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Posillipo suffer unexpected loss to Bogliasco, significant win for Torino

Angelos Vlachopoulos, Posillipo

Recco continues to win, this time against Lazio (18-6) at Foro Italico pool. For the first time in the season Recco roster has just a foreign player and seven players born after 1993. At half time Ligurian team was already ahead 9-3, both halves of the match ended with a partial score of 9-3, last quarter ended with a score of 6-0, for Recco it was a circumstance useful to increase the playing time of some players usually less busy. At the end of the game many children supporters of Lazio approached poolside to take some souvenir photos with the players of both teams.

Brescia answered Recco winning in in Genoa pool Albaro against Quinto (14-11); Ligurian red-white coached by Marco Paganuzzi played without any awe and indeed showed a strong resistance against the most illustrious opponents. The young Stefano Morretti played between the posts of Brescia for the whole duration of the game. For Lombard this match was an important encouragement for the Champions League scheduled next Wednesday in Szolnok; against Hungarians depend on many of the fortunes of Brescia in the top European competition.

Sport Management Verona won against Canottieri Napoli (12-7),this game saw opposite the third and fourth of the league; Canottieri was ahead just at the end of 1st quarter (3-2), then the greater quality of the players coached by Marco Baldineti came out. In the yellow-blue team were decisive 4 goals scored by Stefano Luongo and 3 goals scored by Valentino Gallo. An interesting statistic: the total of 19 goals were scored by only 8 players.

The yellow-red team could lose its 4th place in the ranking if the Posillipo had not lost at home to Bogliasco (13-14); this match was the biggest surprise of the day, especially when you consider that at the end of the first quarter the Posillipo was ahead 4-1 and everything presaged an easy victory of the red-green team. But since the second half Bogliasco responded blow for blow and was not even discouraged when the Posillipo early in the third quarter was ahead 8-5. At the crucial moment the Bogliasco with a whole heart and grit game achieved a score of 9-6 in the third and fourth quarter until the final victory. We salute the return between the posts of Bogliasco Edward Prian three months after the injury to the hand last December.

Savona, currently sixth, last useful position to reach the Final Six, was defeated in Naples by Acquachiara (8-9) in a game on the performance sinusoidal; in the middle game the Acquachiara was ahead 6-4, then with a score of 1-4 in the third period made the white – red Ligurian went ahead 8-7, but in the last quarter of the white – blue Neapolitan with a defense so perfect as not to concede goals and with Steardo and Krapic goals came to win. Another interesting statistic: the end of the third time Savona had scored 5 times out of 5 with man up, the last quarter has had 5 man up without scoring any goals.

Draw between Trieste and Ortigia (8-8) in a very balanced game, but the home team have had strong grounds for recrimination, having missed two penalties, however, rejected by the white – green goalkeeper Caruso. The third quarter ended on a 7-5 score in favour of Trieste, which because of three consecutive goals of the Sicilians, has seriously threatened to lose but got the Ray Petronio goal 3’40” before the end to save Trieste from a new defeat.

In the lower areas of the ranking important win of Torino ’81, able to beat Roma Vis Nova 11-6 in a manner so clear that every quarter of the game ended with the victory of the yellow-blue subalpine (2-1, 2-1 , 4-3, 3-1); unlike what happened in other circumstances the hosts have not shown signs of slowing in the third quarter, indeed they have increased their lead until the final score. To remember the first 3 goals in A1 by Giacomo Novara. Torino ’81 prepares to another important home game next Saturday against the other Roman team, Lazio, a direct competitor to avoid relegation in A2.

Next round on Saturday March 25th

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