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Savic returns to Red Star, Porobic begins mission in China

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A top news about this summer’s transfers in Serbia came from Belgrade. Dejan Savic, Serbia head coach, returned to Red Star as a head coach of the first team. Savic finished his career as a player in Red Star in 2011. He coached the club from 2011 till 2015. His greatest success as a Red Star head coach was the title in the 2013 Champions League. Red Star won the 2013 Super cup of Europe too.

Money isn’t a reason because of he returned to club water polo. At today’s promotion, Savic said that emotions were crucial for his decision to come back to Red Star.

I am a man who must work something. A pool is my life-added Savic at today’s press conference.

Savic is not leaving the national team, he continues to work as a head coach of Serbia too,  but he wants a full job during the season.

Savic didn’t say anything about ambitions in next season because he still doesn’t know who will play in his team. Red Star is, as all others clubs in Serbia, in a difficult situation. Players are leaving Serbia, there are not many reinforcements. Because of that,  Savic, the best world coach of the year in 2015 and in 2016 (by World Water Polo Coaches Association) will have a hard job on a new mission in Red Star. But, he is ready for everything.

When I was young I  complicated a life to the others, especially to my parents. Now, I make a life complicated to myself– he said with a smile.

Despite difficulties, Red Star completed some jobs at transfer market. Three players moved to Red Star from Partizan: goalkeeper Lazar Dobozanov, Ognjen Stojanovic and Nebojsa Toholj. Aleksandar Njegovan came back to the club after two seasons in Hungary (in Miskolc and Vasas).

Red Star will play in Group A2 of the 2017-18 Regional League. The club won the 3rd place in the Serbian league previous season and can compete in the first qualifying round of the Champions League.

Hard situation in Naples


Clubs from the south of Italy have a lot of financial troubles, too.

Pino Porzio is no longer Aquachiara (Naples) coach. Porzio came to Aquachiara last summer.  Franco Porzio, Acquachiara president, said that his brother Pino would stay in the club, but just as a technical advisor. Pino Porzio will be replaced by Roberto Brancaccio, a former assistant of the club and a trainer of the youth squad.
Porzio, who has won 5 Champions League as a coach (4 with Pro Recco, 1 with Possillipo), and two as a Posillipo player (1997 and 1998,) has been working as a head coach of Canada since 2015.

Acquachiara doesn’t want to invest in reinforcements. The team will be composed of young players, mostly of guys from the school of the club.

Posillipo, the most successful club from Naples withdrew from the Euro cup 2017-18. The club wants to save money for other activities.

Canottieri is the only water polo club from Naples which has ambitious plans because it will play in the Champions League qualifying round. The club successfully finished negotiations with a forward Alex Giorgetti, who renewed the contract. Canottieri brought Federico Lapenna, who came from Aquachiara. Giorgetti and Lapenna are former Pro Recco players.

There are more players from Serbia in Italy. Ortigia, the club from Sicily, was reinforced by Boris Vapenski, who has left Eger this summer. Before moving to Hungary Vapenski played for Vojvodina and Red Star. Radomir Drasovic joined Sport Management, after two years spent in Partizan.

Porobic and Espanol moves to China

China is a country which started to invest a lot in water polo. Petar Porobic, a successful Montenegrin coach has become the technical commissar of the Chinese national team. He is now seeking players from Europe to help to raise the level of Chinese water polo. Alberto Espanol is the first player who joined Porobic’s mission. The Spaniard, who played for Olympiacos in season 2016/17 (he was a member of Barceloneta, Mataro and Florencia earlier) will move to China in September. He is going to play for a club from Beijing or Shanghai.  He will practice and play unofficial matches as a „guest member“ of the national team, which will come in Europe for a joint training program with Hungary, Spain, Italy and Montenegro. He won’t take Chinese citizenship, so he still can play for Spain. Espanol has been a member of the national team of Spain for almost a decade.

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