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Pro Recco and Olympiacos take tickets to Budapest

Andrija Prlainovic (Szolnok) Photo: Marcel ter Bals.

After day 7 of the Champions league, three clubs secured their places at the Final Six in Budapest (May 25 – 27). Pro Recco and Olympiacos continued their winning streaks and joined Szolnok, who is automatically qualified for the final tournament as technical host.

Brescia and OSC played another tie, such as in Budapest, so both clubs still have chances to gain the third spot in Group A. Jug and Eger achieved important wins in Group B and they are very close to the final tournament.

Olympiacos beat Spandau 10-8. Although the Greeks scored only two goals more than guests, Olympiacos didn’t leave the decision too late. The home team rushed to a 4-0 lead in a span of five minutes and led 4-2 after the opening quarter. Olympiacos was 9-3 up in the middle of the third quarter. The win of the home team was never in danger, despite Spandau played much better in the last period.

The match between Brescia and OSC ended in a 6-6 draw. This was the third clash between these two sides this season and this is the third tie, after 11-11 in the qualification round and 7-7 in the match of Day 4 in Group B. The Hungarians led 4-2 after the third period. Brescia managed to score four goals in the last eight minutes. The Italians turned around a 2-4 deficit to a 6-5 advantage, 36 seconds to go. OSC earned an one point thanks to Gergo Zalnaki, who scored his third goal in the match, five seconds before the end (6-6). Brescia holds a three-point lead ahead OSC but they still have to play against Olympiacos and Szolnok, while OSC has only one big game, against Szolnok in the 10th round.

Szolnok didn’t have any problems in Nice. The home team started unexpectedly strong and had a 3-0 lead in the sixth minute of the game. But, the happiness of the Franch side didn’t last long.  The Hungarians, led by Andrija Prlainovic (four goals), leveled the score in a span of 72 seconds and netted 11 consecutive goals for 22.13 minutes. Szolnok had an 11-3 lead in the middle of the last quarter. At the end, the score was 12-5.

Szolnok and Olympiacos have 16 points both and their one-on-one clash in the 9th round will determine who will take the top spot in the group.

Eger is still in the race for a place at the Final Six after a win in a very tough game in Hannover. The home team showed once more time that they can be a very dangerous opponent for favourites. Eger started well, the guests led 4-1 in the first and 5-2 in the second quarter. But, the Germans started climbing back in the second period. Hannover scored four goals in a row for a 6-5 lead. The first half-time ended in a draw (6-6). In the last quarter, Eger jumped to an 11-9 lead, but Montenegrin Aleksandar Radovic scored his fourth goal to set result equal (11-11). The decisive moment came four minutes before the end when Serbian Milos Cuk scored from an extra man for a final score 11-12.

The victory in Hannover is a huge boost for Eger especially because Barceloneta didn’t surprise Pro Recco. The Italian side grabbed the lead early (4-0 in the seventh minute) and played their way to an 11-6 victory. Pro Recco led 11-3 at the start of the last quarter

Jug convincingly defeated Partizan in Dubrovnik (21-9) and stayed in the second place. The Croats recovered from the shock that they suffered four days earlier when Partizan defeated them in Belgrade in the Regional league (16-14). The title-holders earned a 6-3 lead in the opening quarter and continued the series in the second period for a 10-3 lead. A young side from Belgrade didn’t have a right answer to “cannonade” of the home team.

Group A

Olympiacos (Greece) – Spandau 04 (Germany) 10-8 (4-2, 3-1, 2-2, 1-3)

Olympiacos: Fountoulis 4, Delakas 2, Janovic 2, Kolomvos, Espanyol.
Spandau 04: Marzouki 2, Cuk 2, Dedovic, Saudadier, Preuss, Stam.

Brescia (Italy) – OSC Budapest (Hungary) 6-6 (1-2, 0-0, 1-2, 4-2)

Brescia: Muslim 2, Paskovic, Rizzo, N. Presciutti, C. Presciutti.
OSC: Zalnaki 3, A. Nagy, Batori, Seman.

Olympic Nice (France) – Szolnoki VSK (Hungary) 5-12 (3-3, 0-3, 0-3, 2-3)

Nice: Monneret 2, Hansen 2, Izdinsky.
Szolnok: Prlainovic 4, Younger 3, Fulop 2, Gocic, Vamos, Jansik.

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Group B

Jug CO (Croatia) – Partizan Raiffeisen (Serbia) 21-9 (6-3, 6-2, 4-1, 5-3)

Jug: Perrone 5, Jokovic 4, Garcia 3, Vrlic 3, Benic 2, Fatovic 2, Obradovic, Markovic.
Partizan: Radanovic 3, Lazic 2, Vučinić 2, Stojanovic, M. Jankovic.

Waspo Hannover (Germany) – Eger (Hungary) 11-12 (2-4, 4-3, 3-3, 2-2)

Hannover: Radovic 4, Sekulic 2, Corusic, Bukoski, Ban, Da. Brguljan, Tkac.
Eger: Cuk 3, Hosnzanszky 3, Harai 2, Kovacs, Erdely, Vapenski, Bedo.

Barceloneta – Pro Recco 6-11 (1-5, 2-2, 0-3, 3-1)

Barceloneta: S. Rasovic 3, V. Rasovic, Famera, Minguel.
Pro Recco: Sukno 3, Mandic 2, Filipovic 2, Figloli, Echenique, Bodegas, Ivovic.

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