Russia, Great Britain, Greece and Serbia in quarterfinals, Czech Republic and Turkey to play for 13th spot

Lara Luka, Serbia
Photo: facebook.com/waterpoloserbia

On the 4th day of the Women’s European Junior Water Polo Championship, Russia, Great Britain, Greece, and Serbia sealed their places in the quarterfinals. Furthermore, national teams of the Czech Republic and Turkey triumphed in the classification matches for places 13-16.


Serbia scheduled the quarterfinal face-off with the Netherlands after overpowering Bulgaria, 22:5. The hosting team opened the match with two goals in a row, but Bulgaria managed to bring down the deficit to one (3:2) in the middle of the first quarter. After this period, Serbian squad stepped up its game preventing the rival from jeopardizing its lead. The halftime result was 9:4 and the hosts just kept on increasing its advantage. Lara Luka and Janja Kaplarevic were the top scorers with four goals.

In a tough match, Great Britain edged out Slovakia, 8:7. The first half saw an equivalent battle and ended with Great Britain’s one-goal lead (3:2). At the beginning of the third period, British ladies netted three in a row and achieved a nice advantage, but it gradually faded due to the persistence of Slovakia’s players. However, Slovakia was unable to tie the result. Great Britain won (8:7) and advanced to the quarterfinals where it will play against Hungary.

Russian ladies stormed past France, 29:1, led by Yulia Lapteva who scored six goals and Kristina Korbut netted five. Their rival in the quarterfinal match will be Spain.

Greece had an easy task against Israel and triumphed with no trouble, 16:2. It controlled the match from the beginning and left the opponent without solutions, led by Ninou Eirini who scored six goals. Greece’s next opponent will be Italy.

PLACES 13-16

Even though Portugal took the first lead a little before the first quarter ended, the Czech squad equalized quickly and then stepped up its game reaching a two-goal advantage before halftime (3:1). Portugal was down by one (5:4) in the middle of the fourth quarter but was unable to equalize. Daniela Vomatskova netted four goals leading the Czechs toward a nice 6:4 win.

Turkey scheduled a battle for the 13th place with the Czech Republic, as it prevailed over Turkey, 12:8. Turkey lost the lead in the first quarter and took it back after a five-goal shooting series. It preserved the lead and went on a break with a three-goal advantage (7:4). Crucial was the third period when Turkey secured the triumph by scoring six times.

Women’s European Junior Water Polo Championship (Novi Sad, Serbia)

Day 4 – August 23, 2017

1/8 Finals

Russia 29:1 France
(11:0, 8:0, 5:1, 5:0)
Slovakia 7:8 Great Britain
(1:2, 1:1, 2:4, 3:1)
Greece 16:2 Israel
(5:0, 3:1, 3:1, 5:0)
Serbia 22:5 Bulgaria
(3:2, 6:2, 6:1, 7:0)

Places 13-16

Czech Republic 6:4 Portugal
(1:1, 2:0, 2:1, 1:2)
Turkey 12:8 Romania
(4:2, 3:2, 4:3, 1:1)

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