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Posillipo wins outside the pool and in the water too


The games of the 3rd round were played in the Italian Championship this weekend, but the most important news was the outcome of the “Case Sori”. A week ago, the match of the 2nd round Pro Recco – Posillipo wasn’t played, because the hosts didn’t prepare the pool on time. The platform which decreases the dept of the pool to allow the lessons of aqua gym was blocked and the field wasn’t available for the game.

The FIN (Italian swimming and water polo federation) solved the case with a 5:0 win at the table for Posillipo. Besides that, Pro Recco was fined 1.000 euros.

The resume of the FIN’s judges’ decision:

“At the time of the presentation of the teams (and also – at least – already in the previous 30 minutes), the field was not regularly prepared. This inadequacy lasted until 16:15 (the game was scheduled for 15:00). It must be emphasized that the problem concerning the raised platform cannot be included among the unforeseen circumstances, especially since (in whole or in part) this “anomaly” was present even before the start of the encounter. The home club made a serious omission before the start of the match, as it did not bother to verify that the field was accessible in all its parts and according to the provisions of the specific regulations. The hosting team is responsible for the failure of the match”

Pro Recco proposed the use of an alternative pool in Camogli, but, as FIN announced, the club did it after the referees had already whistled for the end of the match (at 15:48). Pro Recco announced that it would complain of FIN’s decision

Now, let’s see what happened this weekend, in the matches of the 3rd round.

After a loss outside the pool, Pro Recco continued winning. The title-holder, led by Gonzalo Echenique (6 goals) blew away Roma Nuoto. Recco didn’t leave any chance to the home team. The visitors led 8:1 in the middle of the 2nd period. After a 16:5 advantage before the last period, Recco slowed down and recorded an 18:7 win.

Brescia didn’t have any mercy, as well as Pro Recco. The 2nd-best Italian team in the past few seasons hosted Savona. Brescia was 9:0 up at halftime. Boosted by Christian Presciuti (4 goals), the home team rushed to a 14:2 victory.

Sport Management water polo players also didn’t leave the decision for the end. They visited Catania and they earned an 8:1 lead by the 18th minute. There was no way back for Catania. Sport Management took the points with a 12:7 victory. Eduardo di Somma was the top scorer with 4 goals.

Brescia, Sport Management and Posillipo share the top position with 9 points apiece.

Posillipo didn’t started well in a clash with Trieste, which was played in Naples. Trieste led 3:2 after the 1st quarter. The home side ruled the field in the 2nd and the 3rd period. Posillipo was 5 goals ahead of the visitors before the last period (10:5). At the end, the score was 13:7. More than a half goals for Posillipo scored Gulliano Mattiello and Simone Rossi (4 goals each).

Matches in Syracuse, Genoa, and Bogliasco offered a lot of thrills.

Iren Quinto, the returnee to the Serie A, hosted Canottieri Naples in Genoa. The match was balanced from the 1st minute. The gap between two teams was never larger than a goal. Before the last period, Canottieri led 7:6. The hosts were able for a new turn and won 8:7.

An encounter between Ortigia and Florentia in Syracuse was very similar to the game in Genoa. One goal decided a winner. Home team Ortigia was in front just once (4:3 in the 2nd period). Florentia netted three goals in a row for a 6:4 lead (06:05 from the end). The hosts ended their long scoreless period when it was too late (two seconds before the end) and Florentia returned home with three points (6:5).

Rivals shared the points in Bogliasco. The game Bogliasco – Lazio ended in an 8:8 draw. The sides were tied at halftime (5:5). Lazio led 7:5 early in the fourth period and 8:7 in the 31st minute. Guidi netted his 3rd goal 51 seconds before the final buzzer to secure a point for Bogliasco.

100th Italian Championships, Day 3

Ortigia 5:6 Florentia
(2:2, 2:2, 0:1, 1:1)

Ortigia: Cassia, Giacoppo, Espanol, Susak, Napolitano.
Florentia: Tomasic 2, Generini, Eskert, Bini, A. Di Fulvio.

Catania 7:12 Sport Management
(1:1, 0:5, 3:4, 3:2)

Catania: Kacar 3, G. Torrisi 2, Buzdovancic, Cuccovillo.
Bpm Sport Management: E. Di Somma 4, S. Luongo 3, Dolce 2, C. Mirarchi 2, Damonte.

Roma 7:18 Pro Recco
(0:5, 4:5, 1:6, 2:2)

Roma Nuoto: S. Camilleri 3, Faraglia, Spione, Paskovic, M. Lapenna.
Pro Recco: Echenique 6, Velotto 4, Renzuto 3, Ivovic 2, F. Di Fulvio 2, Aicardi.

Posillipo 13:7 Trieste
(2:3, 3:0, 5:2, 3:2)

Posillipo: G. Mattiello 4, Rossi 4, Manzi 2, Saccioa 2, Marziali.
Trieste: Mezzarobba 2, Petronio, Gogov, Panerai, Vico, Rocchi.

Bogliasco 8:8 Lazio
(3:1,2:4, 0:1, 3:2)

Bogliasco: M. Guidi 3, Fracas 2, A. Di Somma, Sadovyy, Lanzoni.
Lazio: Cannella 5, D. Giorgi 2, Antonucci.

Quinto 8:7 Canottieri Naples
(2:2, 3:3, 1:2, 2:0)

Iren Quinto: Mugnaini, N. Vavic, F. Brambilla, Lidnhout, Boero, Bittarello, M. Gitto, Amelio.
Canottieri Naples: Tkac 3, Del Basso, M. Vukicevic, Tanaskovic, Borelli, Esposito.

Brescia 14:2 Savona
(5:0, 4:0, 3:1, 2:1)

Brescia: C. Presciutti 4, Muslim 3, Rizzo 2, Figlioli, Gallo, N. Presciutti, Vukcevic, Nora.
Savona: K. Milakovic 2.

1. Brescia 3 – 9
2. Sport Management 3 – 9
3. Posillipo 3 – 9
4. Pro Recco 3 – 6
5. Quinto 3 – 6
6. Lazio 3 – 4
7. Ortigia 3 – 3
8. Trieste 3 – 3
9. Florentia 3 – 3
10. Canottieri N. 3 – 3
11. Roma 3 – 3
12. Savona 3 – 3
13. Bogliasco 3 – 1
14. Catania 3 – 0

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