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Sabadell wins 5th Euro League trophy (VIDEO)

Sabadell Photo: Deepbluemedia/Giorgio Scala

Sabadell, one of the best women’s water polo clubs in the world, clinched its 5th Euro League trophy in nine years.

Sabadell, which was the host of the Final Four, played against Olympiacos (Greece) in the final game. The home side came back from three goals down in the last period and with a 5:0 rush in the last five minutes Sabadell earned a 13:11 win.

Vouliagmeni (Greece) claimed the bronze with an 8:7 victory over Padova (Italy).

Sabadell women

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In front of a capacity crowd of 1,500 supporters, Olympiacos took a nice start, with two goals in a span of 45 seconds for a 2:0 lead.
Sabadell managed to catch the rival and it equalized a few times (5:6, 6:6, 7:7, 8:8), but Olympiacos built a nice 11:8 advantage with 5:17 minutes to go.

Sabadell’s needed just 2:02 minutes to go back to even at 11:11 with 2:53 remaining. Beatriz Ortiz scored from an extra with 1:58 to go (12:11), then Maggie Steffens found the net for the final score (13:11) win 40 seconds before the end. The Greeks will long remember a missed penalty which would have given them a two-goal lead 3:28 minutes before the end.


2019 LEN Euro League Final Four (Sabadell, April 19 -20)

Day 1


Vouliagmeni 7:8 Olympiacos
(2:2, 2:2, 2:3, 1:1)

NC Vouliagmeni: Chydrioti 3, Charalampidi 2, Xenaki, Diamantopoulou.
Olympiacos: Avramidou 4, Asimaki, Tsoukala, Plevritou, Manolioudaki.

Plebiscito 5:8 Sabadell
(1:1, 2:4, 1:3, 1:0)

Plebiscito Padova: Barzon 3, Queirolo, Grab.
Astrapool Sabadell: Steffens 3, Forca Ariza 2, Domenech Morales, Garcia Godoy, Ortiz Munoz.

Day 2

Bronze-medal match

Plebiscito 7:8 Vouliagmeni
(1:2, 2:4, 2:0, 2:2)

Plebiscito Padova: Barzon 3, Casson, Millo, Ranalli, Armit.
NC Vouliagmeni: Chydirioti 2, Jordan Reese 2, Charalampidi. Elliniadi, Diamantopoulou.


Sabadell 13:11 Olympiacos
(2:3, 4:3, 2:3, 5:2)

Astrapool Sabadell: Neushul 4, Ortiz Munoz 3, Forca Ariza 2, Ortiz Reyes, Espar Llaquet, Steffens, Garcia Godoy.
Olympiacos Piraeus: Buckling 4, Plevritou 2, Tsoukala 2, Asimaki, Avramidou, Eleftheriadou.

All winners

1987/88 Donk Gouda (Netherlands)
1988/89 Donk Gouda (Netherlands)
1989/90 Nereus (Netherlands)
1990/91 Donk Gouda (Netherlands)
1991/92 Brandenburg (Netherlands)
1992/93 Szentes (Hungary)
1993/94 Orizzonte Catania (Italy)
1994/95 Nereus (Netherlands)
1995/96 Nereus (Netherlands)
1996/97 SKIF Moscow (Russia)
1997/98 Orizzonte Catania (Italy)
1998/99 SKIF Moscow (Russia)
1999/00 Glyfada (Greece)
2000/01 Orizzonte Catania (Italy)
2001/02 Orizzonte Catania (Italy)
2002/03 Glyfada (Greece)
2003/04 Orizzonte Catania (Italy)
2004/05 Orizzonte Catania (Italy)
2005/06 Orizzonte Catania (Italy)
2006/07 Fiorentina (Italy)
2007/08 Orizzonte Catania (Italy)
2008/09 Vouliagmeni (Greece)
2009/10 Vouliagmeni (Greece)
2010/11 Sabadell (Spain)
2011/12 Pro Recco (Italy)
2012/13 Sabadell (Spain)
2013/14 Sabadell (Spain)
2014/15 Olympiacos (Greece)
2015/16 Sabadell (Spain)
2016/17 Kinef Kirishi (Russia)
2017/18 Kinef Kirishi (Russia)
2018/19 Sabadell (Spain)

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