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Pro Recco unstoppable, Brescia follows

Dusan Mandic, Pro Recco

Recco realizes his 69th consecutive win in the league, beating 9-4 the Posillipo, in a game that until 15 years ago was decisive for the award of the national title. The final score of 9-4 was the same as the first leg, Recco was always ahead in the score in a game that was a further step closer to the most important events of the season for the Ligurian.

Brescia retains its second place by beating Roma Vis Nova (16-9) in a game full of goals and offensive actions. Both teams have exploited well as up (for Lombardian 6/7, 7/9 to the Romans), also Sandro Bovo has continually changed the players in the water, it was inevitable that the white and blue team had it already head some turned to the Champions League match against Spandau in Berlin, however we must not forget that in all four partial Brescia was always ahead.

Verona remains firmly in third place after winning in Syracuse against Ortigia, in a particularly significant match for Valentino Gallo, in fact, the left-hander in the yellow-blue team came back as opponent to his hometown. The white-green Sicilian showed a good resistance, but in the last quarter the team coached by Marco Baldineti have increased their advantage to the final score of 5-11.
Probably the biggest surprise of the day there was the “Scandone” pool in Naples where Canottieri drew against Quinto (6-6). The white-red coached by Marco Paganuzzi are currently last in the ranking but not last as pride, grit and determination. At half time the score was 4-2 for the Neapolitans while in the second part of the game with a partial 2-4, the Ligurians reached the tie with a goal from Tomislav Primorac, Croatian left-handed, never forgotten by the whole environment of Canottieri for his technical and human qualities.

In the area playoffs important victory for Savona coached by Alberto Angelini against Trieste (8-6); Ligurian red-white have started the game with a partial 5-0 and were particularly good advantage in the management, so as to allow their opponents to move to the maximum at a gap -2.

The Acquachiara Pino Porzio won at home 8-5 of Bogliasco. Even in this match was crucial start of the winning team, then decisive result. After 10 ‘the Neapolitans were already 4-1 advantage, Bogliasco, although willing enough to reduce the gap to 2 times to -1, nothing has been against opponents. The game was characterized by a very small number of expulsions, 5 for Bogliasco, 4 for Acquachiara.

Third straight win away from home against Lazio (12-7) to the monumental pool of Turin. For Lazio 16 points in the last 11 matches, 12 of which in the second round. Top scorer Giacomo Cannella, new entry of the Italian national team, with 4 goals. However it is worth remembering that the Torino played without his center-forward Petar Filipovic and his left-handed Tommaso Seinera.

The next round – midweek – will be played Wednesday, March 29

BRESCIA – ROMA VIS NOVA 16-9 (2-1, 5-2, 5-3, 4-3)
CANOTTIERI NAPOLI – QUINTO 6-6 (1-0, 2-0, 1-2, 2-4)
ORTIGIA – BPM SPORT MANAGEMENT 5-11 (2-3, 1-3, 2-2, 0-3)
PRO RECCO – POSILLIPO 9-4 (3-0, 2-1, 4-1, 0-2)
REALE MUTUA TORINO 81 – LAZIO 7-12 (0-2, 2-4, 3-4, 2-2)
SAVONA – TRIESTE 8-6 (2-0, 3-1, 2-2, 1-3)

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