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Pro Recco edges out Brescia and brings reinforcements (VIDEO)

Francesco di Fulvio (Pro Recco) and Valerio Rizzo (Brescia) Photo:Pro Recco/Facebook

A few very interesting matches were played in the 24th round of the Italian championship, among them was one of the biggest derbies in Italy. Title-holder Pro Recco hosted 2017 runner-up Brescia.

Pro Recco achieved a narrow win and locked up the 1st place before the Final Six.
The encounter was played in the “Sciorba” pool, the venue of the LEN Champions League Final Eight.It was a hard-fought battle. Recco led for most of the time. Brescia followed the hosts, but it wasn’t able to go in front. Early in the third quarter, Brescia leveled the score for the last time (5:5), but Pro Recco immediately replied with two goals (Filipovic from a penalty and Caloigna) for 7:5. The home side maintained a two-goal lead until the last break (8:6). Brescia had a big chance in the middle of the quarter period. Echenique was excluded because of brutality with 4:30 remaining on the clock. Recco played with a man fewer in the field for the next four minutes. Rizzo converted a penalty for 8:7, but Recco didn’t let the big rival equal once more. The Genova-based team celebrated a 9:8 victory.


Souce: Pro Recco/YouTube

Bijac, Mourikis, Renzuto move to Recco

Pro Recco players are preparing for the Italian Championship Final Six and for the Champions League Final Eight, while the club’s staff already did some jobs for the next season.

According to the latest news, Recco’s first reinforcements will be Olympiacos’s center-forward Konstantinos Mourikis and two players who are coming from Jug Dubrovnik. Recco reached agreements with a goalkeeper Marko Bijac, who was voted the LEN Water Polo Player of 2017, and Vincenco Renzuto, the first Italian who had ever played in a Croatian club. Recco still hasn’t announced what would be with an experienced goalkeeper Stefano Tempesti. He isn’t far from the end of the career.

Battle for the 4th place

Two rounds before the end, we know all six participants of the Final Six, which will be held in Syracuse. Pro Recco secured the 1st place. Brescia will probably, enter the F6 from the second, Sport Management from the third place. Ortigia, a host of the Final Six, Savona and Canottieri are eyeing the 4th place.

After a loss to Bogliasco in the previous round, Savona water polo players didn’t manage to achieve a win again. They faced Florentia in Firenze. The hosts led 5:4 at halftime. After a flood of goals in the third period Savona caught the hosts by the end of the quarter (9:9). The fourth quarter saw two goal and rivals shared the points 10:10.

Ortigia beat Catania in the Sicilian derby. Led by Serb Boris Vapenski (3 goals), Ortigia built a 6:4 advantage in the first half. Catania came close (6:5). Two goals, both in the Catania’s net, at the start of the last period decided everything. Ortigia jumped on 8:5 (27th minute) and kept the advantage (9:7).

As expected, Canottieri Naples, demolished last-placed Aquachiara (15:4).

After the 24th round, Ortigia is in the fourth place with 44 points. Savona collected 42, Canottieri 41 points.

Posillipo beat Lazio and came to the safe zone (above 10th place). Lazio was 6:3 up early in the second period. Posillipo responded with four straight goals in a span of 3:14 minutes and went in front (7:6). Nobody had an advantage at halftime, because Lazio converted a man-up 12 seconds from the end of the second quarter. The Naples-based side dominated in the second half of the game. The visitors held Lazio scoreless until the 31st minute, and earned an 11:7 advantage. Last 65 seconds saw two goals and Posillipo took all three points with a 12:8 win.

Posillipo climbed in the 9th place of the table, with 28 points. Lazio collected 26 points. In the remaining two rounds Posillipo will have an easy task against Acquachiara, and it will face Catania in the last round. Lazio water polo players can’t expect a win in the 25th round, because they are going to travel to Brescia. At the end of the league they will host Trieste, but meanwhile, Lazio will replay the voided match of the 22nd round against Catania on Sicily.

Sport Management recorded a big win. They demolished Trieste, which it last goal scored in the middle of the 2nd quarter (19:4).

Italian Championship, 24th round

Pro Recco 9:8 Brescia
(3:2, 2:2, 3:2, 1:2)

Pro Recco: Ivovic 2, F. Di Fulvio 2, Figari , F. Filipovic, E. Caliogna, Echenique.

Brescia: Muslim 2, N. Presciutti, C. Presciutti, M. Janovic, Rizzo, Paskovic, Vukcevic.

Sport Management 19:4 Trieste
(3:2, 7:2, 6:0, 3:0)

Sport Management: S. Luongo 4, Gallo 3, Mirarchi 3, A. Petkovic 3, Fondelli 2, E. Di Somma 2, Panerai, Blary.

Trieste: Petronio 2, A. Giorgi, Giacomini.

Torino 81 8:13 Bogliasco
(2:2, 1:3, 2:5, 3:3)

Torino 81: Maffe 2, Gandini 2, Pavlovic, D. Presciutti, Lojacono, D’Souza.

Bogliasvo: Monari 3, A. Di Somma 2, Cimarosti 2, Fracas 2, Gambacorta 2, Lanzoni,Sadovyy.

Lazio 8:12 Posillipo
(5:4, 2:3, 0:2, 1:3)

Lazio: Cannella 3, Vitale 2, Gianni, D. Giorgi, Leporale.

Posillipo: Saccoia 3, G. Mattiello 2, Marziali 2, Irving 2, Cuccovillo, Ramirez, Rossi.

Florentia 10:10 Savona
(2:2, 3:2, 4:5, 1:1)

Florentia: Coppoli 2, Bini 2, A. Di Fulvio 2, Eskert, T. Turchini, Razzi, Astiarta.

Savona: Damonte 2, Steardo 2, K. Milakovic 2, Guimares 2, L. Bianco, Piombo.

Catania 7:9 Ortigia
(1:3, 3:3, 1:0, 2:3)

Catania: Privitavera 2, La Rosa 2, Lucas, G. Torrisi, Z. Kovacic.

Ortigia: Vapenski 3, Abela 2, Jelaca 2, Di Luciano, Giacoppo.

Acquachiara 5:14 Canottieri Naples
(0:4, 0:5, 2:3, 3:2)

Acquachiara: Centanni 2, Spooner, De Gregorio, Blanchard.

Canottieri: Campopiano 6, Dolce 2, Del Basso 2, Buonocore, Confuorto, M. Di Martire, Borelli.

1.Pro Recco 24 – 72

2.Brescia 24 – 63

3. Sport Management 24 – 61

4. Ortigia 24 – 44

5. Savona 24 – 42

6. Canottieri Naples 24 – 41

7. Florentia 24 – 33

8. Catania 23 – 30

9. Posillipo 24 – 28

10. Lazio 23 – 26

11. Bogliasco 24 – 23

12. Trieste 24 – 17

13. Torino ‘81 24 – 7

14. Acquachiara 24 – 0

Teams ranked 1st – 6th will play in the Final Six
Teams ranked 10th – 13th will play in the Play-Out
Team ranked 14th will be relegated to the A2 league

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