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Pro Recco and Olympiacos hunt European crown (VIDEO)

Stefano Tempesti Photo: Pro recco/Facebook

Pro Recco and Olympiacos will play in the final match of the Champions League Final Eight in Genoa tomorrow. Today, in the semifinals Pro Recco beat Jug, while Olympiacos defeated Barceloneta.

Pro Recco vs. Jug

Pro Recco, the biggest favorite of the 2018 Champions League, advanced to the final for the first time since 2015. Three years ago, the Italians beat Primorje and clinched their 8th title. After two consecutive appearances in the finals (1st place in 2016 and 2nd in 2017) Jug won’t play in the most important match of the season.

Recco entered the semifinal game pretty well. The hosts were 3:1 up late in the 1st quarter. They had a 4:2 lead after 90 seconds of play in the second period, but Jug was able to strike back. The Dubrovnik-based team responded with three goals in a row and went in front (5:4) in the 19th minute. The Croats played much better than the rival in the defense as well as in the attack. An experienced Recco’s goalkeeper Stefano Tempesti (20 saves this evening) was outstanding. Because of his excellent performance, Jug didn’t make a bigger gap. Recco started climbing back in the finish of the third period and by the end of the quarter, they turned around the deficit to a 6:5 lead. Boosted by Filip Filipovic (3 goals) Recco controlled the 4th quarter. Filip Filipovic scored from a penalty for 9:7 two and a half minutes from time. The hosts kept the advantage  and achieved a 9:8 victory.

Pro Recco 9:8 Jug
(3:2, 1:1, 2:2, 3:3)

Pro Recco: Filipovic 3, Do Fulvio 2, Molina, Bodegas, Echenique, Figari.
Jug: Fatovic 2, Jokovic, Garcia Gadea, V. Rasovic, Renzuto, Benic, Ivanković.


Highlights: Pro Recco 9 v 8 VK Jug Dubrovnik

#FinalEight #Final8Genoa#waterpoloHighlights:Pro Recco 9 v 8 VK Jug Dubrovnik

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Olympiacos vs. Barceloneta

In the encounter between Olympiacos and Barceloneta the Greeks led for most of the time. Deep into the second period, Olympiacos earned a two-goal lead for the first time (3:1), but Barceloneta leveled the score by halftime (3:3). The third period was a big battle of two strong defences. Only two goals were scored in this quarter. Before the last 8 minutes, the rivals were still equaled (4:4). Olympiacos broke the Spaniards in the last quarter. Ioanis Fountoulis converted an extra for 5:4 in the middle of the fourth. Paolo Obradovic’s goal for the final score (6:4) decided everything nine seconds before the last buzzer.

Tomorrow, Olympiacos will try to win its 2nd winning trophy in the Champions League. The first title the Greeks won in 2003. Two years ago, they clinched the silver medal.

Olympiacos 6:4 Barceloneta
(1:1, 2:2, 1:1, 2:0)

Olympiacos: Buslje 2, Genidounias, Fountoulis, Gounas, Obradovic.
Barceloneta: Granados, Vrlic, Perrone, Mallarach.


Highlights: Olympiacos SFP 6 v 4 Club Natació Atlètic-Barceloneta

#FinalEight #Final8Genoa#waterpoloHighlights:Olympiacos SFP 6 v 4 Club Natació Atlètic-Barceloneta

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Places 5 – 8

The game for the 5th place will see a clash of two Hungarian clubs. 2017 champion Szolnok will face Eger.

Szolnok posted a narrow win over Brescia (8:7). After leveled first quarter (1:1) Szolnok took control. After Zalnaki’s goal in the 12th minute (2:1), the Hungarians were in front until the end of the match. Szolnok built a nice 5:2 advantage in the middle of the third period. Brescia reduced the gap to one (5:4) 31 seconds from the last break. Szolnok maintained the lead in the fourth period (8:7).

Brescia 7:8 Szolnok
(1:1, 1:2, 2:2, 3:3)

Brescia: Rizzo 3, Muslim 2, Presciutti, Bertoli.
Szolnok: Mi. Cuk 2, Younger 2, Zalnaki 2, Batori, Fulop.

Eger achieved a convincing win over Spandau, despite the Germans were 3:1 up in the 6th minute. After that, Eger’s goalkeeper Branislav Mitrovic “locked” his net. The Hungarians kept Spandau scoreless in the second and the third period. They netted four unanswered goals and entered the last period with a 5:3 lead. Spandau came close early in the fourth quarter (4:5). In the remaining time, Eger ruled the field for a 10:6 win.

Spandau 04 6:10 Eger
(3:2, 0:2, 0:1, 3:5)

Spandau 04: Saudadier, Gielen, Negrean, Juengling, Dedovic, Restovic.
Eger: Harai 2, Vlachopoulos 2, Harai 2, Kovacs 2, Angyal, S. Rasovic, Hosnyanszky, Bedo.




Olympiacos – Spandau 04 6:5
Jug – Szolnok 9:8
Eger – Barceloneta 4:9
Pro Recco – Brescia 12:10 (pso)


Semifinal 5 – 8

16.00 Spandau 04 – Eger 6:10
17.30 Brescia – Szolnok 7:8

Semifinal 1 – 4
19.00 Olympiacos – Barceloneta 6:4
20.30 Pro Recco – Jug 9:8

16.00 For places 7-8; Spandau 04 – Brescia
17.30 For places 5-6: Szolnok – Eger
19.00 Bronze medal game: Barceloneta – Jug
20.30 Champions League Final: Pro Recco – Olympiacos

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