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Pro Recco wins “Coppa Italia” for the 12th time after penalty shootout

Pro Recco water polo player after wining Italian Cup

Recco collects yet another trophy, winning the Italian Cup against Brescia after penalty shots.

The Final Four which had qualified, in addition to Recco and Brescia, Canottieri Napoli and Savona began with the game between Recco and Savona. After just six minutes of play, the Recco was already 6-0 ahead and the advantage of the team coached by Vlado Vujasinovic has gradually expanded until the final 19-5; remarkable the 4 goals scored by Sandro Sukno and 3 marked by Aleksandar Ivovic, also the white-blue went in scoring with nine different players. Iron defense and fluid offensive maneuver have always accompanied the game of Figlioli & c. It was also an important game for Matteo Aicardi who played against the team of his hometown.

Much fought the second semi-final between Brescia and Canottieri Napoli. The prediction was on the side of the boys coached by Sandro Bovo, who, for their part, have been put between themselves and their opponents an advantage of at least two goals until the partial 4-2, then when the score was 5-3, it was a black-out of about 25 minutes; at the resumption of the game, the advantage of Brescia has always maintained between the 3 and the 4 goal difference, and then arrive at the final score of 11-7. Best scorer of the competition Giorgetti (Canottieri Napoli) with 4 goals, while Brescia went to goal with eight different players.

In the final 3rd-4th place Savona beats Canottieri Napoli 8-7. The match was very balanced although the red and white Ligurian were always ahead except in a circumstance (5-4 for the Neapolitans) at the start of the third quarter. The boys coached by Alberto Angelini found the winning goal with the left-handed Damonte at 2’42 “from the end of the last quarter. It should be noted that all the goals of Canottieri Napoli were scored with man up. Savona dedicated the victory to his honorary President, Dr. Bruno Pisano, symbol and historical as well as honorary president of Ligurian club, who died suddenly at the age of 89.

The final, as mentioned earlier, has seen opposing Recco and Brescia, a game that has become a classic of the Italian water polo. Brescia had the advantage of the home court advantage, but to draw wore the blue cap.

The game was a seesaw of overtaking and stretch neutralized by either team. The first quarter ended with the score 2-0 for Lombard with Rizzo scored on a penalty kick and Ubovic with man up. Recco in the second quarter score two goals with his left-handed Mandic and Echenique. In the third time repartee between Figari and Paskovic (penalty), again scores Mandic with a shot from long distance, Ivovic and Nora, both with man up, securing the 5-4 for Recco at the end of the third quarter. The last quarter started with a Muslim goals, then great balance until Rizzo at 1’48” from the end brings forward Brescia; Recco to 35″ from the end making the most of its 10th man up with Sandro Sukno, who with his goal refer all decisions on the allocation of the Cup on penalty shots. Begins the lottery of penalties: Volarevic before and Del Lungo then neutralize the first pitch, then evenly split 10 consecutive goals. The sixth series of shots Muslim pulls, Volarevic rejects his shot, Mandic scored his penalty and handed the Cup to Recco.

Italian Cup

Semifinal – March 11th

PRO RECCO – SAVONA 19-5 (6-1, 4-1, 5-1, 4-2)

Man up: Pro Recco 2/7 + 2 penalties, Savona 2/5.

Pro Recco: Volarevic, Francesco Di Fulvio, Mandic 1, Figlioli 2, Fondelli 1, Bruni 2, Sukno 4, Echenique Saglietti 2, Figari 2, Bodegas, Aicardi 2, Aleksandar Ivovic 3, Dufour. All. Vujasinovic
Carisa Savona: Antona, Colombo, Damonte 1, Conterno, Lorenzo Bianco, Ravina 1, Grosso, Milakovic, Giovanni Bianco 1, Gounas 2, Piombo, Poggi, Missiroli. All. Angelini

BRESCIA – CANOTTIERI NAPOLI 11-7 (2-1, 3-2, 4-3, 2-1)

Man up: Brescia 4/7 + 1 penalty, Canottieri Napoli 4/8 + 1 penalty.

Brescia: Del Lungo, Guerrato 1, Christian Presciutti 1, Randelovic, Paskovic 3, Rizzo 1, Muslim 2, Nora 1, Nicholas Presciutti 1, Bertoli 1, Ubovic, Napolitano, Morretti. All. Bovo.
Canottieri Napoli: Rossa, Buonocore 1, Maccioni, Baviera, Giorgetti 4, Borrelli, Dolce, Campopiano, Matteo Gitto, Velotto, Baraldi 2, Di Martire, Vassallo. All. Zizza

Final 3rd place

Man up: Savona 4/11 + 1 penalty, Canottieri Napoli 7/14

SAVONA-CANOTTIERI NAPOLI 8-7 (1-1, 3-3, 1-1, 3-2)
Carisa Savona: Antona, Colombo, Damonte 1, Conterno 1, Lorenzo Bianco, Ravina, Grosso, Milakovic 1, Giovanni Bianco 1, Gounas 3 (1 rig.), Piombo 1, Poggi, Missiroli. All. Angelini.
Canottieri Napoli: Rossa, Buonocore, Maccioni 1, Baviera, Giorgetti 1, Borrelli, Dolce 2, Campopiano 1, Matteo Gitto, Velotto 2, Baraldi, Di Martire, Vassallo. All. Zizza.

Finale 1st place

PRO RECCO-BRESCIA 12-11 d.t.r. (0-2, 2-0, 3-2, 1-2 – 6-5)

Man up: Pro Recco 3/10, Brescia 3/9 + 2 penalties.

Pro Recco: Volarevic, Francesco Di Fulvio, Mandic 2, Figlioli, Fondelli, Di SommaE., Sukno 1, Echenique 1, Figari 1, Bodegas, Aicardi, Ivovic A. 1, Dufour. All. Vujasinovic.
Brescia: Del Lungo, Guerrato, Presciutti C., Randjelovic, Paskovic 1, Rizzo 2, Muslim 1, Nora 1, Presciutti N., Bertoli, Ubovic 1, Manzi, Morretti. All. Bovo.

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