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Pro Recco and Sport Management merciless in Naples

Michael Bodegas pro recco water polo player in the pool
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Three Italian clubs that still competes at the European stage in this season continued their winning streaks in the national championship.  Pro Recco, Brescia and Sport Management beat their respective rivals with ease in the 9th round.

Pro Recco was merciless again, this time against Canottieri in Naples. It opened the game with a 7:0 rolling. Canottieri its first goal scored in the last second of the second quarter (7:1).In the second half of the match, the title-holder played in an easy rhythm and won 12:4. Recco’s defence was superb, Canottieri missed their all nine man-ups in the match.

Sport Management also did a damage in Naples, at the “Felipe Scandone” pool. Verona-based team convincingly beat Posillipo. Like in the encounter Canottieri – Pro Recco, the first half decided the outcome. Sport Management water polo players led 7:2 at half-time and there was no way back for Posillipo. Sport Management achieved an 11:4 victory.

Brescia blew away its rival, too. Last season’s runner-up hosted Torino. Until the 11th minute, Brescia jumped to an 8:0 lead. The hosts played perfectly in attacks with a man-up. They had nine chances and scored nine goals from an extra. Their defence wasn’t so good, but excellent attack led them to a 20:7 win.

Savona earned valuable points in Trieste. After the second quarter, Savona had a 7:2 lead. In the third, the visitors went on 9:3. There was no time for a turn. Savona maintained the advantage, celebrated an 11:7 victory and jumped to the 4th place.

The only thrilling match in the 9th round was an encounter between Bogliasco and Florentia. The home team of Bogliasco led 4:2, but Florentia managed to turn around this deficit to a 5:4 early in the third period. But, at the last break, the rivals were equalled – 6:6. Florentia netted twice in the middle of the fourth quarter, but Bogliasco managed to bounce back with two goals. Lanzoni netted his third goal of the day three seconds before the last buzzer, securing an 8:8 draw.

Catania didn’t have a hard task against Acquachiara, which holds the last place with no points. Catania beat the team from Naples 11:5.

Ortigia achieved its first win after two draws and two defeats in the previous four rounds. The players of Sicilian club beat Lazio 8:5, but they secured the win in the third period when they went to a 7:2 lead.

Italian championship, 9th round

Canottieri Naples 4:12 Pro Recco
(0:2, 1:5, 1:3, 2:2)

Canottieri: Borelli 2, Dolce, Lapenna.

Pro Recco: F. Filipovic 2, Aicardi 2, F. Di Fulvio 2, Bodegas 2, Echenique 2, Brolis, Molina

Ortigia 8:5 Lazio
(1:2, 4:0, 2:1, 1:2)

Ortigia: Jelaca 3, Lindhout 3, Giacoppo, Siani.

Lazio: D. Giorgi 3, Spione, Gianni

Trieste 7:11 Savona
(1:3, 1:4, 4:2, 1:2)

Trieste: Petronio 2, Vico 2, Blazevic 2, A. Giorgi.

Savona: K. Milakovic 3, G. Bianco 3, Damonte 2, Ravina 2, L. Bianco.

Posillipo 4:11 Sport Management 4:11
(0:4, 2:3, 1:2, 1:2)

Posillipo: G. Mattielo 2, Rossi, Ramirez.

Sport Management: Fondelli 3, Figloli 2, Valentino 2, Mirarchi, S. Luongo, E. Di Somma.

Brescia 20:7 Torino 81
(6:0, 4:3, 5:0, 4:4)

Brescia: Manzi 4, N. Presciutti 3, , Gueratto 3, C. Presciutti 2, Rizzo 2, Paskovic 2, Muslim, Vukcevic.

Torino: Oggero 3, I. Vuksanovic 2, D. Presciutti, Azzi.

Catania 11:5 Acquachiara
(4:1, 3:3, 0:0, 4:1)

Catania: G. Torrisi 4, Danilovic 2, Kacar 2, Divkovic, Privitavera, la Rosa.

Acquachiara: Spooner , Blanchard 2, Tozzi.

Bogliasco 8:8 Florentia
(3:2, 1:1, 2:3, 2:2)

Bogliasco: Lanzoni 3, Guidalsi 2, Monari, Cimarosti, A. Di Somma.

Florentia: Coppoli 2, Benvenuti 2, Bini 2, Dani, Tomasic.

1.Pro Recco 9 – 27
2.Brescia 9-27
3.Sport Management 9 – 24
4.Savona 9 – 16
5.Canottieri Naples 9 – 16
6.Ortigia 9 – 14
7.Florentia 9 – 13
8.Lazio 9 – 12
9.Catania 9 – 10
10.Posillipo 9 – 8
11.Boglasco 9 – 7
12.Trieste 9 – 5
13.Torino 81 9 – 4
14.Acquachiara 9 – 0

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