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The race is on! Sabadell is now a leader of the pack

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Sabadell continued to challenge Barceloneta in Spanish Division de Honor. Gabriel Hernández team was really good in derby game of Round 15 against visiting Mataro – 16:6.

It was Sabadell’s seventh win in a row in the national championship and now they are the new leaders in Division de Honor. Sabadell is one point clear of Barceloneta who is still to play its match of round 15 against Navarra on Tuesday.

Now it more than obvious that we are going to have a very tight and interesting title race in Spain this season.The home team started aggressively in defense and was very motivated.

That kind of approach brought Sabadell advantage in every part of the pool. And also, they were very efficient in the offense in the first period and took a 3-0 lead.

While in the second quarter Mataro managed to stop Sabadell firepower, it was in the third period when hosts turned a gear up and scored unbelievable eight goals! Oscar Carillo Gemar was the best scorer with four goals for Sabadell.

As for Mataro, it was their fifth defeat in Division de Honor, but they still have a chance in the fight for place number three.

And in that fight, they will have a tough competition, because Barcelona won away against Navarra – 10:7. It was in the last period of the game when Barca played really good defense and managed to score two goals. Victor Flores Fernandez found the net three times in this game and he was a true leader of the team.

Navarra will have a tough time in the coming games because they are second from the bottom of the table.

CN Catalunya played a very good game at home pool against Terrassa, but eventually, the guests took the points and continued the battle for place number three. In that way, Terrassa finally ended a losing streak that lasted three games.

But against Catalunya, it was the visiting team who gave a final strike in the last period, when they got an 11-9 lead a couple of minutes before the end. Oriol Martinez, Alvaro Ortega, Ricard Tevar and Marc Magana all scored two goals each for the winning team.

Mediterrani scored an important triumph in a chase for a play-off place. They beat visiting Real Canoe 10-9 and are now eight points clear from Molins de Rei which on Saturday beat CN Rubi 9-5.

And Rubi was a good contestant in this game because they had a 5-4 lead at one moment, but then the visitors obviously went “angry”.

Harmen Muller scored a hat trick for Molins de Rei, and in the last period, they were absolutely fantastic scoring five goals and conceding none.

The last game of round 15 will be played on Tuesday when champions Barceloneta will host Sant Andreu.

Divison de Honor
Round 15

Saturday, February 18

Mediterrani – Real Canoe 10-9
Mediterrani: M. Dominguez 3, Murillo 2, Rodriguez 2, , G. Dominguez 2, Urzainqui,
Real Canoe: Hernandez 6, Santiago 2, De la Puente

Sabadell – Mataro 16-6 (3-0, 3-3, 8-1,2-2)
Sabadell: Gemar 4, S. Pegado 2, Puga 2, Sallent 2, Valverde 2, Vela 2, Alguacil, V. Pegado
Mataro: Guimaraes 3, Cruz 2, Lucas.

Rubi – Molins 5-9 (1-2, 2-2, 2-0, 0-5)
Rubi: D. Madridano 2, Castrillo, Grab, J. Madridano
Molins: Muller 3, Carne 2, Font 2, Cillero, Smelt

Catalunya – Terrassa 10-11
Catalunya: Flavia 3, Gabor 2, Ruiz 2, Al Dughther 2, Aragones
Terrasa: Martinez 2, Ortega 2, Magana 2, Tevar 2, Eixarch, Campos, Illana

Navarra – Barcelona 7-10 (2-3, 1-1, 4-4, 0-2)
Navara: Tito 3, Esteban, Soto, J. Prieto, F. Prieto
Barcelona: Fernandez 3, Van Ijperen 2, Esforzado, Portana, Sotes, Calatrava, Pleguezuelos

Tuesday, February 21
20.45 Barceloneta – San Andreu

1. Sabadell 15 – 40 pts
2. Barceloneta 14 – 39
3. Terrassa 15 – 33
4. Mataro 15 – 28
5. Barcelona 15 – 26
6. Sant Andreu 13 – 22
7. Real Canoe 15 – 20
8. Mediterrani 15 – 17
9. Molins de Rei 15 – 9
10. Catalunya 15 – 9
11. Navarra 14 – 9
12. Rubi 15 – 7

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