 5th position.

In the second today’s match at the “Felice Scandone” pool in Naples, the hosts were successful. Canottieri beat Torino. The side from Naples led 9:1 at halftime. Canottieri slowed down after the big break, but it played well enough to keep the win (10:5) and the fourth place of the table.

The derby of the day was an encounter in Syracuse. Despite it is already December, the weather on Sicily is still sunny, so Ortigia (5th place before 7th round) was able to host the third-placed Sport Management at an outdoor pool. The guests collected three points, which they secured in the second quarter. They led 4:3 after first eight minutes. At the beginning of the 2nd period, Napolitano levelled the score (4:4). Sport Management broke the rival by scoring four consecutive goals in a span of 2:07 minutes and jumped to an 8:4 lead. In the middle of the last period, the visiting team was 12:6 up. Three goals of Ortigia in the last three minutes changed nothing. Sport Management recorded its 6th win (12:9).

Pro Recco visited Sicily, as well as Sport Management, and achieved a convincing victory. The title holder beat Catania 19:8. The most important news for fans of Recco is that an experienced goalkeeper Stefano Tempesti is back in the team and he played from the 1st minute. He was in the squad against Steaua in Champions League on Wednesday, but he spent the whole encounter on the bench. Recco coach Vladimir Vujasinovic estimated that Tempesti is ready to return to the squad today. Mateo Aicardi, who missed the match against Steaua because of injury, also returned to the team. The top scorers were Francesco Di Fulvio (6 goals) and Gonzalo Echenique (5). Filip Filipovic, the best scorer of Pro Recco, stayed in Genoa to rest.

Florentia, led by Matteo Astiarta and Andrea Di Fulvio overpowered Trieste (15:6). After the 2nd quarter, Florentia players led 8:4, while they demolished Trieste in the second half. They netted seven goals in a row. Trieste its only goal in the second half scored in the 30th minute.

Brescia defeated Bogliasco in a flood of goals. The runner-up from the last season led 5:1 after the 1st quarter, but with three unanswered goals at the beginning of the second period Bogliasco came very close (5:4). At half-time Brescia water polo players had a 2-goal lead (8:6) and till the middle of the 3rd, they earned a 4-goal advantage (11:6), that they maintained till the last buzzer (16:12).

Lazio demolished Acquachiara as a guest – 12:2. The visiting team from Rome had rushed to a 7:0 lead (22nd minute), before Acquachiara water polo players their first goal scored in the 24th minute!

Italian championship, 7th round

Ortigia 9:12 Sport Management
(3:4, 2:4, 0:0, 4:3)

Ortigia: Napolitano 3, Di Luciano 2, Lindhout 2, Vapenski, Casasola.
Sport Management: E. Di Somma 4, A. Petkovic 2, Baraldi 2, Figloli, Gallo, S. Luongo, Valentino.

Catania 8:19 Pro Recco
(2:3,2:6, 1:5, 3:5)

Catania: Sparacino 2, Danilovic 2, Eu.Russo, G. Torrisi, Kovacic, Catania.
Pro Recco: F. Di Fulvio 6, Echenique 5, Mandic 2, Molina 2, N. Gitto 2, Bruni, Bodegas.

Posillipo 3:5 Savona
(1:1, 2:2, 0:1, 0:1)

Savona:Foglio, G. Mattielo, Saccoia.
Savona: Damonte, Ravina, K. Milakovic, G. Bianco, Guimares.

Brescia 16:12 Bogliasco
(5:1, 3:5, 4:2, 4:4)

Brescia: V. Rizzo 4, Vukcevic 2, N. Presciutti 2, Janovic 2, Muslim 2, Paskovic, Guerrato, Nora, Bertoli.
Bogliasco: A. Brambilla Di Civesio 3, A. Di Somma 3, Sadovyy 2, Cimarosti, Lanzoni, Guidaldi, Fracas.

Canotieri Naples 10:5 Torino 81
(4:1, 5:0, 0:2, 1:2)

Canottieri Naples: Veloto 3, F. Lapenna 2, A. Giorgeti 2, Di Martire, Campoiano, Esposito.
Torino: Gandini 3, Azzi, Novara.

Trieste 6:15 Florentia
(2:4, 3:4, 0:2, 1:5)

Trieste: Petronio 2, Giacomini, Gogov, Blazevic, Mezzarobba.
Florentia: Astiarta 4, A. Di Fulvio 4, Turchini 2, Tomasic 2, Coppoli, Razzi, Bini.

Acquachiara 2:12 Lazio
(0:2, 0:3, 1:3, 1:4)

Acquachiara: M. Ronga, Barberisi.
Lazio: D. Giorgi 3, Gianni 2, Leporale 2, Maddaluno 2, Spione, Canella,Vitale.


1.Pro Recco 7-21
2. Brescia 7 – 21
3. Sport Management 7 – 18
4. Canottieri Naples 7 – 16
5. Savona 7 – 13
6. Ortigia 7 – 11
7. Florentia 7 – 9
8. Lazio 7 – 9
9. Catania 7 – 7
10. Posillipo 7 – 5
11. Trieste 7 – 5
12. Torino 81 7 – 4
13. Bogliasco 7 – 3
14. Acquachiara 7 – 0

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