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Regional League to be continued

The Regional Water Polo League Board has met in Belgrade today and discussed the future of the competition, after an incident in Split, in which Red Star (Crvena Zvezda) players were attacked.

According to a short announcement, there were no crucial and final decisions, but the representatives of four federations (Serbia, Croatia, Montenegro, Slovenia) reached the agreement to continue the League.

The Board’s statement after the meeting:

-The incident in which Red Star athletes were attacked was condemned strongly, once more.

– Due to Red Star’s request to not play their matches in Split, because of the trauma of the players who were attacked, and considering the fact that Water Polo Club Mornar isn’t responsible for the mentioned case, the remaining two Red Star’s games in Split in this season (against Mornar and POSK) were postponed until further notice.

– The Board supported  further competition in the Regional League, which is still supported by all participating clubs.

-The next meeting of the Regional League Board will be held in Sisak on March 12th, during the encounter between Croatia and Serbia (the Europa Cup match).

The Regional League Board at today’s meeting (click to enlarge) Photo:

After the attack, that  happened on February 9th, the Serbian clubs which compete in the Regional League requested not to play in Split as well as in the pools located 200 km away from Split until the end of the season, because of safety reasons.

A few hours after the Serb’s request, the Croatian Water Polo Federation announced that this request couldn’t  be accepted.

Obviously, the final decision about this topic hasn’t been made.

By the end of the season, the Serbian clubs have to play just four games in Split and in the pools located 200 km away from Split: the delayed game Mornar – Red Star; POSK – Red Star (February 23rd), Jadran Split – Partizan (March 20th), and Jug Dubrovnik– Red Star (March 20th). To remind, the air distance between Split and Dubrovnik (where is Jug located) is 165 km. But, the road from Split to Dubrovnik by car or by bus is 230 km long.

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