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Pro Recco still unstoppable, Ortigia water polo players eyeing Top 8

Ortigia Acquachiara players

Pro Recco water polo players gave another outstanding performance hosting Torino and came out with a 17:7 win, recording their 25th consecutive victory. Biancocelesti already had a three-goal advantage after the first half. The winner of this match obvious after the third quarter during which the Vujasinovic’s squad netted six unanswered goals.

The most interesting match of the Round 18 was played between Bogliasco and Lazio. Lazio had their first lead after Maddaluno’s goal and managed to keep the advantage until the half of the second quarter when Divkovic scored an equalizer (5:5). Lazio tied once again (6:6) after Guidi responded to Leporale’s goal. The visiting water polo team took a +1 advantage to the break thanks to Vitale’s goal, which might be considered crucial because the second half result was tied. The match ended with a narrow 11:10 victory of Lazio water polo players.

In the duel of 2nd and 3rd ranked team, Brescia water polo players defeated Sport Management, 12:7 and kept their second position in the standings. Sport Management squad is now 6 points behind Brescia. The match was pretty much balanced, but Presciutti and Paskovic scored a goal each during the seventh minute of the second quarter to give Brescia a decent two-goal advantage. Hosting water polo players stepped on the gas in the last quarter. Bertoli, Muslim, Randjelovic and Presciutti led their team to the very important victory.

Posillipo water polo players came away with a nice 8:4 victory over Savona in another Round 18 derby and kept their 5th position. Team Savona is now 8 points behind.

Napoli water polo players defeated their guests from Trieste, 10:7. The host netted four unanswered goals, showing no mercy during the first eight minutes of the match. However, water polo squad from Trieste came back strong in the second quarter and scored five goals to tie the result (5:5). Although both teams proved strong during the first half, Trieste had no chance in the second half with 4th ranked Napoli stepping up their game.

Falling behind 4 points behind the 8th ranked Roma is team Ortigia that defeated Acquachiara 13:9. Ortigia water polo players were satisfied after a 4:0 lead after the first period, but Acquachiara came back strong with six goals that led to a tie at halftime. After losing to Posillipo in the previous round, Ortigia water polo players were extremely motivated. They proved strong and no longer let off their advantage. The most successful hosting water polo players were Danilovic and Casasola who scored three goals each. Lanzoni also found the net three times for Acquachiara.

In Rome, Genova water polo players did not manage to avoid another loss, while Roma celebrated their new victory after suffering a loss from the reigning champion. It was not easy for the last ranked team to keep up with the hosts. They managed to tie the result on two occasions during the first quarter, but Roma went on a break with a two-goal advantage (7:5). Quinto still had hopes of winning during the third quarter until the fifth minute of the second half when Vitola scored one goal and Jerkovic found the net two times to give Roma +3 before the last period of the match (11:8). Bianchi and Primorac helped Quinto to once again bring the deficit down to one, but Jerkovic made sure that his team celebrates at the end (12:10). Jerkovic was the top scorer of the Round 18 with five goals scored.


Round 18

Ortigia – Acquachiara 13:9 (4:0, 2:6, 4:1, 3:2)
Ortigia: Abela (1), Di Luciano (2), Camilleri (2), Ivovic (1), Danilovic (3), Casasola (3), Tringali (1)
Acquachiara: Del Basso (2), Barroso (2), Lapenna (1), Krapic (1), Lanzoni (3)

Savona – Posillipo 4:8 (1:2, 0:2, 2:1, 1:3)
Savona: Ravina (1), Milakovic (2), Gounas (1)
Posillipo: Rossi (1), Foglio (1), Klikovac (2), Mattiello (1), Subotic (1), Marziali (1), Saccoia (1)

Napoli – Trieste 10:7 (4:0, 1:5, 3:1, 2:1)
Napoli: Buonocore (2), Maccioni (1), Giorgetti (1), Campopiano (2), Gitto (1), Velotto (1), Baraldi (2)
Trieste: Petronio (2), Ferreccio (1), Turkovic (1), Elez (3)

Bogliasco – Lazio 10:11 (2:4 4:3, 1:3, 3:1)
Bogliasco: Gavazzi (1), Guidaldi (4), Vavic (1), Divkovic (3), Guidi (1)
Lazio: Tulli (1), Vitale (1), Di Rocco (2), Cannella (1), Leporale (3), Maddaluno (3)

Brescia – Sport Management 12:7 (2:2, 4:2, 2:2, 4:1)
Brescia: Randjelovic (1), Paskovic (1), Rizzo (4), Muslim (1), Nora (2), Presciutti (2), Bertoli (1)
Sport Management: Gallo (1), Blary (1), Petkovic (1), Luongo (2), Jelaca (1), Razzi (1)

Pro Recco – Torino 81 17:7 (4:2, 3:2, 6:0, 4:3)
Pro Recco: Di Fulvio (3), Mandic (3), Figlioli (1), Di Somma (2), Sukno (1), Echenique Saglietti (2), Figari (1), Bruni (2), Aicardi (1), Ivovic (1)
Torino 81: Maffe’ (2), Oggero (1), Bezic (3), Gaffuri (1)

Roma – SC Quinto 12:10 (4:3, 3:2, 4:3, 1:2)
Roma: Innocenzi (1), Gobbi (2), Gianni (1), Jerkovic (5), Vitola (1), Pappacena (1), Briganti (1)
Quinto: Bianchi (1), Brambilla di Civesio (1), Primorac (3), Eskert (2), Amelio (1), Palmieri (1), Aksentijevic (1)


1. Pro Recco 18-54 pts
2. Brescia 18-49
3. Sport Management 18-43
4. Napoli 18-38
5. Posillipo 18-34
6. Savona 18-26
7. Trieste 18-20
8. Roma 18-20
9. Ortigia 18-16
10. Acquachiara 18-15
11. Bogliasco 18-13
12. Lazio 18-13
13. Torino 81 18-12
14. Quinto 18-6

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