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Posillipo upsets Sport Management, Lazio gets new chance thanks to officials’ mistake

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A few interesting matches were played in the 22nd round of the Italian Championship. The surprise of the day happened at the Marana pool in  Busto Arsizio, where Sport Management hosted Posillipo.

Sport Management, obviously, hasn’t recovered from a loss to Ferencvaros in the 2nd match of the Euro Cup final (5:8) on Wednesday. The Verona-based team had a lot of problems in the match against Posillipo, which has a glorious history and not so nice present. Sport Management controlled the game despite it didn’t play very well. The hosts built an 11:8 lead early in the fourth quarter. They were 12:10 up in the middle of the last period. But, Posillipo converted two man-ups in the remaining time to secure a draw (12:12). Sport Management fell to the 3rd place in the table. Posillipo didn’t move from the 10th place, but the team from Naples is still only a point behind Lazio, which also earned a point in a clash with a higher-ranked team.

An encounter between Lazio and Ortigia in Rome didn’t offer a lot of goals, but there were a lot of excitements. At halftime, Ortigia had a minimal advantage – 6:5. After a flood of goals in the second quarter (4:4), only one goal was scored in the second half of the match. Spione netted in the 26th minute, for the final score (6:6).

Catania and Lazio have to replay match of the 21st round


The 9th-placed Lazio is one point ahead of Posilipo and one point behind Catania, but the Rome-based team has an opportunity to improve its ranking because the Italian national federation (FIN) voided the game which Lazio lost in the 21st round.

The federation annulled the match Catania -Lazio (Catania won 14:10 ), because of a mistake made by referees, a delegate and other officials of the game. Lazio player Daniele Giorgi was sent off in the third quarter, because of the third exclusion. But, it wasn’t his third exclusion in this match. One of the three fouls, noted in the scorecard, was an exclusion of Giorgi’s teammate Maddulano. Lazio lodged a complaint, which was accepted by the federation. The match will be played again, but a new date hasn’t been determined yet.

Catania officials became very angry when they found out the news from the FIN, but they could change nothing. Their players will be on a new important challenge in a battle to avoid the 10th place and play out. In the 22nd round, they hadn’t a hard task. Catania beat last-placed Acquachiara in Naples (14:3).

There were no upsets in the remaining games of the 22nd round. Most of the favourites achieved convincing victories. Pro Recco showed its strength once again, this time against 6th-placed Catania (20:6). Brescia beat Torino ’81 (19:7). Savona defeated Trieste (10:8), while Florentia beat Bogliasco (15:7) and kept chances to reach the Final Six. The gap between 6th-placed Canottieri and Florentia was reduced to three points.

2017/18 Italian Championship, 22nd round

Lazio 6:6 Ortigia
(1:2, 4:4, 0:0, 1:0)

Lazio: Spione 2, D. Giorgi 2, Cannella 2.
Ortigia: Jelaca 2, Di Luciano, Lindhout, Vapenski, Napolitano.

Sport Management 12:12 Posillipo
(4:2, 2:3, 4:2, 2:4)

Sport Management: Panerai 3, Fondelli 2, A. Petkovic 2, Mirarchi 2, E. Di Somma, S. Luongo, Baraldi.
Posillipo: Marziali 5, Foglio 3, G. Mattiello 2, Saccoia 2.

 Pro Recco 20:6 Canottieri Naples
(5:3, 3:2, 6:1, 6:0)

Pro Recco:F. Di Fulvio 3, Alesiani 3, Aicardi 3, N. Gitto 3, A. Ivovic 2, Bruni, Molina, F. Filipovic, Bodegas.
Canottieri: Campopiano 3, Borelli 2, Velotto.

Savona 10:8 Trieste
(3:2, 4:1, 1:2, 2:3)

Savona: Ravina 2, K. Milakovic 2, E. Novara, Damonte, L. Bianco, J. Colombo, Teleki.
Trieste: Gogov 2, Petronio 2, Podgornik, A. Giorgi, Blazevic, Mezzarobba.

Acquachiara 3:14 Catania
(0:4, 1:2, 1:3, 1:5)

Acquachiara: De Gregorio, M. Stellet, Centani.
Catania: Divkovic 3, Lucas 2, Danilovic 2, Kacar 2, Z. Kovacic 2, Catania, La Rosa, G. Torrisi.

Florentia 15:7 Bogliasco
(2:1, 3:2, 6:2, 4:2)

Florentia: Eskret 4, Coppoli 3, F. Turchini 2, Tomasic 2, Astiarta 2, Bini, Razzi.

Bogliasco: Puccio 2, Guidaldi 2, Ferrero, A. Brambilla, Fracas.

Torino 91 7:19 Brescia
(2:1, 1:7, 1:6, 3:5)

Torino 81: Gandini 3, Gaffuri 3, I. Vuksanovic.
Brescia: Rizzo 3, C. Presciutti 2, Manzi 2, Muslim 2, M. Guidi 2, N. Presciutti 2, Janovic 2, Vukcevic 2, Guerrato, Paskovic.

1. Pro Recco 22 – 66
2. Brescia 22 – 60
3. Sport Management 22 – 58
4. Savona 22 – 41
5. Ortigia 22 – 38
6. Canottieri 22 – 35
7. Florentia 22 – 32
8. Catania 21 – 27
9. Lazio 21 – 26
10.Posillipo 22 – 25
11. Bogliasco 22 – 17
12. Trieste 22 – 14
13. Torino 81 22 – 7
14. Acquachiara 22 – 0

Teams ranked 1st – 6th will play in the Final Six
Teams ranked 10th – 13th will play in the Play-Out
Team ranked 14th will be relegated to the A2 league

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