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Pro Recco dominates big match of the day

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The highlight of the 18th round of the 100th Italian Championship was a big derby played in Busto Arsizio. Sport Management hosted title-holder Pro Recco.

Pro Recco dominated the 1st quarter of the match, that was played in front of 1.000 spectators. The visitors led 2:0 after eight minutes of play. Sport Management equalized in the 13th minute (3:3), but Pro Recco responded strongly. The reigning champion, led by the captain Aleksandar Ivovic (4 goals in the match), started rolling on and earned a 7:3 advantage early in the third period. Before the final eight minutes, Pro Recco was 10:5 up. The home team consolidated its attack and came close (8:10) 4:20 minutes before the end. Sport Management wasn’t able to go further. In the remaining time, Filip Filipovic and Francesco di Fulvio found the net for the final score 12:8.

Brescia showed no mercy to Ortigia. After a balanced first period (2:2), Brescia water polo players shut out the Sicilians for more than 10 minutes, while they netted seven straight goals and flew to a 9:2 advantage early in the third quarter. There was no way back for Ortigia (14:9).

Two local derbies were played in the 18th round.

The Naples derby, an encounter between Posillipo and Canottieri was ended with no winner. The clash of two former European champions offered a lot of goals and plenty of twists and turns. Posillipo had a nice 8:5 advantage 84 seconds from the end of the second quarter, but Canottieri scored four goals in a row and entered the last period with a 9:8 lead. The fourth quarter brought a new turn. Posillipo went ahead (12:11) with 42 seconds to go. In the next attack, a Serb Djordje Tanaskovic hit the back of Posillipo’s net, for the final score 12:12.

There were a lot of thrills in the Rome derby, too. Lazio defeated Roma 7:6. The man of the match was Lazio’s Cannella who decided everything by scoring a winner eight seconds before the end. It was his 4th goal in the match.

A last-minute goal was decisive in the encounter between Savona and Iren Quinto, played in Savona. Quinto had a big 7:3 advantage before the last eight minutes. The hosts managed to catch the rival and earn a point. The match was ended in a 7:7 draw. The 7th Savona’s goal was scored by Piombo 50 seconds before the final buzzer.

Florentia defeated Bogliasco (12:9). The Florence-based side climbed into the 6th place, ahead of Ortigia, and keeps a chance to reach the Final Six.

Trieste water polo players collected important points in their efforts to avoid play-out (10 – 15th place). Led by Drasko Gogov, Trieste beat Catania 8:4 and caught 9th-placed Roma in points (each team has won 18 points).

100th Italian Championship, 18th round

Sport Management 8:12 Pro Recco
(0:2, 3:4, 2:4, 3:2)

Banco Bpm Sport Management: Fondelli 3, S. Luongo 2,Dolce, Drasovic, C. Mirarchi.
Pro Recco: Ivovic 4, Filipovic 3, F. Di Fulvio 2, Velotto Echenique, Bodegas.

Brescia 14:9 Ortigia
(2:2, 6:0, 3:3, 3:4)

Brescia: Figlioli 4, Gallo 3, Bertoli 2, C. Presciuti 2, Rizzo, Muslim, Vukcevic.
Ortigia: Jelaca 3, Susak, Napolitano, Espanol, Abela, Di Luciano, Giacoppo.

Lazio 7:6 Roma
(2:2, 1:2, 2:1, 2:1)

Lazio: Cannella 4, D. Giorgi 2, Maddulano.
Roma Nuoto: Paskovic 3, Spione 2, M. Lapenna.

Florentia 12:9 Bogliasco
(3:1, 4:2, 1:3, 4:3)

Florentia: Coppoli 3, Astiarta 3, Tomasic 2, Generini, Eskert, Dani, Razii.
Bogliasco: A. Di Somma 3, Fracas 3, Ravina 2, Monari.

Savona 7:7 Quinto
(1:3, 2:3, 0:1, 4:0)

Savona: K. Milakovic 3, Piombo 2, Ricci, Bertino,
Quinto: F. Brambilla 2, Vavic, M. Gitto, Amelio, Mugnaini, Boero.

Canottieri 12:12 Posillipo
(3:4, 4:4, 2:0, 3:4)

Canottieri Naples: Del Basso 3, Campopiano 3, Tanaskovic 2, Tartaro, Confuorto, M. Vukicevic, Borelli.
Posillipo: G. Di Martire 3, M. Di Martire 3, Marziali 2, Rossi 2, G. Mattiello, Manzi.

Trieste 8:4 Catania
(2:2, 2:0, 2:1, 2:1)

Trieste: Gogov 4, Mezzarobba 3, A. Giorgi.
Catania: Cuccovillo, Kacar, G. Torrisi, Scebba.

1 Pro Recco 18 – 51
2 Brescia 18 – 51
3 Sport Management 18 – 42
4 Posillipo 18 – 33
5 Lazio 18 – 28
6 Florentia 18 – 27
7 Ortigia 18 – 26
8 Iren Quinto 18 – 25
9 Roma Nuoto 18 – 18
10 Trieste 18 – 18
11 Canottieri Naples 18 – 17
12 Savona 18 – 15
13 Catania 18 – 10
14 Bogliasco 18 – 10

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